Hello Internet! How are you doing?

I am writing to you with refreshed mood and spirits after a lovely weekend. Roger and I went to see Julien-K live, which were really very good, and there we bumped into some of the usual suspects. It was fun, but there were no photos taken to commemorate the night.

Last week’s spread had unexpected news. The Three of Swords marks the day my grandfather passed away. At 91, this war veteran is leaving my father rather heartbroken. He had to fly back to Puerto Rico over the weekend to attend arrangements and funerary services. The Three of Wands represented a three way call in which I had to break the news to him. Those were the cards that stood out the most.

This week’s spread seems to be a reminder to a reality check. It is riddled with warnings to be careful and to keep eyes open for opportunities. Let’s see how it’s going to go.

Monday. Four of Coins. Hang onto what you’ve got and make the best use of it, too. Maybe you don’t want to invest. If you don’t, it’s not likely you will get much else back anyway. Sometimes we nee dot wait until it is safe to spend, other times we have to be thankful for what we have.

Tuesday. Ten of Swords. Are you worn out? Did you get bad news that ruined your day? Did you push yourself too hard? Watch out and take care of yourself. You’re all that you’ve got, so make sure you act like it.

Wednesday. The World. With every end, comes a new beginning. Embrace what is new and working for you, and let go of whatever it is you’re walking away from. Meet good fortune with a smile.

Thursday. The Devil. What controls you today is because you let it control you. You could easily slip out of the grasp of whatever is keeping you from moving forward, but will not if you don’t stand up for yourself. This can be a test of strength.

Friday. Four of Wands. Stay in the house? Enjoy the company? Having a low key day is pretty good, and can be pretty comfortable. Look to stay in, have some pizza and some wine. Spark up a grand conversation with your other half.

Saturday. Nine of Coins. What a nice day. This is a comfortable scene. See, she stands in a field with all of her efforts in bloom. She holds close a bird and a cat, which she strokes affectionately. Life is good! Enjoy the product of your efforts.

Sunday. Five of Swords. Conflict sometimes comes with unfortunate resolutions. It seems there must always be a winner and a loser, although I don’t think it’s true. If you’re the one at loss, accept it gracefully. If you’ve won over an argument, try not to be smug. It’ll rub people the wrong way and distance them from you.

What to avoid. Knight of Wands. Avoid acting on impulse and passion, without careful thought or consideration to consequence of actions. Look to restrain yourself if you catch yourself about to do something bold, because the timing might not be right.

What to strive for. Four of Swords. Seek to rest, seek comfort away from others. Look to identify your own areas of exploration yet to cover, and don’t worry about what others are doing. You’re on your own because that is when the best ideas come to you anyway. Just rest.

Let's see how it goes.


Last week, lots of emotions were expressed. On Thursday, the Ace of Cups manifested when a friend came over to talk to me about her romantic situation. It was a strange week, I felt that people were more emotional than other weeks. Perhaps it was just an open week for matters of the heart.

I surprised myself and got a tarot reading done at the goth club I went to. She was using Radiant Rider Waite Tarot, but her interpretation of the cards were entirely personalized to her experience. Rather than discuss the meanings as cards came up, I suppressed my inner tarot enthusiast and allowed her to do her thing. We discussed the situation as the reading progressed, and both found a surprise lay in the conclusive moments.

This week is a jumble of situations and meanings. I'd rather go card by card than talk about them as a whole, because I am not getting much just from the overall tableau presented here.

Monday. Knight of Wands. Starting the week off by getting back on track. Tackling anything that is in the way to make space for progress and for fun. It’s time to clear out what doesn’t work to make room for what does.

Tuesday. Three of Swords. Ouch. News from this day may sting a little, but that’s life. It won’t always be good news, and that is something that must be accepted from time to time. Hold the memory close to your heart if you can, and release it entirely if it will do you more harm than good.

Wednesday. Three of Wands. Here we have a prolonged wait that is necessary for things to start going the way we would like them to.

Thursday. Seven of Coins. Waiting can take its toll on you when you need the product to be ready. Sit back and consider your options for the future. Don’t forget to have a backup plan in case things don’t go as you originally planned. In life, most things do not go according to plan… and I have learned this through experience.

Friday. The Emperor. Sternness is a very powerful quality. Your posture, the way you present yourself to others will say worlds about you.

Saturday. King of Wands. He is passion incarnate; his fire burns so bright that it is hard not to notice him. The world is his stage, and he is the only player. Abundance of charisma, good-natured fun and a bit of a naughty nature.

Sunday. The Empress. All is in its place. Pamper yourself, treat yourself to life’s pleasures and don’t leave for tomorrow what you can clearly do today. This is going to be a bountiful day.

What to avoid. Strength. Don’t let others silence you. Nobody has the right to make you feel like you don’t have a voice. However, make sure that what you are trying to say won’t be offensive. Practice control and restraint, but also practice courage.

What to strive for. Eight of Wands. Be quick, and find meaning in the signs as you go. This card is full of motion, particularly the perception of momentum gained forward. There will be fast action, so try to keep yourself from engaging in any serious conversations that require careful thinking.

It’s time to get this week rolling. See you on the other side!


I’ve gone over many sample readings using this tarot deck and never really noticed it. I’ve seen it in numerous books teaching tarot and not resonated with its illustrations. It wasn’t until I saw it in action in a video that I told myself, “okay. Time to get it.” What influenced that decision?

Size. This tarot deck is not standard size. Rather, it is almost in bridge size if not thus. I am tempted to trim the obtrusive white edges to set these cards free and make them more comfortable for my hands, but I don’t have a corner rounder. I suspect it would not go as I want it to, so I will leave them this way. For now. I recognize this as the same card stock of the Joie de Vivre, which gave me many paper cuts as I broke into it. The edges don’t quite feather, they just get ruddy. The card stock really could stand to be better. These cards would look much nicer on a matte card stock. One that doesn’t feel like a credit card… which is what these cards feel like to me. Flimsy credit cards.

I also have a problem with the titles of the cards. The scrolls really don’t need to be there, much less with five languages on the cards. It would be wise of the publisher to revise it and place the titles in white or black font. They’re distracting! The only card I don’t terribly mind it in is in the Ace of Coins. The white flowers make the train wreck blend in a little.

Getting past that, the illustrations are quite beautiful. I really enjoy the fact they are drawn in color pencil. Since I started out my illustration work with Prismacolor pencils, there is something here that I can appreciate. Apparently the originals are just double the size of these cards. I really like the illustration style and the gentility of the people in the illustrations. They look sweet… unless of course we are talking about the Seven of Swords, in which case the person looks like a sly fox.

The colors and the textures are very soft, the style is evocative of children’s books. There is a sweetness in the deck that you won’t be able to shake. These are gentile characters you interact with. I quite like that about the deck, given the nature of the readings that I do. It speaks with sensibility.

I still haven’t done a full reading for myself, only drawn cards at random. The first reading I will conduct with it will be this interview.

What is your most important characteristic?
King of Wands. I master all passion, charisma and creativity. I am an advocate for things that you enjoy, and will help you breathe life into your craft.

Note that this tarot deck was illustrated with color pencil. This was the first medium I ever used to learn to draw, and stands today as my favorite. It is the one that I always return to because I love it so much.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Strength. Funny. This deck is courageous and will only 'hold back' when the situation calls for it. Notice the gentility of the lion when handled by the lady. Reality can be a bit strong, but when handled with care will actually pose great wonders.

What are your limits?
Two of Coins. The deck won't compensate for the connection between Querent and reader. The chemistry established on the table is up to them both.

What are you here to teach me?
Justice. Patience must come with experience. Let time pass, because often times it will be the definitive factor in a situation neither side is particularly sure about.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Three of Wands.
Time will strengthen the bonds you think might be there. Until you get to that point, just be patient.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Page of Coins. It is a gift and should be seen as such. It is a tool for work that you love to do.

Which card do you want to show off?
Page of Swords.
See, he is on his guard and his eyes are keenly focused on what happens next before acting.

How do you see me?
Seven of Coins.
The one with way too many options. This is a reference to my tarot collection, most likely. I am considering selling about 20-40 decks in August. Stay tuned for that.

How do you see yourself?
Ten of Rods. A deck tried by time and experience. It has been around for a while, and has amassed much popularity amongst readers. Many people have a copy of this deck even if they do not read with it.

These cards are succinct. There is no flourishing, just the reality. I like that it translates to such few words.


How's it going? I had a really amazing weekend that spilled over onto Monday. Hopefully I'll be able to fill you guys in on my club diary, which seems to have new entries on it every week.

Last week was very calm. I spent most of it working and waiting for the weekend. I want to note that the Five of Wands that was present was actually encountering hostility in a chatroom of people. They would instigate trouble for no reason, but with the block button anything is possible. Saturday and Sunday were definitely the most impacting days of the week, which makes sense that they would be the only days with Major Arcana cards.

I have started to read the tarot a little differently, paying attention to symbols in the cards. I even watch for which characters in the cards are looking at which other cards, and why. It is a great exercise.

This week is totally loaded on emotion. I am very interested in seeing how it will play out.

Monday. Two of Cups. An intimate moment shared between two people is never forgotten. In fact, it stands as proof of what is there. The two people can feel it, and every time they come across one another, those bonds will manifest. They will remember happenings between them both that change their existence.

Tuesday. Seven of Cups. Decisions, decisions. Sometimes we aren’t ready to face our possibilities. When that happens, realizing that there is variety may come to confuse us. We may not know what to do about it when it happens as a result. Hold off from making big decisions until you know for sure what you want to do.

Wednesday. Ten of Coins. Seek comfort in your environment. Look to share important moments with others, share what makes life special. It’s not about being better than others, it’s about learning to coexist with them. Embrace what you have and be very thankful for it.

Thursday. Ace of Cups. Embrace the feelings. Sometimes they flood out and you have no say about it. Learn to be okay with it, learn to connect with others as they feel. It’s a good time to be compassionate and to listen to how others feel. Emotions run without restraint.

Friday. Nine of Cups. Your wishes come true so often. Go drinking with friends, go have fun. [In my case a Shirley Temple, I am giving up drinking for two months. Oh, the restraint!] Enjoy the memories and make them count.

Saturday. Knight of Cups. There is an affectionate proposal coming your way. Take it in, honor it and the person’s feelings. It looks like a deep confession, so be prepared for dreams to be made manifest today.

Sunday. Two of Wands. Take it slow, or take some time to think before your next move. Carefully contemplate what you hold in your hands, and how your next action will affect your life. Actions have consequences.

What to avoid. Three of Swords. Try not to get yourself entangled in the responsibility of how others feel. You are responsible for yourself and for how you feel, whether or not it tugs at your heart strings.

What to strive for. Knight of Swords. Swiftness of action, or rather, action done without much thought placed to it. You will act as the time dictates, and mostly reacting to circumstances.

What a loving week coming up! It’s all about manifesting feelings and being open about how you feel for yourself, your friends, your loved ones, and even your work mates. I feel like there will be a lot of sharing when it comes to emotions, be it in the positive or the negative.


Hello again. I am excited for the start of this week because of the general feeling in the environment right now. I don't know what it is, but I feel motivated and I feel inspired as well. I just bought the Alice Tarot from the Magic-Realist Press, which I am very excited about breaking into. I've been waiting for this since I found out about it, which was two years ago. It's going to be amazing to dive into the companion book and get acquainted with a new set of symbols. So excited!

Taking a look at last week's Hello Witches post, that was an excellent week. After recovering from the Dawn of Ashes show madness, I had a very productive week and I even caught up with college friends. None of the cards I am looking at particularly stand out as an event from that week, but it was most enjoyable indeed.

This week's post is well rounded in terms of feelings and events. Let's see how it all plays out!

Monday. Eight of Cups. Walk away from things that don’t please you. You endure so much already that taking more helpings onto an already full plate doesn’t seem to make much sense. It feels as if it’s time to walk away from the things that don’t help, don’t make sense and don’t really make you a better person. What are you waiting for?

Tuesday. Ten of Coins. This card always throws me off because the people are outside, in the cold of night. It seems as if they have just stepped out for a midnight stroll, leaving all their lavishness behind to just be themselves for a little while.

Wednesday. Three of Cups. Rejoice in company, in having someone around that understands you as you understand them.

Thursday. Five of Wands. Conflict of interest can lead to clashes. Sometimes the battles we face are actually not there at all, just a projection of our fears facing us right back to rectify things that are out of order. That’s just how the mind works. Sometimes things don’t go as we plan.

Friday. Two of Wands. Leave things in a stand still, don’t force things to happen. If they happen naturally, then great! If they don’t, just let it go and start anew with something else.

Saturday. The Star. Look forward to something. Be comfortable in your skin and know you always do the best in every situation and scenario. When you are sure about yourself, even being alone does not phase you.

Sunday. The Hierophant. Learn from you previous mistakes and don’t repeat them. You will come face to face with a hard truth you must accept. Do so with grace and understanding that not all is planned ahead of time. It takes effort to get where you want to go.

What to avoid. Queen of Coins. Don’t rely too much on your reputation to prove yourself to anybody. In the end, you could be by yourself, talking to yourself or a painting and you would still be fabulous. If others aren’t trying to get to know you, they probably won’t deserve to. Keep on being you, and don’t be phased by their lack of appreciation.

What to strive for. The Devil. Enjoy yourself, give in to the vices that make your life sweeter. So what if you are not entirely responsible for about a week? From the looks of it, you’ve been working hard enough to merit a little compensation for your efforts. Give in and worry about your responsibilities when you’re actually in the mindset to be responsible.

Wishing you a lovely week!


Wondrous delight! I was scouting through Tumblr and I found the Delos Tarot. I learned about it at a time when I should not be splurging in luxuries, certainly not in cards, but I got them anyway. The cards felt like a fresh look into the RWS system, which is the one I use and love so dearly. The system makes sense to me, and by now all the cards I own are fresh for me anymore. I’ve been reading with most of these for years now. Even the Vertigo Tarot is falling stale. I need something new!

The cards shuffle like butter; the card stock is soft and matte. The colors come out very bright. Once they are broken into, they will fan out smoothly. They feel very sturdy. Card size is just under standard, which makes them comfortable for my hands. I am very used to standard size cards.

The world of Delos Tarot reads a lot like a fairytale or an animated storybook. The characters are sweet, the dark cards are cute and the whole deck has a feeling of positivity that I enjoy. It feels good when the message that you give clients comes sprinkled with some joyous energy, because then it is easy to deliver hope. It is much easier to find solutions or lighthearted qualities to comfort individuals. Granted, this is a deck to use for people who resonate with optimistic qualities and outlooks of life. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you read with a Hello Kitty Tarot or a Bohemian Gothic Tarot as long as the cards speak to you, and you can answer the question in a way that makes sense to your client. A cute deck is sure to make you smile like it did to me. I really like that about it.

I’m glad I purchased it because it is high quality and it speaks to me.

♡ What is your most important characteristic:

Page of Wands. My spirit is young, childlike and pull of energy. There is lots of passion expressed in these illustrations, and you will find they breathe life into your readings. You can personally connect with what the cards are showing.

♡ What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Ten of Wands. This finely dressed person comes home at the end of the day, arms full of bounty collected throughout the day. An honest day’s wages won, and possibly the exhaustion to go with it. Know when it is time to pull back and rest; don’t burn yourself out.

♡ What are your limits?
The Lovers. Some visions stretch as far as your relations with people go. If there is nothing there, you will not find it. Don’t expect to go and find connections where there really are none. If you are clear about this, the rest will come pretty easily.

♡ What are you here to teach me?
Three of Wands. Be patient. Results take time to come in and we can’t always jump to conclusions. Know what you’ve got; don’t let yourself be carried away by your own day dreams if the time has not yet come to take care of the situation.

♡ How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Nine of Cups. Accept the gift you are given with gratitude. Each treasure you add to your collection has layers of wealth to share. You have enough wealth, so honor it and enjoy it. You have, after all, worked for it.

♡ What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
King of Wands. Reassurance comes from passion and from motivation. Proceed with confidence that where your intuition falls, you are receiving the right answer. Enjoy the process, you’ve worked very hard to get where you want to go.

♡ Which card do you want to show off?
Eight of Wands. Messages come and go fast, like shooting stars. Be aware and in the moment so that you do not miss any of the messages I will be telling you. I will tell you everything at once, and in the dynamic of the moment, you should be able to pick up on it as you go. Be perceptive.

♡ How do you see me?
Chariot. I am a force that is pulled by two others, positive and negative. It is in keeping a balance of both that I can benefit from the situation and keep moving forward. It takes great power to keep both forces working together to move forward.

♡ How do you see yourself?
Sun. Pride of a job well done, happiness to serve those that need more light in their lives. This tarot deck is a positive influence on people, and will strive to bring out the positive qualities even in situations that may seem as if they have no light promised. There is always a possible solution to be found, and this deck aims to find it for you.

Comes with an additional art card that can be used as a bookmark for your tarot diary or as a carte blanche. It portrays a boy and a girl standing side by side.

If you would like to purchase your own copy, go to the Lamb-Lamb shop.


Did you miss me last week? I had the entry written out, but I really needed a break from blogging so I did not publish it. I used the Victorian Romantic Tarot for what turned out to be a very interesting spread. You could not see the direct influence of the cards throughout the week, but there was always a hint here and there that suggested what you would go through.

Here is what I got just in case you are curious:

Monday, May 26th, 2014.

Monday. Six of Coins.
Tuesday. Four of Wands.
Wednesday. Four of Cups.
Thursday. Five of Wands.
Friday. Ace of Wands.
Saturday. Six of Wands.
Sunday. Seven of Wands.
What to avoid. Five of Coins.
What to strive for. Judgment.

This week we have a notable absence of Cups cards, and a heavy hand of Swords in this spread. Some roundedness, some passion… but no feeling. The overall aura cast upon the reading is one of cold logic and reasoning. Trumping all of these circumstances are four Major Arcana cards side by side. A whopping message for this week that cannot be ignored for sure! Never in the history of Hello Witches have we had such a heavy hand of information. The Majors are all side by side, which I find rather curious. I took my time while shuffling this deck and have read with it already, so it came as a surprise that there were that many clumped together within the deck.

There is a lot of divine energy in this deck. After reading the Major Arcana cards in sequence, it feels like there will be a big divine manifestation making itself apparent in life throughout the week. It looks like gathering enough inspiration to breathe life into an idea, or like the realization is such that it renders you paralyzed for a few days while you figure out how to harness that power. Power is certainly a key element in this reading, and the question is whether we conquer that power or we let it conquer us.

Monday. The Hierophant. Now here we have a character that has not graced out readings for a while! He sits contentedly on his throne, relaying the divine word of God to his acolytes, who bow before him and bask in the glow of his wisdom. Either accept the advice coming to you from divinity or be the source of inspiration for others who have lost their way. You are experienced in that world.

Tuesday. The World. The sky has turned pink, a portal opens in the heavens and the staples of magic and alchemy witness someone going into or coming out of the portal. The direction is really up to your interpretation. To me it looks like an opportunity presenting itself that allows you to take something important to you one step further. It is also full acceptance and synchronicity with surroundings as well as with circumstances.

Wednesday. The Magician. Having all the tools that you need is an inspiration. You may lay them out before you and look at them with adoration, or you may not even notice how sacred the tools of your trade are. Still, it takes thought to employ these tools and to use them to bring forth a task. Are you lacking the vision that you need to make something from nothing? Take a step back and mull it over in your head. If time permits, that is, because these tools are not going anywhere until you move them. You have time to decide.

Thursday. The Devil. Have you become a slave to circumstance? Did you renounce the control of your abilities to a higher power in hopes that it would all turn out okay? You shouldn’t have done that. Now you rely at the mercy of a higher power, you have renounced your power. Best take the chains and break them, because they were never there to begin with. Break those invisible chains and take control of your life once more.

Friday. Two of Coins. It takes time to adjust to circumstances that you feel you are not ready for. Sometimes that can even get a little confusing, but if you have the willpower to handle it, it really won’t be as bad.

Saturday. Page of Swords. Stand up for yourself if you must, just don’t let anybody step all over you. If you don’t give them the chance, they won’t be able to overstep your boundaries. Granted, you may come across as inexperienced in argument or overly passionate, but as long as your message gets across, you should be fine.

Sunday. Seven of Swords. This is a repeat card lately. It tells me of ill intentions, or rather, intentions to steal something of value. Time, effort, something material… it doesn’t matter, it’s still something that rightfully belongs to you. Remain aware of your surroundings and don’t let anybody get the best of you.

What to avoid. Four of Swords. Avoid time away, avoid disconnecting from what matters to you. It’s true that you may need rest, but don’t let what matters to you slip away. Avoid feeling like you have to retreat into comfort, when it is perfectly okay to stand your ground and remain in a natural state of mind. Don’t let anybody intimidate you.

What to strive for. Ace of Wands. Use this situation to fuel your motivation and push you forward. Seek inspiration in things you are passionate about and welcome swiftness of action into your life. Move forward with a spark that fires up your motivation and pushes you to get out of the usual routine to try something new. It is your life after all, so go live it.

There is a lot of heavy activity going on. Don your armor and set out into that battlefield we like to call life!