I got an unexpected message a couple of weeks ago from Orna Ben-Shoshan all the way from Israel. I will always say yes to networking and opportunities that come along, so I jumped on the Kabbalah Insights bandwagon and welcomed the experience. It is really very lovely to have people with unique works reaching out to me, because there is certainly lots of wealth in not doing more of what has already been established. Mold breakers are the ones really making a difference in the world of divination and metaphysics.

The Inner Wizard Cards themselves look very nice and they are packaged in a compact but appealing box. It looks lovely sitting here at my work desk, where it no doubt will stay when I need a boost to help me get through my increasingly busy days. I've got a new companion to aid me during those busy, busy days!

The cards themselves are square with red backs that provide you with an affirmation. On the other side, you get zodiac attributes as well as a more in-depth meditation prompt.

The cards feel good in your hand and are easy to shuffle. I like to cut the deck three times and choose one card for each time of the day. If I am immersed in work, I fan them out and pick one at random to keep me company throughout the rest of the day. Reading these snippets of wisdom have brought a smile to my face, and I endorse them because I feel like they can bring you a smile as well.

Sometimes we just want a nudge from the universe to reaffirm us about whether or not we are on the right path. We don’t necessarily always want the whole story to have to relate back to our lives, and that is where the Inner Wizard Cards come in. I thoroughly recommend this as a gift because it is relevant to anybody’s life, and is not as confusing as tarot could be for some people still trying to get acquainted with hermetic symbolism. If you know anybody that is going through a big turning point in their life and is constantly seeking for meaning and direction, this will be an amazing gift for them.

The Inner Wizard Cards are very convenient because you can take them out, shuffle them while ruminating on your preoccupation, take one out and keep it with you if you need a reminder.

Daily affirmations are a powerful tool to set and keep goals, as well as keeping a healthy perspective when it comes to nurturing our own personal lives.

The cards transmit ancient wisdom that is only attained through experience, and can be used as the basis for debates and conversations about nurturing our own spirit.

I thoroughly recommend this product for meditative purposes, life coaching and general treats of self-empowerment. I even recommend it for use with your personal day planner or agenda, as it could brighten up your schedule and remind you of how important it is to be grateful for the life you have been graced with. They are very practical and will work with you as you work with them.

Lastly, I want to add that they are meant for developing an interaction between you and your higher self. When you really open up to use these cards, you will find yourself making discoveries about yourself that will provide improvements across all areas of your life. They can change the way you look at things, which can in change motivate you to act with more self-assurance and courage.

If you want to get your copy, check Kabbalah Insights out!


Yesterday got started and I wasn't even ready. I've been so busy, I haven't had proper time to collect myself. There are some great things coming our way, though! Last week I received a record of reblogs and likes on my Prisma Visions Tarot review, and now I'm cooking up another review to delight you. Ana Cortez recently published the Playing Card Oracles Alchemy Edition and they are STUNNING! I will be reviewing the Vintage Edition as well as the Alchemy Edition shortly.

The deck that I am using today is Stella's Tarot. It really surprised me how easily I bonded with it, and because of that I have been using it almost exclusively for work. It's a beautiful rendition of RWS, which makes it familiar, but also has some very narrative artwork that isn't a copy of the original. I'm sold, and will review it soon also.

There are four Major Arcana cards present. I have a lot of work to do this week!

♡ Monday. The Moon. Get lost in dreams, whimsy and illusions. Thrive in what your imagination can dream up. Let mirror images of yourself teach you lessons and send you messages. Don’t focus on the negative aspects if you can avoid it.

♡ Tuesday. Justice. It’s hard to tell the truth when others are not ready to listen to you. Sometimes it’s hard to gauge how to present yourself; whether or not to be strict or compassionate, assertive or shy, or otherwise. Do what you think is best, also remember that sometimes you can be both.

♡ Wednesday. Queen of Coins. You have power as well as influence and you know this. It is important for you to understand the wealth you possess, and how to invest it. Know your worth and how much you are willing to give in before you do.

♡ Thursday. The Fool. You’re so eager to get started that you might forget to make sure you’re on solid ground before you step off it. It’s always better to look before you leap. Any risky decisions that you may think you want to take this week would best be checked up with someone you trust first. It might save you from a big fall.

♡ Friday. Wheel of Fortune. Wild changes? No. Natural cycles in motion. You have to come to accept that sometimes you have the upper hand and sometimes you do not. Then some day you will again. Some things in life are turn-based, and that’s just how it goes. Don’t expect anything else.

♡ Saturday. Two of Coins. You may be counting on limited space or you may be in a bit of a bind. Try to avoid having a sense of urgency, and instead try to approach the problem patiently.

♡ Sunday. Six of Swords. And now we must be off; it’s time to move on. New adventures call, or at least someplace else where you need to be. You have other things to do. You should go do them. Where is your sense of adventure? Of seeking broad horizons?

♡ What to avoid. Five of Cups. Stop focusing on what you lack, what you spilled and what is no longer there. There is nothing you can do about it, but you can move forward to remedy the situation or gain something new.

♡ What to strive for. Knight of Cups. Seek emotional solace when you need it. Seek care and understanding as well as love. Look to be pampered, to be cared for and to get lost in the embrace of your lovers.



 I received this deck and was so excited about it that I couldn't hold back, so I did a video on it. My first one! You can tell how exciting this event is, right?

It seems James R Eads' studio is really near to my apartment. I got the deck on the next day after they shipped out, which happened to be Valentine's day, and they were so beautiful! The card stock is glossy, thinner than the Light Visions Tarot. It shuffles with ease and slides perfect. It also has silver edges and jewel colors. I love it! There is nothing not to love about it. When you fan out the backs, the backs look very nice too. I am particularly fond of the color he used to compliment the woodblock style illustration of the eye. It's not too obvious when you get reversals, but still enough of a hint to know what you're dealing with, which I can appreciate. I've always preferred for my decks to be this way.

I really love the fact the Minor Arcana are a really long scene that you can rearrange as you like. When I first got it, I spend some time rearranging the cards and looking into them to see what they would say to me. Even better is being able to piece them together in readings. They add a fresh take to the style with which you read. Now we are not only piecing the cards together in dialogue, we also have a much bigger picture to look at as we read the spread visually in its entirety. Talk about chatty cards! They can be read as a scene, or looked into closely for easter eggs and symbolic interpretation.

I feel this deck is very narrative, and we can see some continuity as well as some rewinding to explain certain concepts in the situation. Overall, it takes some understanding of how Rider-Waite Smith works, but if you give yourself the chance to just look into it without previous context, the cards really come alive and show you something new. The color use is broad and can also speak to you in an intuitive way. By this I mean you'll get different meanings not necessarily tied to RWS tradition, but rather, related to the client or to your personal life.

James R Eads completely reinvents the RWS tradition into something that you can interact with in a new way. While the RWS elements are still there, I believe that you can get much more from this tarot deck with fresh eyes and an open mind. His contribution to the world of tarot is really great, but let's let the cards speak for themselves.

I'm really happy I got this deck. It's really beautiful and the narrative quality to it is wonderful. You can easily get lost in its colorful story, tracing connections from a world of whimsy to your own life. I will definitely be promoting it because I believe in endorsing creatives with the courage to self-publish their work. Since it is a deck that was self-published, James has had the luxury to make the important decisions, but I feel he caters to a broad audience. Whether it be collectors of limited editions, or just people who are inspired to get started on this journey because they are familiar with his artwork. It's really stunning and worth the investment.

The journey you're going to go on with these cards is not at all linear, it's more like going down the rabbit hole. Or if we can get really imaginative, more like walking through the world with kaleidoscope glasses. They're vibrant and they really make the scenes come alive.

You'll have to spend some time getting acquainted with them and trying them out in different types of readings to really get something out of them. They were meant to be used, so get yourself a backup copy if you're weary of wearing down the gilded silver edges. I've got mine!

What is your most important characteristic? Page of Coins. I’m new, fresh youth and hot off the press. There is so much potential still, as everything is in development. The seed has been planted now, and the growth that comes will serve a beautiful legacy of its own.

Taking a closer look, there are strawberries growing on the ground as well. A sweet, kind of tarty treat contrasted from the lush greens of the garden. It stands out, as this deck does.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck? Ace of Cups. I bring you solace, love and compassion aplenty. I am an offer of all the best things this world has to offer, and this offer has been handed to you. Made with love, made to help others with their emotions and their biggest worries. It can be used as a powerful tool for romance readings, or deep work with emotions.

What are your limits? Eight of Coins. Work in progress, work with others. It’ll take lots of dedication in order to get to the point in which you can help others work on their own. This is a brand new world, but it looks like a very appealing one. Everything is in bloom around you, so get ready for things to take off soon!

What are you here to teach me? Seven of Coins. There is still much work to do. You’ll have days in which you won’t be able to tell if your intuition is working or if you’re forcing it to be what you feel it should be, but there are also days in which you’ll feel as if everything is falling into place.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you? The Hermit. Take some time alone under the pale moonlight to meditate on and jump into the scenes. Breathe in the lovely world of color and feeling. It shines in a spiritual sea of living emotions, glistening with purpose and with intention. Dive into it.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? The Star. Inspiration, going past the limits of what you can immediately perceive and into a world that only your senses can take you to. Take flight and back in the experience.

Which card do you want to show off? The Empress. A fruitful product and an explosion of color. Artwork is not just the feminine, but it is an expression of beauty that is as divine as it can be relevant to our world.

How do you see me? Strawberries. A wildcard, a burst of possibility. The fruit that comes ripe, is offered to be plucked and consumed by those who need it. A sweet treat for the world, even when diced into pieces that are given as an offering. As a new addition to the world of divination and tarot.

How do you see yourself? Six of Coins. Willing to collaborate, willing to help. That’s actually what I’m here to do; I’m an aid offered to help you grow along your life. I nurture you so that you can nurture others.

Since I have various cards of the same suit, it looks a bit like a picture book that has been cut up and rearranged to make a story. It’s quite beautiful, but I will need to learn to piece stories together based off the full picture as well in spreads such as this. When they show a panoramic view, they show much more than just a typical tarot spread.

I was scrolling through a forum, and I found this:
"I received the deck yesterday. Oh, it is so beautiful. I like the 'Strawberries'. It reminds me a story told in Neil Gaiman's American Gods:

“There was a tale he had read once, long ago, as a small boy: the story of a traveler who had slipped down a cliff, with man-eating tigers above him and a lethal fall below him, who managed to stop his fall halfway down the side of the cliff, holding on for dear life. There was a clump of strawberries beside him, and certain death above him and below. What should he do? went the question.

And the reply was, Eat the strawberries."

The story had never made sense to him as a boy. It did now.”

Get your own copy today! The collector's edition is still available!


Check out all of these Major Arcana cards in just one week! What is going to go down? Best be ready for it! Five Major Arcana cards out of a 9 card spread. Now that's intense!

Considering we are still smack in the middle of the month of love, it's appropriate that our emotions are stirred up and we are dealing with our connections to ourselves, as well as the outside world. Time is passing so fast, how are we already crossing the middle of the second month of 2015? Time is super flying!

Ever since I started putting my skills and my services out there, the response has been amazing. I love hearing from friends and readers of my weekly columns; it makes Samhain Moon feel more like a community than just an online journal. Thank you for being a part of it and for participating.

Monday. Strength. Exercise restraint! Sometimes you just want to have the cake all for yourself, even if it means standing opposed to someone for it. There can be a great strength in resistance and discipline. It looks good, but you should probably pass on it for now!

Tuesday. The Lovers. A mutual understanding between a mismatched pair. They use one another for the benefit that their company brings, but at least they have each other. They can work out their differences to enjoy what life has to offer.

Wednesday. Two of Swords. Slow time passing as you transition from one place to another. Transitions can require patience and enough maturity to accept that you are not yet where you want to go. You have a long way to go still, so onwards and upwards.

Thursday. Two of Coins. Settling matters almost by force. Continuing on your own free will. You decide how things go and you keep them in motion when you run the show.

Friday. Six of Cups. Memories can make you miss someone deeply, especially when you romanticize them. Be thankful for the experiences you've had, because they have brought you a long way to who you are today. Influences, people, memories from the past still relevant today. Repeat from last week!

Saturday. Seven of Swords. Theft of time; an item gone astray either by mistake or on purpose. If you catch it early, you'll gain it back. Otherwise, your time and efforts will be lost for good... or stolen. Don't waste your time and efforts on situations that don't merit it.

Sunday. The Lovers. The alternate shows up! Mutual love, kindness and understanding. Finding yourself in someone else and getting lost in their beauty. Feeling you have found one another at the right place and right time.

What to avoid. The Devil. I find this card too cute to be menacing, but perhaps that's what it is supposed to be. Break out of and away from limitations. Be free, and go do the things you need to do, not the things you feel obligated to do.

What to strive for. High Priestess. Nurture your intuition, look to go into other worlds or into other realities within yourself. Life is a wonder that is short-lived, and we are placed here to discover ourselves for very little time. Look to nurture your soul, your needs and your intuition. It'll help how you face the reality your eyes perceive, which is a perception that has been rumored to be a hologram made up by our minds. Is your reality real enough? Are you a slave to circumstance, or can you walk through parallel worlds and still function in this world?

I was contacted to review a very interesting set of cards, the likes of which I haven't used before. The concept is pretty new to our region, but is apparently very popular in Israel. I'm very excited to tell you more when I receive the cards!

There are some very exciting new additions to my collection, which is also listed on the blog now. I need to add a few recent acquisitions to it, though. While I already had a queue of things to tell you about, I will be making space in my blogging schedule to show you some new decks in print as well as some out of print beauties I have invested in. It never ends when you begin collecting cards for divination!

Also, I uploaded a video before I went out clubbing on Saturday. It shows the Prisma Visions Tarot in case you want to check it out. It was really unplanned, just turned on the web cam and started talking, but I really enjoyed the thought of putting something out there to sate the curiosity of those who have not yet received their copy. Perhaps I will try again soon, it was fun.

The Month of Love special event is valid until the end of February. Thank you to all of you endorsing my skills! I really appreciate your interest!

Wishing you a splendid week, with love and cosmic reflections aplenty!


From the moment I step onto the ship, my reality is transformed for however long I spend there. This is one of my favorite California spots, and hopefully after reading this review you will understand why. I worked this event last year for the first time, and had such a good time that I had to come back to re-live the experience. A lot has changed since my first year living in Los Angeles, and now we're slowly creeping up on year two. My second anniversary in Los Angeles! Hopefully this year I will spend it here. This is my new home!

I was so excited for the day ahead that I woke up before my alarm went off. When I got there, I signed up and got to familiarize myself with the ship. I couldn't walk around without squealing with every turn I took. The memories kept on coming back to me as I walked around.

In the evenings, I took the habit of sitting on the deck while my supervisor smoked and talking to them while looking out at the city. In my head I kept marveling at the fact I did it — I managed to move here and make it all by my own. A year had already passed since the last Steampunk Symposium, and there I was, surrounded by familiar faces at a really incredible event. I felt a lot of gratitude for the life that I live since I moved here. It changed me forever.

Can you spot your blog hostess in the back? I was working!

♡ History of Absinthe. Tried proper gold absinthe with water and sugar. Learned that Victorians love their gadgets. Delicious! Lucid. Walked around the ship buzzed and happy!
♡ Met and saw the Paranormal Illusionist Aiden Sinclair perform. Wow!
♡ He pulled me on stage to randomize the show and pick a circus whose direction we would go in. I saw a bell go off on its down and a planchette flip off a ouija board and to the floor. Riveting!
♡ Said hello to Captain Nathan Seekerman, a familiar face from last year.
♡ Victorians and Voodoo lecture, where I met Reverend Dee. We had taken an elevator together in the morning! Very smart lady indeed. I got to ask questions about voodoo. The introduction was hearty, and clearly from someone who knows their practice.
♡ Ran into Tiffany Tran, went for hummus and champagne.
♡ Got to sample the Queen Mary champagne once more. It’s love!
♡ Worked up until 10 P.M. taking tickets for the Lee Presson and the Nails concert.
Such energy! It's a wonder he doesn't hurt himself on the stage. So good!
♡ Went into the party and got invited to dance, then swept across the whole dance floor.
♡ Got invited to a VIP séance hosted by Aiden Sinclaire. Could not make it because I had to be in at 9A.M. the next day! Still kicking myself over it! It was Jack the Ripper themed.

♡ Worked checking badges and wrangling panels in the morning. Stood outside the Makers panel and the Magical Pondering panel.
♡ Ran into Darla, Jack and Mike from the Meet Up group while at registration.
♡ Ran to see Aiden Sinclair’s show once more.
♡ Went for lunch, had champagne and bought a souvenir bottle of the Queen Mary’s champagne. Love it!
♡ Took tickets up until my shift finished at 10P.M. for Poplock Holmes, Unwoman, Frenchy & The Punk, and Nathaniel Johnstone Band.

It’s very hard for me to put into words just how happy this event makes me. The location is really beautiful, I get to see people dressed up in amazing costumes and I also get to participate. It’s really a dream come true, since I’ve been a huge fan of Steampunk fashion and music since I first started listening to Abney Park in 2008. In 2009, I got to see the Steampunk meet up at the San Diego Comic Con, and event that changed my life and convinced me that California is the state where I need to live. The rest is history.


A notable mention, also. My friend Hugo passed away January 24th, 2014. We had texted the night I met Abney Park, I was gushing to him about the concert. I thought about him while I was working the event, and think about him frequently. Time helps to heal, but we never forget those we love. Hugo was part of my introduction to California, and I miss him so much.

Some photos are compliments of Tiffany Tran.


Hey everybody, I had a pretty crazy last week. Gosh, I couldn’t even begin to tell you! This week thankfully seems to be much more calm, which I will appreciate.

Notice two Twos. I also have the presence of a Major Arcana card here, setting the stage for the week as one of moderating behavior and being patient. My court card is presented at the end of the week as a possible lesson to all of the events that are going to take place. Let’s see how this all goes.

I've been feeling really attracted to this tarot deck. It's the First Edition with goldleaf ink, and it's really stunning to read with. It's a shame the paper is so flimsy.

Monday. Temperance. Try moderation in your lifestyle choices. Give yourself the task of reflection and meditation in order to better yourself as a person. It’s okay if you need your alone time; ask for it with poise and grace. Appreciate it once you’ve got it.

Tuesday. Nine of Coins. Finding comfort in your surroundings; the ones you maintain yourself. Enjoy them while they are there, because one day they might not be. When you stumble into a comfort zone, you may come off as nonchalant to people in need.

Wednesday. Two of Coins. Give to be able to take. Offer tricks and performances to amuse and to attain what you need, when you need it. There is really no shame in hustling if you do it with enough love and pride. Be sure of your skills and others will take not of it and admire you for it.

Thursday. Two of Cups. Getting it together; enjoying a quiet moment or an amicable romance. When you share a moment with someone, make an effort to be fully present and to honor them. Bringing in those personal elements that you only like to share with them if you want to make them feel special.

Friday. Ten of Wands. You’re tired — take a break! Always loading yourself with extra things just to give yourself something to do. You don’t always have to do something. It wears you out so bad! Release those obligations and allow yourself to rest and replenish energy.

Saturday. Page of Coins. Relax in the luxury of a comfortable environment. You work so hard for it, you might as well enjoy it and pamper yourself. Kick back, relax and enjoy all that you have around you. Nobody else but you is responsible for it. Good for you!

Sunday. Queen of Swords. Being intimidating on the outside to discourage others from getting too close or comfortable. Personal boundaries are so important to maintain when you want your personal space to be respect. When YOU want to be respected. Stand up for yourself and don’t let anybody else try to run you over. If you do, strike them down fiercely so that they may never ever again get the idea to try.

What to avoid. Five of Wands. You don’t need petty arguments and fulfillment of other peoples’ agendas. If someone has a problem with you, let them have it. If someone wants to give you a hard time, don’t give them the time or the importance to do so. It’s really not your problem what they do and do not decide to you. How would your life be if you spent it wasting time on people who aren’t worth your time? A waste also.

What to strive for. The Star. Love yourself, accept yourself as you are with all of your flaws. You know that you’re just one in this world, and it’s okay to be. You don’t need anybody else to shine, because you have a light that shines from inside. It glows right out of you, through your skin and even in the words you say. Allow yourself to inspire others with how you deal with everything. Be that perfect person that you are, and other people want to be.