This is so hard to believe! I have been blogging on this platform for a full year, although I have kept more private logs for approximately 10 years. Dedication pays off, this community has turned into a weekly publication of inspiration, social critique, and tarot study. I have learned many things about the world of marketing, media and blogging through direct action! Today I am as happy as a bird with a french fry. Tonight is the night of the Samhain Moon, the time in which the barrier between their world an ours is thinnest. The streets will be filled with magic nationwide, so keep your eyes peeled!
☆ There's no telling who — or what — you'll run into next... Have a wonderful, safe celebration! ☆
Here, some spooktacular Halloween Glam for you! Presenting Ien Grave and Debauch Bunny's Screamathon! They are joined by the terrifying Tsukuyi Ochida, a real enigmatic master-mind! Together, the three make up the most terrifying of villainous groups, so watch out! We're gonna' get'cha!

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♡ The reading may be through Skype, e-mail, or on the phone.
♡ The reading will last anywhere from 15-25 minutes, depending on how immersed we get in the reading.
♡ May pick one other person to receive a free tarot reading with me at their own convenient date. (Appointment required previous to reading.)
♡ Will have any special talents or artwork featured on my Samhain Moon.
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The Samhain Moon anniversary is fast approaching! Wow, looking back at last year, I've drawn new conclusions. To reach the best moments in your life, you need to take risks, make sacrifices, and experience near-Hellish events. That is, if you want to accomplish your dreams and enjoy something that you worked so hard to achieve!

In 2010, I accepted the challenge that the Annual Review proposed, and I battled it out like a warrior. I think it is safe to say that I've earned my wings, and I'm going to enjoy every last minute that I have worked so hard to earn. This goes to show all the naysayers proof of what devotion and commitment can do to someone's life. I don't care how many more challenges I need to face, because I know that at the end of the day, those challenges are opportunities disguised as obstacles.

As for my very first annual assessment, I can vouch for its validity. If any of my readers would like for me to read tarot for their annual forecast, I would love to do so! Contact me for a price check and an appointment at, and check the details out at! The readings can be done over the phone, e-mail, or Skype. They will be conducted until January 15, 2012. Thank you for your time. I am so excited!

01. October:
IX of Swords. October will feel difficult because I am making my own problems nightmarish and blown out of proportion. I need to work with them, because otherwise they will be.
02. November: Justice. I will have to make decisions and come to some agreements, and possibly have to do some paperwork. Think things over objectively and with a firm grasp of the matter.
03. December: V of Swords.I will feel like I always lose or like I can't voice my opinions. I need to remember I won't always win, and that I can't give up on the battle.
04. January:
VI of Wands. A victorious month in which I accomplish a goal, and it seems that everything starts going right. Finally! Something to look forward to! This feels like victory.
05. February: Queen of Pentacles.
Financial stability, charm, charisma, and fiery tempered woman. I need to hold my temper, and ground myself. Could be the fulfillment of a job, or feeling as such.
06. March: IV of Swords.
Wait, take some distance, rest, like a calm before the storm.
07. April:
10 of Cups. Emotional fulfillment, enjoying my relationship and all of the gifts it has to offer. This looks like it's going to be a wonderful month of romance and celebration.
08. May:
The Sun. The peak of happiness and enjoying. Good times and even more times of merry celebration! Thoroghly enjoying my [hard-earned] day in the sun.
09. June:
VII of Wands. Rivalry, arguments, jealousy, it feels like everyone wants a piece! Oh no!
10. July:
Knight of Cups. A message of love or unexpected surprise... Or a dreamy/sensitive boy, moody and isolated. Who could it be this time around? I had the same thing happen in March!
11. August:
The World. A full, successful conclusion. Starting a new journey, travel, doing big things. This could be a trip that I have been planning for quite some time as well.
12. September:
VIII of Pentacles. Working a lot and working hard; like never before!
13. Clarifier
: VI of Pentacles. Giving and receiving help. As much help as I give will be returned to me, so I better get crackin'. This is a just reminder that I need to work for the things I want.


Now that the big changes have all taken place, I am facing a time of adjustment. I am facing the responsibilities for my actions and coming to terms with the final in final decisions. This spread confirms that persistence is key in achieving your aspirations; if I just sit back and watch things happen, inactivity is all that I'm going to get. I am very curious to see how the next year plays off! I have some severe challenges awaiting as well as some bright surprises. If anybody has their own interpretation of this spread, I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

In the last Annual Review, I had a vague idea of what was going to be happening to me, but I managed to be surprised anyway. The experience proved to be a clear reminder that things aren't always the way you expect them to be, and that even the most 'awakened' of minds can be surprised. I wonder where I'm off to next!


Where has the time gone? A week before the anniversary of my blog, I am turning 23! I remember my 22nd birthday so well. Everything I was thinking, feeling and wishing for! — By the way, I got the wish I asked for when I turned 22! This past year presented itself as a catalyst of change. As I reeled from the effects of ending life at college, the new environment I was in proved to have a difficult adjustment period. I was fresh out of college and trying to find a vocation, however brief it might seem to be.

In one year I learned the importance of a signed contract in freelance graphic design, I stumbled through attempts of stifling romances into friendships, and I connected with a like-minded individual to the point of being unable to sleep while he is up all night studying. The challenges as presented by my 2010 Annual Review presented themselves as testy situations, but my willpower helped me through them. I conquered! I have so much to learn still, but so much that I want to share with the world as well! The second Annual Review comes soon!

My Mom. She has been beside me every step of the way, and is twice as affected by my decisions. I have to thank her for her willing sacrifice to sit beside me every day and lend me her support, and the devotion she has committed to me ever since the very first day. She pushes me to progress and alerts me whenever ideas that aren't beneficial become objectives of mine. I admire her strong work ethic and the compulsive urge to look as if she came out of a fashion magazine every day. Mom rocks!

J. My beautiful boyfriend, glowing with inspiration and inciting the strongest of passions. This flaming Aries is made of gold. As a lover, he has undergone many changes beside me, and he has done so with care and attention. He showers me with burning passion and delicate care; he also puts up with my many challenges and sharp mood swings. During our volatile arguments, he is the strongest of the two even if he is temporarily on a road shaped like a figure 8. I feel honored to be able to share my life with a man of such pure sentiments and creative gifts. Fortune gave me more than I ever asked for.

My friends. They may not all be close by, but their presence is notable in my life. Whether we met for two hours, 4 years, or online, they are always present. I am privileged to have an inside look into their lives, and to be able to count on them in mine. These people don't care what I look like, if I read tarot, what they can get out of me; they just want me around. I appreciate them for it. Did I mention that they are all super talented and amazing? My friends are my treasure!

Sun & Moon. My two endearing little love birds! We still cant get them to like us after six months of having them in the house, but watching their romance developing is inspiring — and a little deserving of jealousy. These two little cuties greet me every day when I wake up. They sing along to my music in an off-key, but they really brighten up my days. I wish I could take proper pictures of them cuddling together, they look like a fluffy mango! I love them so much!

Tonight I am looking forward to a bottle of Moët &Chandon Rosé Impérial that I have been hoarding for a special occasion. (You know how much I love this stuff!) Toasting to another year of challenges, passionate love, friends I can't live without, and chasing aspirations it is! I wish that I could see my friends scattered all over the world, but I need a teleporting machine for that! At least I have the support and presence of my boyfriend, which is going to be a highlight to the night in itself. I'm not really sure about how I am going to celebrate yet.

Finding yourself in love is great, but having an understanding of yourself before getting entangled in a relationship is ideal. Although — knocking on wood — if I can get entangled with my boyfriend, I wouldn't mind that in the very least!


On a balmy summer day — May 8th, 2010 to be exact — I waited in front of a dorm on the second floor of the Bayou Apartments. I was waiting to turn in my key, which meant I was officially moving out of my last college dorm. "So much happened in that room!" I mused, in denial of the fact the transition out of college life had commenced, and I was still feeling attached to college. Through the rails I could see my grandfather, my parents, my sister and her husband waiting for me at the parking lot. I was glowing with pride because I had just graduated the night before. All was as I dreamed it would be!
Then my RA arrived. We went back to inspect the room, then handed out my keys and signed out. She hit me with a very polite valediction. "Have a nice life!" At first it didn't sink in, but she had just said good-bye to me for life! My thoughts went from "Huh?" to "Oh, right" in seconds, and then the shock started washing over. I felt at a loss for words — and a little bit like a walking corpse — but here is what I deducted: Sometimes you just have to let go. This includes letting go of people as much as it includes letting go of life cycles. Getting attached generates resistance, which generates pain. Some people you meet are nothing short of wonderful, such as my RA. It's sad that they remain in your life from a few years to just an instant. Somehow, you never forget them. It doesn't matter if you know them for an entire life span or a few hours, something about parting ways is bittersweet. People come and go, we are our only constant.

Constance is a curious stage that fluctuates almost as much as its own permanence. In college especially, you meet a lot of talented individuals that spread around the globe as soon as graduation comes. Here one moment, gone the next! I like to tell/show these people my appreciation, because whether they know it or not, many of them have made lasting contributions to my life.

Take for example the lovely clairvoyant tarot reader, Marcella Kroll. We met in Venice, California at an esoteric store called Mystic Journey. Marcella is one of those people that brighten up a room when they enter; I felt an instant click with her. The conversation that ensued was wonderful, too! Personally, I knew her for about an hour and a half, but she made an impressive contribution to my life path with her gift. We still keep in touch today through the internet, and I don't know where I would be if not for her golden advice! To read more about Marcella, please click here.

The same can be said for Almond, a wonderful German that I met during my first adventure in Japan. He was so charming, yet only physically present in my life for two and a half days! We delighted in each others company for walks around the city, café conversations at the Black Cat Café in Harajuku, and sushi feasts. I'll never forget that feeling that suggested I had actually known him for years. We had a wonderful time together, and parted ways all too soon. While constancy presents itself as a problem for travelers, it can also be seen as a great opportunity for cultural enrichment and intellectual stimuli. So much change is also very humbling in a way!

The romantic way in which I view this situation through the world of metaphysics is that karmic bonds and threads of fate bring us together one last time. It doesn't matter if it's just to help us bask in each others company; there is importance in showing gratitude for having them around, even if just for a little while. Enjoy people while they are in your life. Learn from them, hear their stories and actually make time to get to know them at a personal level. When we live our lives too fast, we forget to stop and focus on the little details that make life sweet. Later on, you will be feeding off the glimmer of light left over from those cherished memories!


Today I am very excited to talk to you about the esoteric and astrological undertones contained in the Sailor Moon manga. Before airing as a hit t.v. series in Cartoon Network's Toonami section, Sailor Moon was a manga series created by the Japanese manga artist Naoko Takeuchi. At that point in time, self-esteem commonly ran low amongst schoolgirls, and Naoko wanted to use her writing and illustration to send messages of empowerment. The subject of astrology and magic was second to the moral teachings, but still clear enough to take up a big part of the series on its own. The manga has just turned 20, and is celebrating its success with a re-launch of the manga, along with pages in color and special art.

What attracted me to this series was that of the astrological features. Each character had their own customized horoscope sign. Each sailor scout embraces the personality of their zodiac sign, and is blessed with magic powers from their planets of origin. At first I had the impression that it was purely astrology, but then other factors of magic showed up on the series. For example, the priestess Rei Hino/Sailor Mars reads tarot once in the series, but most of her psychic abilities are used in visions through meditation with the inclusion of fire. Fire and smoke are used in numerous rituals because of its transmutation qualities. It is appropriate to her sign because of Mars, her leading planet.

Sailor Moon includes divination, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, cartomancy, tarot, witchcraft, black magic, herbology, healing stones, shadows, spectres, fairies, unicorns, psychic vampires, telekinesis, magicians, shape shifters, mythological creatures, and several others practices and elements. The series does a great job of presenting these undertones in a serious yet glamorous air, it also portrays them in a modern light. I am happy that she chose to show magic as a powerful tool that can be used for good and evil, with the connotation depending mostly on the intention of the user. Magic and high magic aren't evil by default. Their influence is what makes them serious... and even dangerous.

I loved how magical Naoko Takeuchi made Tokyo feel, since it is my absolute favorite city in the world—although, at times the real Tokyo can feel just as magical as it is portrayed in the manga! Maybe this is influenced by the Japanese tendency to make everything beautiful. Maybe Naoko Takeuchi discovered the secret combination to success at the time she dreamt up the Sailor Moon series.

It is a must-read for female manga + esoteric enthusiasts, or for just about anyone that enjoys some magic in their life!


I'm very excited to announce the launch of my independent tarot consultation business, Leelahel! It launches officially on October 31st, 2011. You may have spotted the new 'Fortune Telling' category on the far right navigation and in the Tarot section of this blog, which I am in the process of designing a custom 'Buy Now' button for. It's really exciting that I can finally take my tarot skills to a new level by making them readily available for my readers.

From now on, you will have the opportunity to hire me for a private tarot consultation through Skype, e-mail, or on the phone. You may choose time frames of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 01 hour. It depends on what you feel that you need. Please make sure you book an appointment with me beforehand. I like to plan my days at least a week prior, even though I am aware that things change a little.

Annual Review—A full and detailed look into your projections for the next 12 months, complete in information and projections. This is good if you want a general idea of how the next year will go for you, and so you can be aware of a few highlights and surprises coming along the way!
Business Consultation Review—A detailed look into any new business projects that you have. I am very wise in the world of finance and investments and I have a clear way of finding business strategies and ideals. This reading is intended for helping your business grow, re-define itself or open itself to new demographics. You will be talked to about everything from brand experience to consumers. You will be surprised!
Love Connections—A heart-shaped spread that sheds insight on how both people involved feel, and what the projections for that relationship are. This reading focuses on what you are bringing into the relationship, what you expect from it, and what you're actually going to be getting. What is neat about this reading is that it shows the results for each person side by side and can be compared.

Other than that, the next announcement is one that I am very excited about! After giving it some thought, I have decided to host a contest on Samhain Moon to honor its first anniversary. I also want to honor my readers, so I am offering 1 out of 3 chances to win a free tarot reading for yourself and a selected friend!

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Winners will be announced on October 31st, the day of the Samhain Moon anniversary! I can't wait to find out who it will be!

♡ The reading may be through Skype, e-mail, or on the phone.
♡ The reading will last anywhere from 15-25 minutes, depending on how immersed we get in the reading.
♡ May pick one other person to receive a free tarot reading with me at their own convenient date. (Appointment required previous to reading.)
♡ Will have any special talents or artwork featured on my Samhain Moon.
♡ Will have the chance to have their feedback/testimonial displayed on Samhain Moon.