The silence cuts and sentiments seep. With the loss of my cousin has come the reassurance that the fair pay for the sinners. I need to mention that while the Death card came up in the 'what to avoid' card of the week, it isn't always something that we have control over. My history with this card has been quite a ride lately. I haven't been into making it seem that the Death card can literally stand for loss, but I did get some intense news as I looked into projections for how the trip to Los Angeles would go. What I found was a little fear-instilling so I put it on the back burner. The trip itself was wonderful, but the news that I got of the passing of my cousin were disheartening, more so when I had signs in the cards of what was going on, in a trail of other hints leading up to this point. Nobody is prepared for a rattling change like that, no matter how serious the illness may be. I wish him eternal rest and the ability to let go so that he may go wherever it is that he is destined to go next. He was the sweetest, quietest guy you could meet. He never started trouble or went down twisting roads. It's a big eye-opener, that's for sure.

Last week was a lot of things. It was fun and daring, packed in with some scares, some high highs and some low lows. I had the opportunity to try out things that I haven't done in a while, such as karaoke, industrial clubbing, walking through Venice, scouting out Ikea and even made plans for a potential radical change in 2013. The waiting period is over, things are finally snapping into place and the gears have begun spinning. The change has started, so it's time to start flowing along with it in hope that there is a lesson in all of this that will be learned in the end.

This week is loaded with Major Arcana cards. This time around I won't read too much into it, I am just going to close my eyes, make the jump and hope that I will go where I need to. There is barely any spare time penciled in this week and I need to make the most of it. It's do or die, and I'm not about to let my dreams escape my grasp when they are so, so close and yet feel out of my reach. It's time to turn up the volume on my iTunes playlist and to zero in on one very important goal set for the week. Wish me luck, here goes nothing.


♡ Monday. Strength. What will it be today? Finding strength in restraint, or facing the fire with courage and the assurance that things will work out? It looks more like the harmony of understanding who you are, what your needs are and up to where you can go. Sometimes it feels that we're pushing against the current, pushing, pushing, pushing, and it gets to a point when we realize that all we do is to let go. The current will take us where we want to go, even if it isn't where we thought that we would want to be. Sometimes you just need to trust the stronghold slowing you down.

♡ Tuesday. Ten of Coins. If a card ever said back in a box, it has to be this one. I find it to be a truly lavish card, one of luxury and of comfort. They are all working away at something that will benefit the house, so what can we do today that will help us push ahead? For me, it will be an extensive case study, making up for lost time of work, and enjoying being back in my little golden cage. It's quite lovely to see the little birds perched on the fence expectantly.

♡ Wednesday. The Star. Can divine light really shine on us when we most need it? All it takes is a prayer, a question, a sentence uttered to your higher power. This goes in line with what I said earlier about trusting. When you're comfortable in your skin and with what you are, you feel lighter. It changes the element of fire back into water as shown in the card of 'what to strive for'. I think that it's a matter of learning how to channel inspiration into a challenge to find that your dreams and your possible plans could be coming true. I have nothing but faith in that, so fingers crossed.

♡ Thursday. Hierophant. Talk about tough combo, the Hierophant followed by the High Priestess. This is trial by fire in a way, I feel like epiphanies and other eye-opening experiences are earned by divine right and not stolen. The Hierophant is a cold fellow, he isn't one to base his actions off his mundane emotions. He has to act in accord to his connection to divinity, his responsibility to do the right thing as it would stand by tradition. Sometimes we just can't go around tradition. The only way out is through.

♡ Friday. High Priestess. A very different sort of experience from the one of the day before. This is a mental quietness, an understanding of what is happening the way that it is, and why it needs to be that way. I see this card as careful observation and understanding, as well as complete dominion over intuition and secret knowledge. What I do like is the looming feeling of peace mixed with control over the environment.

♡ Saturday. Nine of Swords. This can be a card of worry, of anxiety and of nightmares. It is the only noticeably negative card in the spread and I feel that it points out trouble in sleeping. I have been an insomniac ever since I can remember. While I was quite susceptible to the cycles of the moon, I also had an increased productivity during my earlier and college years. I grew comfortable in working at night. Looking at that black dog as an omen or a pointer for the card, it could just be that I'm quite loaded with thoughts. It could mean that instead of blowing all of the pending tasks at hand out of proportion, to quiet the mind and plan instead for what I can do about those tasks. There is no use worrying if all we're going to do is sit and think.

♡ Sunday. Page of Cups. I love this card. A child looks into a cup out of which a fish comes out of. In the background, a lulled sea stretches far out into the horizon, carrying a ship as well as some loitering birds. With the scroll in his hand I feel it is a heartfelt offer, a message of apology or even an invitation to join the ship on its next adventure. I am looking forward to see what it will be.

♡ What to avoid. Nine of Cups. How does this card feel? Well, it is a card of wishes coming true, of knowing what you want is right within your grasp. There is a plate out of which a little bird can peck, but it's also there to provide for the dog. It's a nonsensical observation, but I get from it that there is enough for everyone to peck off. Perhaps celebration is not in order at the moment or our wishes don't come true, but at least we do the best we can to work up to that point. I guess it's an eye-opener in the sense that we don't always get what we wish for, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't try.

♡ What to strive for. Temperance. This is a hard thing to do considering the circumstances, but it does make sense. When we fall out of balance because of tough news or realizations, we need to take control of our lives again. We need to balance ourselves out, find our center and focus on breathing first. If we're not in equanimity, we're not going to be able to go about our important affairs. If there is something I have learned, — whether I like it or not, — it's that Temperance can only be achieved through the balance of self-restraint and mental peace. We're not here to always make a point, and we won't always be the ones in charge of where our affairs take us. Sometimes we just have to go with the flow.

I feel liberated from my chains now. It wasn't an easy struggle just because it was so unexpected... but then was it really with so many signs in place? Sometimes I think that as much as we have a feeling of what could and could not happen, we are not 100% in control. It's just the way life is, we go through several experiences and obstacles only to feel rewarded if we overcome them. That would mean we can then move to the next level. I'm ready for the next level.


Hello world! This week I will be in California celebrating Niki's birthday. It has been a long time since we have had a chance to have one of our adventures far from Puerto Rico. I'm excited to break out of the box for a little while and seek instead some adventure. You can count on updates as usual, but it is likely that this post will remain without any complimenting photos until I return. I promise I will add them for all you intuitives!

Monday. The World. The opening of the portal and the start of an adventure. This card shows opportunities springing to life and a new adventure that is in the works. After a break from being out and about, we are once more catapulted into new surroundings. This is the ultimate opening of portals and opportunities to get where we want to go if we can appreciate what is being presented to us. It's time to open our eyes to the world once more and to enjoy what it has to offer. That is, after all, the point of this wild new venture.

Tuesday. King of Wands. Oh, the King of Wands... What's not to love about him? Perhaps when he acts all stubborn. He's hasty and charming, and my — he really knows how to get our attention! This King has a fireplace ablaze behind him to denote his volatile nature. Whatever he approaches will catch fire in passion or in fury, and it is up to us to decide how we will react. He already knows, because look at how his hand is placed over his heart!

Wednesday. Justice. This card always feels to me like a disconnect from our surroundings. We reach a point in which we need to resort to either compassion or self-protection, so which situation merits which? There is no haste here — as opposed to the King of Wands, — there is mostly common sense and fairness detached from emotion. It's important to be fair with not just ourselves, but the people around us to achieve a balance.

Thursday. King of Swords. This is my favorite of the courts. I love how regal and serious they look, and also how hard it is to relate to them if you're not like them. This man embodies all that is intellect and strong will. In a way you could say he is a hero, even though he can be hard to connect to.

I feel that this King can put some tall walls up. If you can climb over them or knock them down, that will be splendid. If you can't, don't expect him to go spelling out the solution to you because he won't. He expects you to do it instead.

Friday. Nine of Coins. In spirit of everything that is going on, it's nice to find a day to relax and to be in our own element. The lady in the card enjoys her own garden, she isn't concerned with what goes on outside of it at the moment. I get from her a sense of fulfillment and of finding what she came to this beautiful land to look for. After all her prizes have been collected, she remains in a reverie of wealth and balance to enjoy. That feels good, especially the fact that she doesn't need anybody else to feel good about herself. This signifies a healthy self-esteem and a good time.

Saturday. Queen of Cups. The Queen of Cups is my least favorite of the court cards because she is the one I understand the least. I feel these are highly romantic and dreamy individuals. Their feelings are vivid and can sometimes overpower logic, but they also have a really beautiful heart. They are compassionate but also fail to see the world through the eyes of logic. When you deal with an emotional court card, you know that their biggest strength is their heart.

What are we going to learn from the Queen of Cups this week? Will it be a total and irreparable submission to our feelings, or perhaps having control and understanding of them? She clings to her diary and the feather that she uses to write in it. Her secrets are not for you if you haven't earned them. Right under her hand is a scorpion creeping out from behind a basket with doves in it. I get the sense that this lavish monarch protects her feelings no matter what it takes. : )

Sunday. The Devil. Decadently good or trouble in the making, I'm not quite sure how to feel about it. There is always a dual situation going on with this card. The things we can enjoy the most could trap us in a place we won't want to be in later. It always starts out great until responsibility falls over us and we can't quite get away, that's when the trouble starts. Since this is a day of travel, it seems rather worrisome. We can't move on with our lives without facing the situations that torment us.

What to avoid. Death. Resistance is useless. Even if we fear change, it is something we must go through. I am being followed around by this card in a way that makes me uneasy. It reminds me of Strength stalking us last year. Perhaps that is the lesson to learn, perhaps it's a warning of a loss coming up. I just want it to stop showing up in my readings!

What to strive for. The Emperor. The very opposite of letting go is order. Some say the Emperor is tied or nailed to his throne. The way I see it, he is only just exercising patience in order to accomplish his goals. He can be the perfect gentleman or tyrant depending on what others shoot for. This man stares towards the future and he has a plan. (I like the rendition of the Emperor because most are in the present or in the past. As this one faces towards the right, he welcomes things from the future to grace his life.)

The flight to LA was long and boring, but I met a colorful character of a skunk upon arrival and am enjoying catching up with my college partner in crime. I was glad to stretch my legs after what seemed like an eternity of flying, and even happier to see my partner in crime from college, Niki!


I want to show you how I find the overall theme for the month. It is done the same way we can find our life path number: through numerology. Instead of adding your month of birth with day and year of birth, you add it up as month, day and current year you are in. It is a fun exercise, and after trying it out on various friends, you can find that the challenges you are going through currently can and will relate to the cards that you are dealing with.

Add all of the numbers up until you get one number from 1 to 9. I often get some weird looks when I tell somebody how to do it, since it's much simpler than it sounds. In metaphysics and numerology, we don't employ mathematics the same way that an algebraic expression requires. I am sure the most skilled mathematician could find a numerical equation of greater length and process to arrive to this simple principle in order to explain it through science. However, it seems to me that would just be to complicate our existence after knowing that this simple method works.

This is a great exercise for all of those that question destiny and fate as they entwine. After comparing what you have been going through in previous years as I have been doing, you can see the highlights and shadows of your life as a complimentary reaction to numerology and magic. It can make a believer out of many and brings a new layer of understanding to our life as we see it. I want to show you how I do it so that you can do it for yourself and people you care about as well.


This year was a year of self-exploration and great learning. I familiarized myself with my tools and found the limits to my gifts. It is associated with the planet of skill, logic and intellect, which happens to be Mercury. This is the card of beginnings, which comes right after the Fool card. Thanks to the immense leap in 2011, I found new beginnings, bridged between the spirit and the human world. When you are finally in control of your skills, things flow better. Every message that comes through divinity can be channeled to manifest in our mundane world. As above, so below.

10 22 2012
1 4 2 1 2
5 2 3



The year is just starting out but I can see where it is going. I have been at peace with myself and everything that I learned from 20112012. This year is not so much about action or movement, it is about sitting still and watching others as they carry on with their lives and their karmic progress. It feels that way! In a way I feel detached from everything going on around me because I am not actively participating. Rather, I sit back with confidence and understanding. Something will prove the dominion of intuition and of psychic skill. I don't need anybody to approve of something that I know I earned by divine right.

10 22 2013
1 4 2 4
5 2 4
5 6



Obviously, being in the very beginnings of 2013, it is hard to project what could come in 2014. My lesson has not yet been learned, so I won't be able to understand the next step until I do. The Empress is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Other than the obvious points of motherhood and nurturing people, this card points out a connection to the land. It is to understand one's role in the world and in the wealth that is provided to us. We all have just about what we need to survive and to be happy, even if we have to work hard for it. Today I get the sense of preparation for wholesomeness and comfort. I think also that it will mean a new-found appreciation for beauty and femininity, perhaps in a way that I haven't thought could be possible until this year.

10 22 2014
1 4 2 1 4
5 2 1 4
7 1 4
7 5


I will only say that this year revolved around J's challenges of getting a car as he transitioned out of college life. He got it! I want to note that this is seldom a war chariot, but rather, one of victorious celebration. It does certainly feel like a nice ride under the sun when you graduate even if you have to make elements flow harmoniously afterwards. It's good to celebrate!
04 16 2012
4 7 2 1 2
4 7 5
4 12

It depends on which tradition of tarot you follow. If it is Thoth, it will be Justice rather than Strength. I personally find they go together, as one leads to another through various steps. However, the direction picked out here is clearly Rider-Waite Smith.
04 16 2013
4 7 2 1 3
4 7 6
1 7

04 16 2014
4 7 2 1 4
4 7 7
4 14

Try it out on somebody you care about. I tried it out on my boyfriend. What do you see happening for him? Please share in the comments section!


Lately I have been thinking about college sweethearts and what tore us apart. It's amazing how time can open your eyes to consciously see what you could not back then. It is the gift of experience that sobers us up as well as the reminder that time changes everything. It heals and it divides, such as the principle that is echoed in solve et coagula. Destiny brings us together and fate tears us apart. We are supposed to cherish people while they remain, not once they are gone. There is beauty in simplifying a universal truth into a day-to-day concept. I am by no means an expert in Thelema, but I wanted to add the ways in which I feel I resonate with these principles. I don't know how to make common metals into gold yet.

Last week was busy! I spent most of it in the holiday after-party spirit, and the rest was working or going on dates. We had a great time. I learned not to doubt the court cards in a reading even if I didn't feel like all of them manifested fully. Maybe I needed to take a closer look at everything to really understand how it is that the courts can take place in our lives when they are not manifesting as people.

Did you notice a pattern? I certainly did. The week is centered around Coins and Wands. There is not a single other element here, which leads me to believe I will be dealing with work situations and obstacles. I don't feel it is about me, rather about the people around me working themselves to waste. There needs to be a balance between work and play, but there is often no slack when responsibility plays a hand in the situation. I think that this week it will be good to extend support to those who need it most, because that's exactly what I am here for.


Monday. Death. My least-favorite card and least-favorite thing to think about. If only I could tell you about how many hours have been spent reflecting over the fact we expire after certain amount of time. It's always a cycle, a transition and a moment of grief over something lost. There are transitions underway at the moment, and while they may not all be easy to face, they are a reminder that we need to make our time on Earth worth the while.

Tuesday. Three of Coins. This is a sign of being hard at work on plans. Sometimes the work gets to be in teams, sometimes it's our responsibility to shoulder all the weight. As we run over details and tidbits, we can notice flaws in our annotations or come up with ideas that work better. The point is to always seek to do better and to outdo ourselves. When we surpass our expectations, we can get really proud with our own work.

Wednesday. Two of Wands. It's not the most eventful day in the mix. We see a page coming out of a tower with a seal and an orb. He holds up the wands with an unwritten scroll floating between them. He has to reach a decision, but he is not inclined for either or and remains watchful instead of what is coming through the horizon. When we are under siege of what the future holds, unsure about which step to take, the best thing to do is sit tight and let things unfold naturally. As they should.

Thursday. Four of Coins. This man either restricts his kingdom from growing or guards it jealously. It is his pride and joy, the labor that he worked so hard to construct. It's plateaued. There really is no progress coming along so it's time to change, but he doesn't have the means that he needs to extend it. Now he waits for the next possible solution to come and save his kingdom, but it won't be him saving it. He hangs on so tightly that you'd think he'd do a better job at saving it.

Friday. Seven of Coins. I sympathize with this man, he looks so tired after a full week of work. He has harvested some wonderful gifts from the land but he doesn't even care. He's bored and tired and he doesn't feel like all of this is worth the strain. He's getting so tired that he wonders if he should just give up. Is the prize worth so much stress and trouble?

Saturday. Ten of Wands. That looks like absolute exhaustion. While the project concludes and the task at hand is set to rest, that man looks absolutely drained. You can see the sunken hollows of his eyes contrasted to his ghostly features. He needs rest because he is absolutely burnt out. That's what happens when we take on more responsibilities than we can possibly handle; we crash and burn out.

Sunday. King of Wands. Look how he emerges after his weekly torment, all galant and handsome. Now he dons his best threads and the reminder of why he is King. He can tame any beast and overcome any obstacle because he is passionate and he has all of his assets well placed. I'm proud of you, handsome King! You look your dashing best.

What to avoid. Ace of Coins. My professional work won't be my main focus, rather to seek to aid those who are having a hard time with theirs. The start of this weekly ventured is centered around others, and will remain so until the end. Offering a helping hand and support is not often what they seek but what they need. The hand points downwards, into the land. Stay grounded through it all.

What to strive for. Seven of Wands. Yikes. The theme is very uniform in this spread, I can find the zodiac teachings throughout. Defend those in need of it, even it it happens that I am the only one standing up for them.

This week's spread is a bit of an eye-opener considering all of the things that are happening. On Sunday I'm off to my next adventure, which means that I may not be able to come up with a substantial post for next Friday. We'll see. Bon voyage!


Ciro Marchetti is a graphic designer and illustrator devoted to painting a pretty picture that will jump start your imagination. He has found his niche in the divine and fantastic, trying to add in some elements of reality for credibility and personal resonance. His work speaks for itself with the immensity of its success. I don't doubt you have seen it displayed in the Gilded Tarot, the Legacy of the Divine Tarot, the Tarot of Dreams, the Oracle of Visions, and the Gilded Reverie Lenormand. What a line of work! I have collected them all. While his decks have been released in limited editions for collectors and fans, many of his works are available through Llewellyn for those on a budget. If you missed out on his print runs of Legacy of the Divine, you can still find the mass market one on shelves and on the internet. It's a great place to start!

I asked him a long time ago which of his own decks he prefers to read with. He said: Monica Laura, I don't read.... with any.... But if you want to know my favorite, its the Gilded, because that's how it all started, but on the other hand the Tarot of Dreams because that represented a more personal take on tarot imagery, then of course its should be the Legacy of the Divine because that was a platform to provide Tarot with a mythological context and rational for its origins and continued existence. But then again I have a soft spot for the Oracle of Visions because then I could do my own thing without having to worry about pre-existing traditions, rules and structure. But now, how can I not like the the Gilded Royale which allowed me to go back to the beginning and do it over again and hopefully better. So my favorite??? hmmm, let me think, I'll get back to you... Ciro Marchetti

We just received word that a great visionary in the world of tarot and metaphysics has decided to retire his tarot artistry to pursue some new ventures. His Gilded Reverie is in the final print run and will go out of print once it is sold out. However, it is now available as an application for your iPhone or iPad. That's exciting! You can purchase it here. (this is not a paid advertisement!)

The last installment to Ciro Marchetti's series of greatness is a 36 card deck known as a Lenormand. It's a combination of oracular cartomancy to bring you simple (or elaborate and intricate) readings. You can choose the spread that works best for your needs. The simplest spreads for the Lenormand are in pairs of two. I prefer pairs over just one card, since the one card is literally like a word in the sentence. You ask a question and your answer will be quite brief. With two complimenting or opposing cards, you can find a direction to go in or to avoid. It gives you a little more to work with, depending on your needs.

The point of learning the Lenormand — at least from what I have seen, — is to work with the Grand Tableau. It is an elaborate spread that contains all of the 36 cards of the deck. If your deck has extra cards, you could delight in adding them to bring a little extra magic to your readings. Ciro's creations are nice and can prove to be quite useful, but if you prefer the traditional 36 and nothing more, that's fine too.

There is so much versatility in this way and that. The leeway is due to the fact that the cards are quite versatile, and as he designed this deck, he thought to add two signifier cards for men and women. That's a lot of consideration for modern-day needs. Every reader can choose a traditional school or none at all. Throughout the years of Lenormand card study, I have seen others combine the school and add their own personal touch for readings that prove both riveting and enlightening. The point is to experiment until you find the method that is right for you.

The most appealing aspect of the Gilded Reverie Lenormand is the way that it was rendered. It comes with Ciro Marchetti's signature style: vivid colors, minuscule details complimented with fine lighting. It  has fantastical elements mixed in with reality. It's just a new way to look at Ciro's artwork. He chose not to depict a simple tree or a plain coffin even though many insisted that is how Lenormand works. He said there would be no point in making a Lenormand if he couldn't add some of his own ideas to the plethora that already exists, and while many argued about it, I think the end result is quite beautiful. All he had to do was shut out people's contradictory opinions and focus instead on the masterpiece he was making.

It is worth noting that I followed the progress of the Gilded Reverie ever since it was in the beginner stages. I participated in the dialogue every time he posted a round of three options to choose from. He always mixed and matched, and listened to what people had to say about his work. A lot of times there were heated conversations amongst admirers. They are very aware of what works and what doesn't according to them in a Lenormand deck and were more than willing to share the wealth of their knowledge. I think Ciro's style was cut out for the Lenormand all along. It takes a system that is simple and that works and adds a little modern beauty to it. That is exactly what we needed. My biggest contribution to the deck was in recommendations for the number placement / look!


What is your most important characteristic?
Tower. A big business or established project. It's hard for a tower to expand, so it does have its boundaries or its restrictions. This shows the culmination of a project, as the cherry on top. It popped up unexpectedly but took the world of cards by storm.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Birds. How chatty! Birds are a conversation established. It can be fast paced and excited, maybe a little jittery and nervous. It could be gossip or it could also be chatting through social networks. A common interpretation could be text messages or Twitter, depending on what it is combined with.

What are your limits?
Letter. Letters can be ornate but they can also be quite simple. It stresses the fact that it delivers a message, but the message needs somebody to deliver it. This card is very literally a piece of paper that has a message, but if combined with the book card can be a diary or a secret that is being delivered. Like a letter, it is a very intimate dialogue.

What are you here to teach me?
Fish. Capitalize! The fish are a great signifier for work. This is my line of work, — and I love it! —It is a big investment for a means of finance, but it looks like once the technique is mastered, it can be used as a powerful tool.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Stars. Quite literally drawing connections and networking. This card stands for lucidity, psychic development, wishes, metaphysics, astrology, and the zodiac. Stars are seen as hope in the tarot and light, it could also be literally a night sky or stars.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Book. Secret for now. Books are content written, and I feel that it could mean to journal about the development of the relationship. It can also represent school or higher education, which is a very personal approach of mine towards the tarot and oracles surrounding it. The Lenormand is another school of divination; one I am very comfortable with and learning with speed. Write a book about it, publish something! Yes sir!

Which card do you want to show off?
Dog. A loyal friend. This card is heart-warming. I would not say it is the most beautiful one, but I can admit that it is sweet. It can be a faithful person or quite literally a pet. I take this to be a good sign that I can work with this deck and that we will get along just fine... unlike a certain deck I interviewed not too long ago.

How do you see me?
Sun. Success! So much light and warmth that comes from the sun. When you enjoy what you do, it really shows in yourself and in the others you contaminate with your joy. It is the brilliance of light as it stretches through the sky, through a place. It looks like a great card to signify, even though I like to stick to the Moon.

How do you see yourself?
Clock. This is one of Ciro Marchetti's personal contributions to the Lenormand. It's quite kooky, but it is a vessel that chimes at a certain time. It could just be a measure of progress and how long it takes, but it could also note a vivid alarm or wake-up call.

I really enjoy reading with these cards. They're so big that you can appreciate the luscious images in detail, plus they have 4 new cards that aren't available anywhere else, as they are of Ciro's creation — he humorously mentioned he thought that we would use them as coasters. I do recommend reading them with the spread cloth featuring the corresponding houses of the Grand Tableau. It is an old system, but one that works and doesn't need much changing... unless of course, we decide to add the 4 extra cards on either side of the destiny line at the bottom. Mary K. Greer was telling us in Lenormand Cards Study that she uses the 4 extra cards in the following way:

I just created a new way to use the four extra cards. An old cartomancy tradition calls for a set of "wish cards" that are read separately (usually 3). I decided to shuffle the four cards and lay them in a line. Their position tells us something about the whole spread. From left to right:

1st: what's most important? (for instance, Mask could suggest that the 'masked' Houses are extra important).

2nd: an obstacle - something that could get in the way of a clear interpretation or resolution.

3rd: hidden wisdom, a teaching.

4th: moving on (Time indicates patience: it will take time before things will be resolved; Mask would say something significant in the future is still unknown; Dice - take a random chance; Bridge - Yes, now's the time to move on).

So much beauty! Would you like me to explain how I read the Lenormand in a GT? I'd love to share.


Last week brought with it a whole new outlook on life and for 2013. We rang in the new year with style, and the whole week had a whole buzz of new with it. We have been hit in full by celebration mode and spendthrift, which will hopefully balance back out soon. (Fingers and toes crossed, people!) Lastly, the socialite in us has been coming out for an exclusive appearance, but will soon be crawling back into the hermit crab shell. There is work to be done!

This week is pretty loaded with court cards. These courts are based in the present rather than looking towards the future or back into the past. Can this be a crowded week, or rather, a week of handling people. The court cards presented are all very different, and their presence — or lack thereof — will be noted along with what they brought to the table.

This is the last week for the $45 seasonal special for an hour tarot reading. All appointments will be accepted until Sunday. After that date, the offer will no longer be valid for booking. If you wish to grab a gift card for a rainy day, you can request it through e-mail after sending in the payment. I'm really thankful to all of you that booked an appointment with me!


♡ Monday.
King of Cups. Watch this loving man with his cup and the perfect alchemy of his emotions. His headdress is golden and full of life, but most importantly, it protects his head. This character loves fully with his heart, it's on his sleeve. It's for display and it's what he wears with pride. This was J's signifier today as we went on an impromptu Starbucks date. My, do I miss Pumpkin Spice Lattes!

♡ Tuesday. Queen of Swords. The sharp signifier for a Libra woman. I do take pride in being disciplined and in keeping my edges sharp, but sometimes I have trouble in putting my sword down and connecting to my more compassionate self. I have turned into an excessively disciplined individual who finds it really hard to let go of a code of ethics and an established system of morals. They don't define me, but they do make me into a bit of a strange bird.

Traditionally, the Queen of Swords is known as the widow or the separated/divorced woman. What is she divorced from, a relationship or the world around her? It's hard to tell with someone that can come on so strong. Is it necessary to be this way? Must the sword always be brandished and must our edge scare others away? I can't say this is the friendliest front to have, but it's what works and what I am most comfortable being sometimes. I like being the Queen of Swords.

♡ Wednesday. Nine of Wands. I have seen this as many things before. It's that point where we're almost where we want to be. We have just one final effort, one final push to get where we want to go. We're tired, we have a bunch of limitations and aches coming up, but somehow we just want to break through those limitations to get home.

In the past I have seen this also as breaking out of the box or as finding our inner strength at a time the roof is about to cave. If I were to minimize this all into a pair of keywords, it would be: self-defense, persistence and near burnout.

♡ Thursday. Knight of Wands. Hello, Knight. We meet again. This is the signifier for a person that I'd rather run away from. The impulsive, passionate and often times foolish signifier is a warning to me more so than the welcoming of passion. This one is quite loveable with his kooky grin and his mismatching outfit. He bears his ignited wand as a paint brush that paints the sky orange. He bounds over hills and mountains alike in a lively sprint. What focus!

♡ Friday. Nine of Cups. That's a ring of love and support surrounding the character in the card. It is for many the sign of a raging party with drinks, but for me it is a more quiet and intimate scenario. It is to feel loved by a circle of friends and angels. It is to feel safe and healed in an aura of compassion and understanding. Here, the flowers grow and there are swirls in the sky. It's so happy and warm without being overbearing. I love this card!

♡ Saturday. Two of Cups. Aww! I love this card too. Those love birds are crossed and cuddled. Their eyes are only on each other, there's no space here for anybody else. Their cups are flowing freely and you can almost hear them going, "roorRoo." They're so content, holding up garlands and making flirty eyes at each other. It's a honeymoon stage all over again.

♡ Sunday. Six of Coins. After all the socializing and the loving, it's going to be hard to get grounded back in reality. As responsibilities press upon us, we remember that we need to give a little to receive a little. The best form of work is that of teamwork and collaboration. More so when you are working with people, you need to remember that you can't go it alone.

♡ What to avoid. Queen of Coins. You've had your comfort and you're at a place of comfort, but it's not time to embrace it and dismiss the rest. I feel this is like resting on your laurels or getting in a capsule that limits your world to your comforts. You can't do that!

♡ What to strive for. High Priestess. Tap into your higher self, your inner intuition. Try to forget about mundane circumstances and cycles that lead you nowhere. Open your eyes to your intuitive self and look at the world through the fresh eyes of a priestess. It's not a title I would ever consider adding to my list, but it is a mindset that I strive to keep often. It's so important to constantly refresh your third eye so that it doesn't dull out. It is, after all, our most important sense.
I want to take this opportunity to say that I'm working as hard as ever, but that I'm also looking forward to wishing you a blessed 2013 for the last time. I hope that you're all in for a wonderful adventure full of fun and lots of love.


You pull out a few decks of cards and your eyes dart from one to the other. "No, not today." ... "Trusty Vertigo, I'm looking for something new," ... "So pretty, but so cold with me." I couldn't find the right fit. I wasn't feeling any of my favorite decks, which does not happen often. I miss that electric feeling of feeling a deck calling, or being curious about a deck and finding that the cards sing when you lay them down. My mental perception and the intuitive approach I usually try was crossed, there was nothing coming through and I started to feel stressed out. We can't always have an electric day!

I understand what is happening quite well. There is so much pressure to deliver a new message every time that we get upset if we can't deliver. It makes us doubt our ability over and over until we feel like quitting or taking an indefinite break. Nothing breaks something like a hiatus does, and if you're ever thinking of taking one — don't! It's so bad for you. Take a vacation instead, but every time I see the word hiatus pop up I say to myself, "well, its been swell. Time to move on." It shows a lack of compromise, and it can put even the most loyal readers off. Just take a vacation!

You can't force it if you don't feel it. Maybe you should just put the cards away and spend some time clearing your mind until you're ready to get back to business. The pressure of always wanting to be an open channel can sometimes close up our intuition and dull the senses so that we're not really getting anything from what we're looking that. It's uncomfortable and feels a little shameful, but there's not much more we can do about that until the dry spell is past.

Sometimes it's just not in you or in the cards, and that's okay. Have a chocolate or two. Accompany it with wine, champagne or sparkling wine. Whatever fits you best!

Treat yourself to something nice. Maybe you're not connecting with your go-to deck because you're connecting with another one on your wishlist instead. Sometimes it's okay to splurge a little if you're investing in a habit that makes you feel you're doing something productive. (Ask my ninety-something deck collection...) If you're not crazy for cards, go get a massage, watch a movie or add a comic or manga book to your collection.

Take some time off for yourself. Turn off that t.v! If you don't watch t.v. that much, turn it on! Get lost in a book for a few hours, flip through a magazine or do your nails. Not thinking about it could be the reset or refresh that you need.

Get a bite to eat. It doesn't matter if it's substantial or not, you just need a little something to fuel your system. Treat yourself to something you have had cravings for. You can't run on no fuel!

Read a blog about tarot. There are so many out there! My favorites are Prince Le Normand, My Curious Cabinet, Biddy Tarot, The Princess and the Sea, 78 Whispers, and 78 Notes. I can't tell you enough how many times one of these portals has jump started me into spiritual awareness. Nothing pries the third eye open like online exercise or experience being shared. You can appreciate different styles and cultural backgrounds and get some dialogue started. Perfect!

Write your own blog about tarot. That's what Samhain Moon is for, anyway! If a tarot blog is not for you, why not keep a diary about tarot? You can use tarot for affirmations or for self-exploration. What better way to work off a rut than by writing about it?

Have a friend read tarot for you. I don't recommend lending your cards because that's a very personal bond you work to establish, but if you have a friend that is into tarot as well, you guys could meet up and talk about it. Maybe your friend has some tips to share about how to get over the intuitive dry spell.

Make a tarot playlist. Make a playlist for every tarot mood there is!

Get a professional reading. There are many options both in person and on the internet.

Do something other than tarot. Take the way or the week off. I couldn't live without it for a month, but y'know... it works differently for everyone.

When you're a professional in the field, you can get easily burnt out by the pressure of always being an open channel of divine messages. Let's be realistic here, our feelers can get crossed as well. It's natural! Don't be hard on yourself if you're starting to feel as if your feelers are not exactly up to speed. On the contrary, be thankful that you have a gift in the first place and pamper yourself with love. At some point you're going to feel refreshed and ready to get back to the grind. When we limit ourselves, we wither quickly.

Your tarot cards stop working for a day or two because you're tired or burnt out, not because there's no magic left in them. It isn't that the cards no longer work for you or that the connection is severed. As the reader, you're the one making the cards come to life with your intuition and your skill. You're the one with the magic, so don't make the mistake of giving up too early.

Give yourself a chance.