The Tarot Corrupt by Marcel Ruitjers is amazing. It features tasteful use of colors, and not so tasteful imagery that will make you and your querent both double take. Every now and then you come across a deck that shakes your morals. A deck that may make you feel as if you’ve gone down the left hand path. This one shakes me up, perhaps more than decks that scare other people (Savage Tarot, Sinister Tarot, Wormweird Tarot) because it

Something that really threw me off course and into a wild path was the fact that the majors have been rearranged and the numbers are very different. There is also - and + card that feel like energy charges and reminders. Because of that, it became clear to me that the illustrator means for the deck to be its own thing. The card stock is buttery and slippery, shuffles easily for me. It is stiff and sturdy with very little yield in the bend.

The cards come in a standard size and will tempt come collectors to trim the edges. Trimming the edges will also trim out the artist copyright in the back. I don’t think Marcel Ruijters will appreciate that.

When I look through the deck, it gives me a sort of left hand path way to look at the archetypes. Many of the cards are reversed in meaning from what they usually are. The cards demand your concentration and pull you into what seems to be a medieval influenced alternate history depicted in engravings. I feel as if I fell down a portal to Beetlejuice’s Neitherworld. How does anyone prepare for such a voyage? It is reminiscent of Through the Looking Glass; the rules that govern our lives work in reverse in this world. And that is exactly its charm!

I am endeared by the humor and drawn in by the darkness of the cards. Body language and direction of eyesight is important. I see some characters looking towards each other, some looking at one while they look elsewhere. It’s amusing to see how some characters shy away from others, and how some confront others head on.

The cards are expressive. Each one stands as a different scene in a different world, so the deck does not progress in a story told by each suit. This feeds the randomness of the deck.You are in for an adventure that is maddening and humorous!

There is not much difference in how the Major Arcana cards are depicted and how the Minor Arcana cards are depicted. They all have more or less the same amount of detail. Throughout the cards you will find skeletons, animals, mythical creatures, monsters and nuns.Yes, nuns. You read me right!

What is your most important characteristic?
King of Cups. This card shows the desire to climb through all of the possible difficulties to get to one’s goal. The King of Cups is depicted alone in a boat, with his goblet raised and his hand on the engine. There’s a good chance he’s drunk as he rushes forward, with a storm brewing over him. He doesn’t care how tough the going gets, he’s willing to overcome his difficulties to get to shore and join his family.

This is almost a metaphor for navigating through life with assurance even if the circumstances don’t look so promising.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
The Hermit. Through one’s own inner battles there can be a beautiful moment of enlightenment. Things that are otherwise unknown to you come to show themselves when you least expect it, and in tones you wouldn’t expect. You have the tools to work yourself out of any situation that you find in that causes you stress, so long as you have faith and you invest effort in helping yourself out. Even if you are on a solitary journey, there is always a remedy and an option you can use.

What are your limits?
The Fool. The nun has a cross in her mouth as she goes, too preoccupied with her thoughts to respond to the flying spaghetti monster in the background. The bridge she just crossed is on fire, and she is too simple minded to mind.

I like the bite in this tarot deck.

What are you here to teach me?
Nine of Pentacles. If you wait patiently, the answers will come to you. It may feel like a knock to the head, or like a golden sun dawning upon you, stretching out its rays of light and wisdom. However gracefully you accept the message will be how prepared you are for it. Be patient and wait for it to happen to you.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Three of Wands. Patience is the main ingredient in this equation. Allow yourself to be swayed by the motions of the facts, rhythmically moved by the spontaneity and the momentum. Pay attention at the nearby signs, and try to fit them in where they might be relevant. Until then, just sit contently and allow yourself to be moved by the cards.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
The Chariot. Whenever you find yourself in tough situations, hang on and have faith. Allow yourself to be pulled along with the aid of your cards, and you'll find your way through. The only way out is through, even if you have the misfortune of having the one leading you lose their head. When you're on a rocky road, things can get dangerous and exits can get smaller, but you need to allow your heart to be your compass. Keep your thoughts sharp and you should be able to evade any impending tragedy.

Which card do you want to show off?
The Empress. Even when you find yourself in a predicament, you have a friend with plans to break you out of it. You're not stuck in whatever position you find yourself in, but you need to be cooperative if you really want to get out. So long as you understand the circumstances of your condition, you should also know the weak points of the trap keeping you captive so that you can plan a getaway.

How do you see me?
Queen of Swords. You use your inner truths to purify yourself and with your sword you cut away the impurities that plague you. You don't have time for trolls or ideas without formation. What you care about is the practical: Sustenance, truth and personal development. You are transparent to the world around you but often misunderstood. Even though it doesn't affect you much because you don't let it, it still disconnects you from the rest.

How do you see yourself?
Truth. You tell the truth even when it gets ugly. Honest to a fault, even when plagued by misfortunes. It can't be helped; sometimes life just deals you a bad card and you have to maneuver around it to sustain yourself.

I think this deck will pair well with the Kitty Kahane for readings. More on that later!


When I first lay eyes on the Batdabs, I think hearts came out of my eyes. It was an instant connection, I knew they had to come home with me by the numbers. They’re going to end up sprinkled throughout apartment decore and on my altar as makeshift poppets. I can’t wait to start breathing life into them through my line of work.

Bat dabs are the creation of Magweno, a very talented toymaker from North Scotland. The skill with which she breathes life into her creations is staggering and humbling all at the same time. It’s such a pleasure knowing these lovelies were crafted with love in a foreign land and made their way all across the world to my home in California. I smile to myself just thinking about their brief adventures back and forth, since I had to send them back for a touch up.

Batdabs are actually only available during Abdab Season, which runs from September to November. There are other darling corvids and rudas, which are rams. All of the cool!

They fit in the palm of my hand and their fur is very soft. Their noses look like gothic hearts to me, as do noses on skulls usually. I personally treat them with lots of care, but the toys themselves are sturdy enough and will stand through time if they aren't tampered with. I believe they aren't to risk handling too much too often, getting dents and imperfections on them is not going to suit them.

I’ve had a lot of fun rotating them around the apartment and posing them with my vintage tea cups. They look like they could almost spring to life! And as I sit here with my crystals, spirits and Batdabs, I do feel I am in excellent company.

I keep one of them at my work desk to accompany me throughout all of my work loads, but I intend to use them as makeshift magic poppets or as vessels for my spirit guides.

Materials: acrylic paint, resin, steel shot weighting, polyester stuffing, fake fur.

Since I've had them, I've noticed the importance of having lively elements in the environment. I feel more inspired, and I definitely feel like they help pull my living space together. They personalize my apartment, spreading some of my personality and interests throughout what is actually a very minimalistic place. Guests love them, too. Not a single person that visits me fails to spot the Batdabs and marvel over them.

These toys bring me joy. I hope they at least brought a smile to your face!

My Batdabs came with personalized name cards. Mine are:Yangara, Vahe and Munch.

If you'd like to check out Magweno's online presence, you can find her shop on Etsy. Tumblr. Instagram. Drop by and pay her a compliment on her beautiful work!