What a whirlwind! I disappeared for a few months to get my circumstances in order, and to heal from a very intense break up. The relationship itself was one that left a huge impacting hole in my life, and getting over the rut has been a bit of a struggle for me. There was so much collateral damage, and since then I've had some high highs and low lows. But it feels so good to have gotten out of it and to be experiencing something new.

In talking to others about their life experiences, I have found synchronicity. A lot of the people I am currently bonding with have just gotten out of a rough period in their lives. They feel more their own selves than they have in years, and I strongly resonate with this because this is exactly how I have been feeling. Coming out of a rough period and finding support is a grounding and very humbling experience. It's hard to have thorns when you are cradled by an abundance of love. And I certainly have received generous amounts of love lately!

Opening your eyes to the world and recognizing yourself to be a new person is a riveting change. It shakes up your core. If you are going through a change like this also I invite you to my comments section. Please tell me about your recent challenges, share your ups and downs with me. Believe it or not I am very interested in getting to know my readers more, and I want to be emphatic in that your stories will be heard, considered and prayed for.

Its interesting to watch this space evolve along with me. I like it! And I feel very grateful to all the support I have received, it has given me the momentum that I need to keep going. Once you get the spring back in your step and your smiles start to widen, you feel this nurturing certainty that everything will be okay. The color starts coming back into your life and you feel stronger by the hour, circumstances allowing.

This past month has been spent having the wildest of adventures. My spirit has been renewed, and I once more feel zest for life. I am home again and this chapter of my life feels so different from the previous ones. The adventures I am having are in a class all of their own. I could not be more excited!