Now this is a story worth sharing! I first saw this tarot deck on May of 2011, one of my psychic co-workers from the Ukraine was using it while on her web cam chat. I saw them with a pink hue although they are actually red, but that definitely got my attention. After weeks of badgering that reader to tell me the name of the tarot or the author, a friend of mine managed to win the name from her. It is the Loginova Tarot by Сергей Логинова, or Sergei Loginova. I made the mistake of googling it with latin letters rather than cyrilic, and as a cruel joke from the secret society of Russian fortune telling, I found nothing. I gave up on my feverish results after a very extensive venture, but I still tried to find it from time to time. One day, almost a year later I stumbled upon the reader's room and I caught a few screen shots of the cards to post on the Aeclectic Tarot forum. Two hours later I had found my name and a link through which I could purchase it off Ebay at a reasonable price. I bought a copy and I celebrated a little early. Three days later I received a notification from Ebay stating that my seller had been banned. After I opened a case, it escalated in seven days and I received a refund.

The search continued for days until I found a web site that sold it for a reasonable price, but would not go back in stock until May 2. I promptly bookmarked the web site and waited. A month or so later, I received an e-mail from the seller that had previously been banned. He confided that he had been in a terrible car accident but that he was happy to have survived. I sent him well wishes and proceeded to purchase a copy for the second time. Two weeks later I received my package. It showed that he had taken the time to package it nicely, but I could tell that something was off when I realized my box had been taped shut. When I peered inside, the little white booklet was missing and the cards were out of order. I could see some frays on the borders indicating that the cards had been used before. There was no cellophane wrap anywhere (obviously) and the cards were arched. If this would have been a deck I had bought to collect I would not have been very happy. Since the cards are going to end up worn anyway, I took it as a sign that they are meant to be used. I suppose I won't be keeping this deck in pristine condition, it's already not new! I have the impression that it has been used many times before judging by how worn that box was.

The Loginova Tarot is not the most polished in image of tarot decks. It is composed of loose computer generated graphics and it is printed on paper stock that will easily wear. There is an abundance of gradients and highly saturated colors, but it speaks to me regardless of all its design faux pas. It spoke to me even as a mess of pixels, which is why I remained persistent to attain it. I love this deck regardless of all its flaws.

I don't require glamorous decks that glitter or gilded edges that amaze. It's a plus and an advanced feature for those who enjoy mesmerizing their clients, but it isn't always necessary. The lavish details of a deck are meant to impress others and can be a luxury while reading, but are definitely not necessary. A deck with no glam can read just as powerfully, and perhaps better than one with glistening distractions. You don't need glitz and glam to dazzle your clients, and this tarot deck will prove it!

For those that don't mind foreign titles on their tarot and can work from memory, I recommend this tarot deck. I consider it to be a funky rendition of the RWS tradition with some alterations. Apparently the Loginova Tarot is a rework of many well-known tarot decks. My friend Prince Le Normand made the observation that they have pulled direct references from Kat Black's Golden Tarot and the Connolly Tarot as well. Good eye, Sniper! I had not realized this previous to the observations.

LOGINOVA TAROT INTERVIEW:What is your most important characteristic? Ace of Cups. Accept this gift of replenished feelings and nurture your needs based on what I can offer. It doesn't always need to be a pristine gift for it to bring you what you need. It's okay to have some minor flaws, that will help your experience become more fluid and less dependent on keeping it pristine.

What are your strengths as a deck? The Fool. Inverted. I don't stumble or stop. I just follow the road and the spontaneous turns that are presented to me. It's an adventure and I don't question in. If I feel like traveling the familiar route, I can do so at any moment. This is a controlled journey.

What are your limits as a deck? The Star. Inverted. I won't always give you the hope you need if you seek it where there is none. I'm not as conceptual as other decks and I won't have the depth that you seek in others. I'm simple; I enjoy the journey and that's how it should be for you when you look through my cards.

What are you here to teach me? Knight of Cups. Inverted. To control your emotions and stay grounded. Simple is better sometimes. If your emotions are entangled and complicated, I'm going to teach you to look at things objectively. To look at things as they are, and not as they could be.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you? Two of Swords. Inverted. Don't block what you are afraid to work with; learn to flow. Be open to interpretations that you don't usually use.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? Five of Pentacles. Inverted. You will find your way out of difficult situations with my help.

What is your favorite card? The Hermit. Inverted. You make your own path. You don't need a favorite card to tell fortunes.

How do you see me? Eight of Cups. You are moving away from set and stable foundations to find new tricks. It's time to revisit what you know about the tarot. Find new things in old places and spark that interest up from when you started.

How do you see yourself? Six of Pentacles. An enabler, but only going as far as you allow me to.You have to accept my help before we can see some progress first.

This is the first time I have conducted a tarot interview while employing the use of reversals. It brings another layer of reflection upon a reading, but the same could be considered if the card was upright. I hope you liked the Loginova Tarot!


I shuffled these cards again because the spread didn't make sense the first time around. I attribute the flaw to the fact that my thoughts have been a little scattered lately. There is a lot of stress pertaining to work, as foreseen in last week's projection. The first time around, this spread told me to strive for Page of Cups and avoid the Ace of Pentacles scenario, but now the situation is inverted. I knew my thoughts were scrambled!

The aggitated wands are bringing trouble with them. I see a dangerous combo of feelings, thoughts and situations that bring with them a difficult scenario. It's a wonderful warning not to get feelings involved in something so impersonal. I am impressed at how accurately consistent these weekly readings prove to be, with or without the aid of documentation.

The deck used is the Loginova Tarot. I will be posting a thorough review this Friday on how this deck came into my life, and why it is that I love it so much over others. It's very simple and poorly constructed, but I love it all the same.

Monday. Three of Wands. This person is looking over the horizon, beyond the vantage point and wondering how things are going on the other side. Will the ships come to port soon? What to they bring with them? An uneventful day of waiting, waiting and more waiting. This is a sign for need of patience in order to see situations resolved.

Tuesday. Two of Wands. Things are working out, or perhaps going backwards. In this card, the person has chosen one wand over the other. The wands are symbolic aids for two different paths. Once it is chosen, things are brought back into motion. I will be presented with a decision in which I will be able to move forward, or so I hope.

Wednesday. Nine of Pentacles. This is always a good sign of comfort and personal enjoyment. This woman is enjoying all the gifts life has presented her with, and she doesn't need anyone else to remind her of that. She's a one-woman part! This card also stands for enjoying the fruit of labor.

Thursday. Five of Wands. In this card, everyone defends their own ideals. Since no one can agree on a single purpose or goal, they all argue which one will get what over whom. It's never a fair scenario when there are these many clashes, because not everyone can win. This card stands for clashing, arguments, the battle of the egos insistently comes back to bother us.

Friday. Page of Swords. This person acts like a child, regardless of age or experience. I find that jumping bull very funny, but appropriate. He's charging because he saw red, but he's not necessarily in control of his actions as he attacks. Immaturity can often be a detrimental factor in a confrontation. The best message I can get from this card is not to stoop down to the same immature attitude and behavior. There is a chance of being attacked with sharp words that have no value, so the most important step is to ignore the aggravating factor. I have found that I am learning how to deal with situations like these in a much better way than I used to. It's all so hasty here!

Saturday. Queen of Wands. She sits on her throne but she's fierce. That big cat next to her is furious and ready to pounce on the boy with the sword over him. She keeps her calm, but everything around her is flaring with life and aggression. That red sky churns with energy, which I feel is how this Queen controls her environment. I love the interaction between the cards in this deck.

Sunday. Ten of Cups. A day to enjoy in family. They look very happy to be presented with a new family member, with the rainbow over their heads presenting blessings for the future. Regardless of whatever problems are going on, the outcome looks to be a very satisfactory one. It's a sign to enjoy the victories and ignore the losses, because in the end all we've got is each other. A worthy sign.

What to avoid. Page of Cups. Don't get emotional. Don't wear your heart on your sleeve if others are just going to trample over it. You should know better than to stoop to low games by now. If you're old enough, act it.

What to strive for. Ace of Pentacles. Whatever gets the job done. There is an amazing opportunity coming up; take it and harvest it. Make this seed into something that will benefit everyone and not just yourself. This is positive raw energy to take advantage of.

Two Pages show a lot of immaturity in communication and feelings. Dealing with these situations isn't easy, especially when the opposing part isn't willing to come to reason. When these things happen, it's best to do what benefits the greater good and set aside the differences that start trouble. A look into my Annual Review from last November tells me we're right on track, which makes me feel at ease because of the fact that I have high hopes for July and August. Let's see what life brings.


I have had my eye on Edmund Zebrowski's Day of the Dead Lenormand ever since I found the threat in the Lenormand section of the Aeclectic Tarot community. Back then it was just a marvelous idea, it was nowhere near completion. A few months ago I joined a very wonderful (and friendly) Lenormand group on Facebook, and that's where I found out that it was in print. The box states that in this Lenormand, Edmund Zebrowski celebrates the culture and customs surrounding the Día de los Muertos. It stands as a "fun and meaningful interpretation of the classic French oracle that has been in use since the mid 19th century". This set of cards can also be used with the German school of Lenormand.

The cards are standard playing card size and borderless, plus hand drawn with chalk. The whimsical representatives are endearing as well as grim, which makes this deck balanced enough for me. I bought the mega set off Delphi's Chamber and received a Limited Edition Day of the Dead Lenormand with a signed and numbered title card, a handmade bag and an adorable mini deck. The set also came with a standard version, which will be the one that I will be using for daily draws and Lenormand study. The decks came with a comprehensive list that lacked the numbers, printed on some very nice paper. I hope the paper stands through long years of wear and use, because I work my cards until they fall to pieces with love. Since the numbers aren't on the key notes, it makes it confusing for me to interpret the reading based on the notes. It is a good incentive to begin a Lenormand journal. I feel that the Day of the Dead Lenormand is for those that are already comfortable with the teachings of the Lenormand.

So here we are after I have been anticipating this adventure. The stylistic interpretation of the cards adds meaning to the otherwise universal symbols, but I quite like it because of the personal connections I find. (Wow! I can hear Melissa Hill's hillarious video — "You don't read the Lenormand intuitively.") The Lenormand group has helped me with the many possible interpretations for card combos, and for seeing the cards in more mundane contexts. Since I come from the otherworldly realm of the tarot, I tend to seek the playing card inset to compare. I have found that I complicate things too much. The Lenormand still makes some crazy connections; I just need to learn the manner in which they speak to me.

I will begin using Lenormand draws on Hello Witches to get the ball rolling on this blog with the Lenormand. I realize that the only time I have written about it before on Samhain Moon has been when I reviewed Le Jeu du Destin Antique by Piatnik. I haven't touched it since that day, perhaps it is a sign to take them out and warm them up.

What is your most important characteristic? The Woman. I'm girly. Female signifier.

What are your strengths as a deck? The Ring. Long-term partnership, commitment.

What are your limits? Clover. Luck can change, there's nothing I can do about that.

What are you here to teach me? Ship. New explorations.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you? Heart. Love what you do, enjoy the process.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? Sun. Success, happiness.

Show off your favorite card. Anchor. Success through stability.

How you see me. Moon. Psychic abilities.

How you see yourself. Title card. As the Day of the Dead Lenormand, plain and simple.

I forgot to take the title card out of the deck, but it showed up in an appropriate place! I think it is easy to see in these card draws how brief and terse they can be. I feel that there is power in these short words.

Looking forward to be enlightened with the teachings of the Lenormand!


I have been away from my blog for a week now, which is the first time in a long time that this happens. On Friday I had J's graduation and celebration, which carried out over the whole weekend. On Friday the Ace of Pentacles turned out to be the prospect of a new job. I had an interview that day, after which I zoomed over to the Convention Center to watch my boyfriend walk. It was nice to see his Mom again, even though I could tell he was very upset with a setback in the day. We went for lunch after, and later celebrated over drinks. The whole weekend was spent in social events and circumstances.

This week I have a bit of everything, except Major Arcana cards. This means it'll be a week in which I don't have to worry so much about where I am going spiritually, rather, than how my career is unfolding. I see a card from every suit, but a notable influence in the world of career and finances. Last week the Ace of Pentacles stood for an interview. I wonder what it will stand for this week. It's very interesting considering everything comes and goes in waves in my life. At least I have the comfort of knowing my path is being carved out to my liking this time around. Let's get to the interpretations of the cards!

Monday. Eight of Swords. A day to play things safe and not take any risks. The woman is fenced in by the swords, which will only allow her to go a certain way if they open up to let her pass. Sometimes we find ourselves in cages of our own design. We set traps for ourselves instead of goals, and in turn we could feel like we don't have the time that we need in a day or the time necessary to rest.

Tuesday. Three of Wands. Waiting. I've done so much already that this card tells me the hard work is done for now. I'll just have to sit and wait to see what the tides bring in. I have so many tasks to keep me occupied anyway, the time will fly by without me even noticing the fact that it has. The two wands behind he person seem to be expectant. They have been left in the open.

Wednesday. Ace of Pentacles. A repeat card. The Ace of Pentacles is an opportunity in business or a lucky sign for finances. I often find Aces to be energy that is not yet realized but that is manifesting in the area of its element. This can mean an opportunity for career or good news in terms of clients coming in.

Thursday. Six of Pentacles. The person in the card weighs his options, to see which one will bring him the most benefits. This time around I don't feel that I am the person in the card, but rather the object that the person is holding. The scales are the representing image of my zodiac sign. With the look of the person, I have the feeling I will be examined to see how productive I am, or what it is I can bring to the table. An interesting situation, because there are others that are waiting on the same opportunity as I am, and they are represented in the grabby hands at the bottom.

Friday. Three of Pentacles. Hard work. I feel that in this card, skills are being polished and work is being shown off. This is the, "do you see what I can do?" situation of the card. The person in it shows his work with pride after sweating, thinking, hemming and humming to come up with something that people will admire and use.

Saturday. Two of Pentacles. A choice. Weigh one possibility over the other, or keep the energies flowing as they have been in the past. Saturday is a day to balance work and fun, and still get things done. The ship in the back makes it feel like a card of productivity and challenges. Interesting prospect.

The order in which the cards have shown up really gets me thinking. I can see why they came out in the order that they did, and I am happy to know that this is a warning to keep myself on my feet for the tests that are coming up in the next few days. Back to work!

Sunday. Page of Cups. A chance to sit in someplace quiet with a cup to enjoy myself. Sunday looks like a day of rest, of lavish thoughts and circumstances. This Page looks expectantly into the future, into his dreams of a house and of making a name for him or herself.

What to avoid. Ten of Cups. Avoid feeling too at home or comfortable, because in doing so I won't be looking for progress. Settling down emotionally can point out to the fact that I have grown used to the freelance life. The rainbow makes it feel like a dream or an illusion rather than the reality of the situation, and it's something good to keep an eye out for.

What to strive for. King of Cups. Accepting changes gracefully, seek advice and accept the emotional changes that come with the circumstances. In a way it is an opposite acceptance of emotions from the what to avoid scenario. I will have to see, this Court card came up last week as well.


Kat Black, the creator of the Golden Tarot made another one by the name of the Touchstone Tarot. When I first read about it, I wasn't very impressed with it. I didn't work with tarot decks with heavy religious influence until recently. Ever since I started to collect tarot decks, my opinion on the subject has changed radically. I find that the symbols of Christianity and Catholicism add a flair to my readings, but I read them as universal symbols, rather than their prospective teachings. What I like about Kat Black's work is the fact that the figures are such accurate depictions from their source material. I love medieval times and find the archetypes of the adjacent periods to be more comfortable there. It just feels right to find the subjects where they reside, in the world of the past but still brimming with life. There is magic in the montage of the cards; it allows a modern-day conversation with important figures dating back to the 1300s. Even though they died centuries ago, they still have a lot to say to me today.

Something I am compelled to talk about is how very personal these cards feel to me. Every time I put one down and I turn it over, I feel that the person in it is talking to me. It is very curious because there is barely any interaction between the cards. Rather, I feel that the cards are talking directly to me. Each portrait invites me to come in and have tea or dinner with the person in the card, while I learn from their anecdotes. They want to share their stories with me, tales of their spiritual ventures. I rarely click with tarot decks in such a personal level as I have with this one. It's a shame that the Touchstone Tarot is out of print! Luckily, there are still many units available on the internet for those that are interested in it.

The Touchstone Tarot follows but is not limited to the standard Rider-Waite tradition. It shares just enough fresh content to draw meanings from intuitively. The source of its images also makes it a deck that speaks through ancient wisdom. I find that anyone who appreciates classical art is likely to be enamored by these cards. They are ideal for use in Europe or in medieval themed taverns. If I were to read at a Renaissance Festival, these would be the cards that I would use.


Most important characteristic:
Judgement. A dramatic, life-changing and positive experience. The divorce of previous thoughts and tendencies that don't merit staying. An enlightening experience or change in perspective after which you won't be the same. This tarot will be calling for me to act, reminding me of things from the past that can be removed in order for me to continue my spiritual venture.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Five of Wands. Employing a controversial practice to deliver messages that are tough to swallow but necessary. Back in medieval times, being a witch was a practice of heresy. They were persecuted and punished for going against the teachings of religion. I feel that this card tells me the deck struggles with itself, with its traditional roots. It stands true even when met with the contextual opposition. That says a lot about this deck.

What are your limits?
Ten of Swords. Tragedy may strike, but keep your response in perspective. This is a sign not to take personally the fact that things don't always work out 100% the way we want them to. It is necessary to keep an open mind even when the messages we are met with are not the ones we want to hear. [The card is pretty intense, I chose to leave it out of the spread. Sorry!]

What are you here to teach me?
Seven of Coins. To carefully consider your options before you make a decision. It is necessary to set time aside to think after working on something for so long. with the woman nurturing a withered sprout, I feel like it is also a fresh intake to the same old cards. Cater plans of the future to what is left to cover.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Ace of Cups. Graceful acceptance of new-found feelings and wisdom that comes from the heart. Be satisfied with the abundance of wealth that you have, and seek compassion with the difficulties that lie ahead. Love is medicine.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Three of Cups. Keep it light and fun, don't take things too seriously. I like the idea of fellowship and network of support through dialogue. It would be a good idea to use this deck for love readings since it's so personal. It's a suggestion of using this deck in parties or social gatherings, maybe even at bars with so many cups present. It's a social deck!

Which card do you want to show off?
The Happy Squirrel. This card is a popular joke within the tarot community. It all comes from a Simpsons episode in which Lisa gets her cards read by a theatrical gypsy. I find that this is a great choice because very few tarot decks have a Happy Squirrel card. May you never pull the grim messages from the Happy Squirrel!

How do you see me?
Knight of Coins. A passionate student, matured well beyond her years. (Thank you!) Taking the time to explore the slow journey and enjoying it. I feel that this card also points out the fact that I work with the tarot on the side of enjoying it so much. It has quickly become my main — but not the only — trade. It's a good sign I'm on the right path while my graphic design takes a small recess.

How do you see yourself?
Nine of Cups. Granting wishes. New friendships, parties and good times. This card is always a positive sign, and can be interpreted as the main source of entertainment at a party, or a gracious host that will tend to all of your needs.

Touchstone Tarot, tell me true. This is what I ask of you!


These weekly forecasts are turning a little creepy on me. Last week's Death card was a real big change, and I should have seen from the Justice card that it was going to be a rectifying event. In pulling back to look at the reading from a broader perspective, the spread in itself was telling me that I had an opportunity to talk to my Grandfather once he came back from his trip to Russia. Death was present as a catalyst of change, because my Grandfather and I had not spoken since New Year's Eve in 2011. I had been very worried about him and when he might want to see me again, but he was unbending in his apparent distance. This change in him was unexpected. Even though I had many things to say, I just went with it.

The Knight of Pentacles also pointed out the fact that he brought me a gift, which turned out to be the Golden Tarot of the Tzar, a luxurious looking tarot based on the iconic art of Russian Orthodox Christianity. This is one of Lo Scarabeo's metallic decks — the saints and biblical scenes have textured gold backgrounds. Absolutely gorgeous! I began to shuffle the deck to awaken it from its slumber in the shelves of the Tarot Museum in Spain. After I did a quick three card spread for him, he pulled an extra card that turned out to be the Death card. I didn't notice until the next time I thought about my weekly projections. I was so shocked!

Today's spread is focused on a single event that may be present throughout the whole week. It looks like an emotional struggle in a situation. The reading is missing the grounding suits of Wands and Pentacles especially, which could mean it's not a palpable issue, but rather one of emotional dialogue. Justice is standing her ground and trying to defend herself from The Hermit and The Hanged Man, which looks like a scenario in which one must stand by what they feel to be right rather than the new perceptions that are coming in.

Monday. The Hermit. Seeking answers. Finding the way as pointed out by one's own inner light. In this context it feels like asking for guidance from divinity to know which path to take. It is also a clear manifestation of the Hello Witches weekly projection, since that is what I am doing now.

Tuesday. The Hanged Man. Saint Nikitas is making a sacrifice for an ideal in the card. I see it as slaying inner demons and dark thoughts to find that path into the light. The search can be difficult if you don't know what you're looking for, and often times that means divorcing a false truth. In this spread it can mean to learn to make sacrifices for the improvement of life as a whole. It's not an easy task. I would like to note that this is the first Hanged Man that I have seen standing upright, but perhaps the real Hanged Man is in the devilish figure.

Wednesday. Five of Swords. Conflict. Again the reminder that we can't win them all, and that we must always be prepared to face adversity. It's understandable that there will be obstacles in every task that leads to becoming a better person. At least I am made aware there will be trouble.

Thursday. Thee of Swords. Loss. Shattered hopes. Punished pride. This looks like a loss to me. We don't always get what we want or what we set out to do, but it doesn't mean we should stop trying. I feel that I may want to intensify my efforts for the future, regardless of the struggle ahead.

Friday. Justice. Doing what is right even when met with opposition. The woman in this card isn't afraid at all. She stands ready with her sword and the scales, prepared to meet with impending opposition. Notice also the lack of armor, a powerful statement for someone that defends themselves with the truth and nothing more.

Saturday. Eight of Cups. Distancing from difficult situations. Leaving whatever has been built up to sustain itself while going to seek new beginnings. This could be a temporary leave from responsibilities to look for a more gratifying experience.

Sunday. Seven of Cups. I feel like this card points out that there are many distractions in my path. Things I want to do, things I need to do, things I know I have to do. They all come together and 'float', waiting to be picked out over the others. As it turns out, Sunday is a very busy day for me now, but it wasn't before.

What to avoid. Two of Cups. Avoid settling for less or compromising your feelings for another's. In this case, I feel the card is in a reversed setting. The shadow aspects arise, those of independence rather than two thinking as a whole unit.

What to strive for. Ace of Cups. A very simple message: Look for your happiness. Look for the things that will fulfill you emotionally, things that will add to your cherished memories. Fight for that happiness, and that right to be happy.

I will clarify what the reading meant to say on next week's Hello Witches!


I finally got to spend some more time with the tarot decks that I bought at the Kaisen X. An immediate observation that I picked up from them is that they are made up of fan art. These decks are compilations of a selection of favorite illustrations from the series, cropped to include the main character. The cards have very little interaction with others, but string an interesting dialogue when placed side by side.

It's interesting for me to work with concepts far from the tarot. These two decks of cards are more like a foreign oracle to me. What they are in reality is a random crop placed in a color frame with a # and a suit slapped onto it. The cards are not exclusive adaptations from the tarot either, so I don't feel that the card meanings will be depicted in the illustration. The poses don't suggest anything from Rider-Waite or Marseilles, and the cards lack any Wands, Cups, Swords or Wands. There aren't even different characters for court cards. The booklet does have English translations of the card names, which will be convenient for studying them. Since I can't read the Chinese characters on the, I will be using it as an oracle. The body language alone is enough to add to a reading. Any other figures or props that pop up in the cards will be an indicative. I don't need card meanings to read her expression and feel her environment. I love the fact that it is easy for anyone with a background in cartomancy to read intuitively.


I find Miku's personality to be on the sultry side. She comes off as flirty in her depictions, maybe even naughty. I would recommend this tarot for sassy schoolgirls that are trying to make sense of their crush and all the changes that are going on around them. This tarot is centered around music and magic, two subjects that really interest adolescents. It is a lighthearted deck of cards, but at the same time it suggests the dark impulses or thoughts that people tend to suppress. I wouldn't use this as an actual tarot deck, but I would supplement my tarot readings with a 3 card draw for each person I am reading about. I love her hair, too!

I haven't checked this anime out yet, but I would like to read the manga if it is available. I'm curious to know more about this character, it might help with the card interpretations.


I love the bubblegum pink borders on this tarot deck. The images are very sweet, with subtle suggestions to bedrooms and intimacy. The Chobits Tarot revolves around the main character, Chii, but it does have more cameos than the Miku Tarot. There is also a lot of white lace and translucent clothing, reminiscent of lingerie. This could be a fun tarot to use when reading about intimacy and sex. I think I will keep these cards for private readings only, unless a client's is centered around the needs for some clarity on what's going on in the bedroom.

I watched this anime a very long time ago. I remember that it was the summer right before I turned 16, and I was staying at a hotel in Dorado. I really enjoyed it, but it didn't cause as much of a hype as Sailor Moon did, way back in the day.

I forgot to take pictures of the Sailor Moon Tarot, but I think I will leave it for the next week's review. Sailor Moon was the first anime I watched and the only manga I read. That series deserves special attention from me.