Immersed in darkness. What a delight!


I love Oliver Hibert's work. It sings to me any time I turn the cards over. The stories of the Oliver Hibert Tarot read effortlessly. If you wish to get immersed in the reading, there are enough connections to make where you find yourself spending more time with the simple spreads. I love that. I never run out of new information to share with my sitters because of the abundance of symbols and implied movement in the cards. Finally, I got my hands on the new oracle deck and I couldn't be more pleased with the final product. I just want more!

The presentation of this deck is very thoughtful. It comes with its own booklet and with a pouch to house it in. The card stock is the same used the tarot deck, and so the cards blend seamlessly into one very interesting deck of cards. I’ve worked with the tarot deck enough to vouch for how clear the readings are.

This oracle deck is produced and distributed by Von Zos. They even have pins and a spirit board!

Turning off what I know about tarot tradition has been the best way to work with the deck because the cards are so expressive that they tune you into a different narrative. You just need to follow the cues and the repeated symbols / and style of dressing to identify who’s who and what they’re up to.

Once more, the black and white and five color scheme of the deck is really appealing. The style is so strong! I love that in these new additions to the collection, the cards do their own thing. They aren’t at all traditional, even if there are some symbols we have seen in other decks: The Key and The Serpent both happen to be symbols you can find in the Lenormand.

Oliver Hibert picked symbols that will go great woven into tarot tradition. I can see The Hand having to do with somebody’s responsibility to claim in a situation or conflict depending on the cards around it.They also make great signifiers or even positions for card spreads. Their use is versatile, so I hope you will enjoy making up uses for them as I will. You won’t run out of options!

The list of cards goes as follows:
0 The Serpent
I The Door
II The Hourglass
III The Scream
IV Venus
V Mars
VI The Cat
VII The Mirror
VIII The Skull
IX The Spider
X The Key
XI The Bat
XII The Wound
XIII The Mushroom
XIV The Eye
XV The Shadow
XVI The Light
XVII The Lizards
XVIII The Flower
XIX The Hand
XX The Tomb
XXI The Candle

I won’t spoil the meanings for you, although you can likely set your own list of meanings.

The times I have used this deck I have found the cards to be very expressive. They work so well as a system, I wish there were 30 more of these in the deck. I would have loved to have all the planets as well as more body parts and trinkets. Oliver Hibert struck gold with this one, the deck is quickly becoming a joy to work with.

What is your most important characteristic?
The Tomb. This deck keeps secrets and contains secrets. Secrets are a part of its name. What is expressed and what comes out of it can eerily be relatable to your life, and it is meant to fill your days with color and whimsy. There is a spooky charm to these cards that if you listen intently and go with your instinct rather than with your logic. Tap into that part of your brain that you may leave dormant.

What are your strengths as an oracle deck?
The Eye. This deck is able to offer you diverse points of view depending on your need for the situation. You can spend time going over all the options there are for you, and seeing things a little differently is sure to change your perspective. You will learn new things about your inner world and realize the beauty of having options. It is important to get you out of your mindset so that you can begin to entertain new possibilities.

What are your limits?
The Serpent. Some choices are out of your control. That’s the thing about life; some things are in your control, others not. This is how things are naturally. While there may be some things currently out of your grasp, it doesn’t mean they will always be. Treat your obstacles like a puzzle and think up different solutions until you find the solution that solves your puzzle.

What are you here to teach me?
The Key. This card is actually perfect following the previous card. This oracle deck will teach you to value your individuality and to tap into the wilderness that lies inside you. When you discover your hidden world, you become immersed in your true essence. Your intuition speaks to you and helps find the way for you, but in the meantime you can enjoy wonderful advice from this tool. It will teach you how to open doors.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
The Scream. Be louder about who you are. Don’t hide so that others never notice you’re there. Be vocal about your passions and intentions, and allow yourself to be your truest self. You’d love it. Be loud and weird when you use these cards, they will certainly help you vibe.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
The Door. Even if your journey is long, you have the tools to your success. Now you just need to make your way to the right doors so you can open new opportunities and thrive. What lies ahead of that is wonderful and goes beyond your imagination.

Which card do you want to show off?
The Flower. Embrace yourself the way you are and stay true to your weirdness. It’s a distinctive blessing that graces you with your personality, the hues of which make you different from everybody else around you. If you are delicate, play to your strength and embrace that. Harness your power and learn from it so that you may grow stronger.

How do you see me?
The Light. A person that seeks answers also seeks to connect to their higher conscious self. Looking for meaning in life is an introspective process, and it seems you understand that.

How do you see yourself?
The Spider. I am a weaver of stories, allow yourself to be hypnotized by my swirling colors and come with me for a ride. Immerse yourself in the magic and turn the poison into your shield. It’s fun to open your eyes and leave all your ideas behind to set a new narrative for yourself. You become who you wish to be.

For such a spooky deck, I feel the cards read seamlessly from one to the other. The reading made perfect sense to me and had a very positive message to it. I encourage you to experiment with these cards and with the full tarot set. I think that this deck is a really special tool to work with, and I will surely write back to tell you of my stories with it in the future.

Please do yourself a favor and purchase a copy! Thank you, Oliver Hibert and Von Zos for giving me such a great tool to use to empower others and myself.