I'm very excited to announce the launch of my independent tarot consultation business, Leelahel! It launches officially on October 31st, 2011. You may have spotted the new 'Fortune Telling' category on the far right navigation and in the Tarot section of this blog, which I am in the process of designing a custom 'Buy Now' button for. It's really exciting that I can finally take my tarot skills to a new level by making them readily available for my readers.

From now on, you will have the opportunity to hire me for a private tarot consultation through Skype, e-mail, or on the phone. You may choose time frames of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 01 hour. It depends on what you feel that you need. Please make sure you book an appointment with me beforehand. I like to plan my days at least a week prior, even though I am aware that things change a little.

Annual Review—A full and detailed look into your projections for the next 12 months, complete in information and projections. This is good if you want a general idea of how the next year will go for you, and so you can be aware of a few highlights and surprises coming along the way!
Business Consultation Review—A detailed look into any new business projects that you have. I am very wise in the world of finance and investments and I have a clear way of finding business strategies and ideals. This reading is intended for helping your business grow, re-define itself or open itself to new demographics. You will be talked to about everything from brand experience to consumers. You will be surprised!
Love Connections—A heart-shaped spread that sheds insight on how both people involved feel, and what the projections for that relationship are. This reading focuses on what you are bringing into the relationship, what you expect from it, and what you're actually going to be getting. What is neat about this reading is that it shows the results for each person side by side and can be compared.

Other than that, the next announcement is one that I am very excited about! After giving it some thought, I have decided to host a contest on Samhain Moon to honor its first anniversary. I also want to honor my readers, so I am offering 1 out of 3 chances to win a free tarot reading for yourself and a selected friend!

♡ Leave a comment on this entry to apply.
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♡ Repeat any of the above more than once over the next few weeks.

Winners will be announced on October 31st, the day of the Samhain Moon anniversary! I can't wait to find out who it will be!

♡ The reading may be through Skype, e-mail, or on the phone.
♡ The reading will last anywhere from 15-25 minutes, depending on how immersed we get in the reading.
♡ May pick one other person to receive a free tarot reading with me at their own convenient date. (Appointment required previous to reading.)
♡ Will have any special talents or artwork featured on my Samhain Moon.
♡ Will have the chance to have their feedback/testimonial displayed on Samhain Moon.