When I first saw the Victorian Romantic Tarot, I wasn’t too impressed with it. It reminded me a lot of my Grandmother and the style of illustration she frequently saw. It felt like the wrong deck just because I was so crazy about the Bohemian Gothic. When I first got the second edition of the Victorian Romantic Tarot, I was very surprised by how readable it is right out of the box, even though it does not read as a traditional RWS. It has life to it, and can suggest some very personal answers. I found that there was no need to limit it to convention, which it could be, but does not necessarily need to be. Why limit it? It’s organic in how it speaks; a kind of melodious whisper coming from engravings that have been given a second chance at life. Repurposing these images in a tarot deck was very clever, and I love the restorations as well as the digital collaging of more than one engraving to create something new. Gorgeous! A job well done!

When I first saw the Gold edition, it was on Tumblr. Someone published a photo of their deck along with the gorgeous journal that comes with it, which I lack. It had a gorgeous portrait of Bacchus and a mermaid. Wow! When I saw that depiction of the extra Lovers card, I decided I had to have it. I didn’t have to wait very long for a moderately priced one to come to me. It was even in like new condition! Yes, definitely waiting for me all of these years, slumbering in its bag. The one I bought went for a steal considering what it goes for now. It came in a Victorian Flower Oracle bag, or at least one with JJ Grandville’s illustration. The bag is also no longer in print. I thought to re-house it, but as I thought more carefully, I realized it was part of this deck’s history, and that maybe it would be more appropriate to keep it this way.

Wow! These have a similar iridescence to them as the Alice Tarot, which was published late in 2014. In candlelight or dim lights at night, this deck looks really stunning. The details pop out without feeling out of place. They picked good places for the iridescence.

The paper worries me a little. It is thin, lovely crunchy quality and color! However, sometimes I feel like I might have been able to bend or crease it if I had not been more careful. I riffle shuffle my decks, no matter how rare or expensive they are. If they are mine, they will be used. No precious treatment, — it reads as not having enough interest to use it anyway, — because they were made to be used. I will probably remedy this with a backup copy when one becomes available to me. This aspect of it makes me want to use the Victorian Romantic second edition or mini, of which I have more than one copy. The thing is, I tend to resonate with the first editions of the Baba Studio body of work. This applies to the Baroque Bohemian Cats' Tarot, which I really love, but can’t connect to as well with the third edition. This is the version of the Victorian Romantic that I resonate with, so this is the one that will get the most mileage.

It’s still pretty new to me, and so I must spend more time with it. I want to read that intuitive personality that decks give out to their owners properly before putting it in circulation for work.


What is your most important characteristic?
Ten of Coins. The epitome of wealth; product of a labor of love. Pride over years of hard work. All you want, all you desire is presented to you in a friendly, no, beautiful way. How could you resist? How could you say no to something so beautiful?

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Nine of Coins. I am out in the open, gleaming in the sunlight. Complete; with everything you need. I am also beautiful. You get form and function from a rare deck that is increasingly hard to find.

What are your limits?
The Star. I don’t lend myself to limitations; I am free. I roam free. I’ll go as far as your imagination allows for me to go. Look how beautiful! I am at my best in low lights at night. I’ll roam the depths of your imagination and dreams if you let me — we shouldn’t shy away form the things that make us happy!

What are you here to teach me?
Three of Swords. I am here to teach you how to handle pain and difficulties. I’m going to allow you a companion in difficult times. I’m your companion, bringing you news in tales told by artwork of past times. Don’t be afraid, you’re not alone.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Five of Swords. Allow the scene to play out before you as a classical movie would. It will be loud, elegantly — but humorously — dressed, and in the form of something familiar. Try a new approach to something old to break the mold. Then cry!

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Page of Cups. I bring you solace and cheers. You will learn to view the world through fresh eyes. You will learn to love again; freely and without any restraints. It will help you connect to a sweeter side, as if you were just learning to connect with your emotions.

Which card do you want to show off?
Eight of Coins. The one denoting hard, arduous tasks and work. Try not to mistakee beauty with an equivalent of flimsiness. Those finishing touches of gleaming ink help me stand out over others. Work hard and you’ll reap the benefits too!

How do you see me?
Four of Pentacles. I see you as the collector; sitting over her riches and her ancient lore and not sharing most of it with the world. The one who hordes in case good things will run out instead of spreading it out into the world like love. You will learn plenty with me!

How do you see yourself?
Five of Coins. I feel like a hand-me-down. An orphan. I was not valued or ever appreciated in my household; left to waste rather than being used and worn with love. I was brought into being to be used, and instead I’ve been neglected! Languishing in a drawer or closet for years. If you won’t use me either, give me away to someone who will!

These are long since out of print and hard to find. You can, however, find the First Edition as well as the second on the Internet if you look carefully.


My friend Tina Constantine aka Lady Nocturne is a Graphic Designer living in Puerto Rico. On her spare time she dreamed up a Zodiac editorial series which I want to share with you. I love how sexy some of these can be while still being classy. Great work! I have some amazingly talented friends!

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer   Leo  Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius


I have decided to complete one year of horoscopes devoted to each zodiac sign. There will be an Annual Review reading offered, which is one year projections in a month by month format. It is a very popular reading on this blog and in my work life, and now I am offering all 12 signs of the zodiac their own loose horoscope calendar to refer to.

June. Justice. We’re getting your tarotscope started out with balance, making decisions and taking care of important matters. These matters may be the kind you don’t have control over but can still respond to, as they influence your life.

July. Three of Swords. Ouch! Perhaps this month isn’t a good one to take risks in important conversations. The sword from last week’s card is jammed in the heart. Careful with the things you say and the decisions that you make, because if you make the wrong one a the start of the summer, you may still be handling the repercussions come the end of the summer.

August. Ace of Swords. The sword once more, a symbol of thoughts and sharp intellect, freed of trouble. You’ll overcome the difficulties of the summer with patience and moderation in your words. Control your mental impulses and let logic be your guiding light. Avoid confrontations and arguments that may not be necessary to get into.

September. Strength. You grow and you gain strength from difficult experiences. Come this September, I see you being able to turn away situations you’d rather not have to handle with much more ease and self-assurance. It’s okay to say no if that’s what you really want to do; nobody needs to drove you to do anything you don’t want to.

October. King of Wands. Fill yourself with that same fire from September, fuel your motivation and your goals. Go forth with assurance in that what you set your mind to comes to pass, because that is how things must always be.

November. Nine of Pentacles. Comfort and satisfaction comes when you’re worked your way into a good place. Enjoy the fruit of your labor and invite others into your space with you to share as well. I feel like this month is all about luxury and comforts.

December. The Hermit. Perhaps you’ve been around too many people and you need a break from the social noise to find comfort within the depths of your intuition. If you haven’t been around people seemingly at all, you may be feeling the need to surround yourself with life and with love. While it is great to find your way on your own, you may be craving a change.

January. Death. Change is coming, just as ordered… or needed. The changes we are talking about happen naturally, and we may seldom have control over them. But yet, they happen and they influence us regardless. Brace yourself, but you’ve been warned that things will change. Try to adapt gracefully, with little resistance, and you will come to find that things always work out.

February. The Star. Here we have a sense of hope, the seeking of new direction and inspiration to fuel future endeavors. Inspiration often comes when we least expect it, and perhaps all of these changes from the past month will encourage you to seek new things to nurture your body, mind and spirit with. Seek!

I am also picking up on a vibe of standing out and being noticed this month.

March. The Devil. Here we have limitations, responsibilities, and such. What have you been carrying around can only limit you, as it is an extra burden that you carry. Free yourself from the bonds and take your independence.

April. Nine of Swords. Looks like a time of anxiety that you need to put past you. From what I can gather, you worry about things out of your control. When you do, those things you fear may menacingly blow out of proportion and haunt you. Breathe, relax, and deal with it slowly.

May. Ace of Wands. Motivation strikes. You are coming out of the funk and prepared to face whatever is out there and threatening to you. Look to keep yourself sparking interest in new endeavors, embrace the heat of the excitement.

Clarifier. Queen of Cups. The overall theme of the year is embracing and sharing compassion and care. I intuit that you are going to be working through your emotions from the inside out. Reflect on your past experiences to learn new things for the future, but try not to let the past dictate your future. You are very much in control of where your life goes.
I hope you enjoy this tarotscope!


I've had two Paragon fortune telling tea cups. I sold the one with the whimsical relief on it and kept the plain one. It's pristine, without hairlines or chips. I keep it on the counter in my kitchen along with a chakra alignment candles, another vintage tea cup and crystals. Currently, I also have two blood orange candles with it. Seeing it on display every day makes me smile, but I can't bring myself to read with it using anything other than a pendulum. I plan on posting a review of it soon.

Earlier this week I had a friend mail me the PDF instructions for this tea cup. [Thank you Kelly!] I thought that like me, there must be others out there combing the Internet for the instructions that originally came with these tea cups. Nothing came up! So starting today, we can change that.


No。1 Horseshoe. The sign of good luck. True love will bless you all your life. There will be money coming to you through marriage.

No。2 Wedding Ring. Marriage in the near future promises great happiness to come.

No。3 Train. Foretells a journey in the near future. Also signifies a marriage within twelve months.

No。4 Money. Happiness in love and joy in the home is predicted for you. You will receive a sum of money from an unexpected quarter.

No。5 Letter. Good news is on its way to you. If it comes from abroad it is warning not to be too sensitive. If from home — good news and prosperity.

No。6 Cannon. Unlucky and denotes strive amongst those around you.

No。7 Wedding Bells. This of course denotes a wedding within twelve months.

No。8 Medicine. Illness is denoted here. You may be introduced to a medical student in the near future.

No。9 Babies. You will hear of a new “arrival” very soon.

No。10 Question Mark. Give vent to your own imagination.

No。11 Bellows. This means praise for you in your work.

No。12 Aeroplane. Flight. Hasty news of a happy nature.

No。13 Kisses. The sign also allows you to give rein to a vivid imagination.

No。14 Telephone. News will soon arrive of a stroke of exceptionally good luck.

No。15 Pierced Hearts. Romance. True love with be your cherished possession.

No。16 Skull. News of a death will be received.

No。17 Belisha Beacon. Beware of an accident. Take particular care in crossing roads.

No。18 Wine Glasses. This denotes that you will attend a lot of parties and generally have a good time throughout the year.

No。19 House. You will shortly visit a new home. An enjoyable holiday is indicated.

No。20. Motor Car. A journey by road in the near future. You will make a life-long friend in connection with this.

No。21 Tombstones. This is a bad omen. News of the death of an intimate friend will be received this year.

No。22 Triangle. Beware of the eternal triangle. Do not share your love or interfere with others.

No。23 Umbrella. Stormy times are ahead for you, you are far too extravagant.

No。24 Grapes. Riches and enjoyment is plenty in store.

No。25 Axe. You will overcome all difficulties by your own special endeavors.

No。26 Scales. You have an inherent sense of justice. Fair dealing is your greatest asset in life.

No。27 Flowers. You are extremely fond of outdoor life — the countryside — and babies.

No。28. Book. Ask advice of a staunch friend. You are of a quiet and studious disposition.

No。29. Butterfly. Flattery will be yours. Do not allow this to overrule your natural kindly disposition.

No。30 Candle. That which you squander you will one day need. Take thought for the future.

No。31 Cards. Do not gamble — you will lose. You are not naturally lucky at games of chance.

No。32. Castles. The “Castle of your Dreams” will come true. A great ambition will be realized.

No。33 Clock. Before three days are passed you will get a letter containing the news that will please you very much.

No。34 Comet. Beware, you are playing with fire.

No。35 Comb. You will have a quarrel with your espoused. A young girl will be the cause.

No。36 Drum. You will hear disagreeable news — do not heed them. News of great importance will be received within the next fortnight.

No。37 Eye. Look before you leap. You are far too impetuous.

No。38 Fish. Beware of Gossip. Do not confide in others, especially those who ask personal questions.

I am of the belief that information should be accessible. Hopefully these meanings will help all those of you who own a Paragon fortune telling cup but haven't yet gotten around to purchasing the PDF of instructions.


Ever since my first year living outside of Puerto Rico, I have frequented Renaissance Faires. I fell in love with the environment that these events provide, because it encourages freedom of expression and builds a forum for people to talk about things they wouldn’t usually talk about. That is, when they’re not immersed in the circuit of working these events. I feel like they all know one another!
The first time I went to one, it blew my mind. I met people that were friendly and were open to talking about where their beautiful outfits came from, or how they came to be. They housed naughty natures, free from modesty and also free from censorship. It’s an open environment, and it’s always very fun. Living in Puerto Rico again after college meant that I wouldn't have access to these events anymore, and I missed them dearly. However, once I moved back to the states, a delightful plus was to be able to go to these events again. I never miss them, just like I never miss the Steampunk Symposium.

For a second consecutive year, I was able to go and meet my club friends there. Life is more sweet when you’re accompanied by people you care about. This time around, it was Crystal, Justin, Kaity, Sebastian, and I. I saw Starr there, and met a few people on my own. Every now and then I go off on my own to have an adventure; I thoroughly recommend it!

These are all my friends together. They happen to be split into families. I'm the only single one, but you'd be surprised at how little it matters save for the fact our day-to-day during the week is different. They're a very loving group!

A lot has changed since I came to this event last year. A friend I went with last year has parted ways. This event marks a time in my life when I'm about to go through huge turning points, and this year is no exception. It's like the shedding of dead skin. There's something therapeutic about stepping out of your usual routines and going to an event that takes you back in time, to another place. For a day, you cease to be your usual self. You can be anyone you want, really!

Whether you know people or not, Faire is a wonderful place to be social. Staff and patrons alike will engage you in conversation. I even found myself giving somebody a complimentary tarot reading on the spot after she whispered for her husband that she intended to get one. The bond that was forged between the two of us transcended the bounds of time we were there. I experienced quantum time with her! Sadly, I didn't get a chance to take a photo of my client. I decided it best to leave the memory as a private moment in time.

I also into Starr, Tara's mom. Encountering her always reminds me of the Ringling days, and my crazy adventures with Charlo. My head spins with memories of my first Ren Fair, which I sadly don't have an entry to link you back to. The event happened in 2008, and I did not yet have this blog! If I scavenge through LJ long enough, I might find some photos. Good old days!

For this reason alone I may never stop frequenting the Faire. It triggers so many feel good moments in my psyche, and always takes me back to a pure state of bliss. I am currently working on a pirate outfit, decorating a hat that I got. It's so big on my head that it covers my eyebrows entirely, but I like the shaded look. I think all I am missing is a convincing top jacket, or perhaps the proper jewelery. Also, a set of black leather boots.

I had a lot of fun and took some photos to illustrate the adventure for you. Hope you enjoy the gallery!

When I first started frequenting Ren Faires, I would hover around the tarot reading booths and day dream of working there someday. Perhaps in the foreseeable future I will apply to get my own booth. It’s nice to dream...


Lately I want to sweep my hand across the desk and push out all my cards, books and journals. So much noise! I can’t concentrate. I want only silence and cards. No more noise and no more clutter!

It’s a delight to be able to have a space dedicated entirely to musings, as it is often conductive to creativity and inspiration. It is in such spaces that my favorite ideas have blossomed, and this blog happened to start with one of those ideas. Throughout the years I have accumulated goals that currently sleep in my sketchbooks, waiting for their day to be made manifest into the world, and touching the lives of others.

Sometimes I have piles of pertinent books to my study on my desk, or perhaps journals and day planners with post-its of endless to-do lists. I’m very susceptible to how loaded or not household objects get, since I’m well versed in the practical use of psychometry. Having so many things jiving at my work space makes for more stress and distraction than I’d like. It also gets really noisy in my head, I can feel all the things I’ve told myself I’ve yet to do. When you’re trying to focus, picking up on these nuances can be quite distracting.

I’ve been in need of a change for a while, but I really didn’t realize it. Along the same time the full moon in Scorpio was in effect, those issues started surfacing. I was living with a room mate that intended to act as if he lived alone, while living with me. It’s been a gradual process, but we both outgrew the situation and I got really tired of having to tip toe around my own living room. I was paying half of the rent and kitchen and music hours were restricted, then I was being made to feel as if I was crashing on the couch. Finally, I realized I was cleaning his girlfriend’s dirty dishes and juice glasses week after week. I hadn’t been able to use my park spot several weekends in a row. Finally, it all came to the point where I wasn’t willing to put up with it anymore. I talked to him about it, but found myself feeling like the space around me wasn’t welcoming anymore.. I’ve been taking all of this, and on top of that I get yelled at? Nope!

I applied for a one bedroom, got approved and put in my thirty days notice.


Throughout this entire process, I’ve been going inwards. Reflecting, pulling cards feverishly, talking myself out of feeling inadequate for having found myself in this situation. It made me feel grateful to have so many tools lying around in drawers, ready to use and to reflect on.

Today I pledge to switch out the piles for candles and crystals when I move into my new apartment. I want my work space to be a sacred space for inspiration and meditation, rather than a terminal for transient energies.

I’m going to start by finding another cabinet to put all of my decks in, so as to keep them safely houses and give myself another surface to set up an altar on. I want the room I spend my time in to be conductive to concentration: silence and cards. An occasional cup of tea as well.

I get my keys in a few days. Cheers to silence, and cards.

If you want to share photos of your tarot reading work spaces, I’d love to see! We all live in such different places, that seeing where the magic happens is truly pretty inspiring.


Ona has done it again! I went back to her Etsy shop and put in a request for two bags and a spread cloth.

It’s a huge treat for me whenever I can get something custom done for my work tools. Not only does it personalize my craft, it also gives me something to admire. My card collection and I are already inseparable, but if you add lovely pouches to the mix I’ll never want to part from them!

A few years ago I got two bags and a spread cloth made. I have since received many compliments on those items, and they have become staples of my work life. I decided to get another set with custom bags for special decks, the Greenwood Tarot and Hello Kitty Tarot.

This bad looks and feels special. The print has flowers and birds in it with golden ink outlines that shimmer in the light. On the inside, it has teal lining in shantung. It fits my Greenwood like a love and shows off a print that directly relates to how I feel about it.

This one was a challenge to get a bag for. I didn’t want something with Kitty all over it, and felt that the interior was equally as hard to decide on as the exterior. I just wish it had some of the same celestial fabric on the front of the pouch below the fold. Still, a gorgeous pouch to own! The pink makes me think of kitten ears on the inside. Cute!

My working cloth has faded from use and from the sun, so I had another one made. It’s so vivid, so colorful. It’s really lovely, I just wish the fabric was in another orientation so the positioning of the elements would make more sense. However, easily fixed during photos by using smaller cards and changing the orientation of the cloth!

I see these items and smile. They make my working life much, much better. Her creations are stunning.

These card pouches are delightful! I hope you have enjoyed the gallery. If you wish to browse selections or have Ona make you something, visit her Etsy shop. I thoroughly recommend her!!! Thank you, Ona!