Where have I been???
I went back home for a 1 month vacation. It was amazing! I felt much more accepting of and in tune with my culture, and the sheltered lifestyle I live there makes it for less undesirable encounters. I had so much fun with my Mom and my loved ones!

Right away, I come home and find opportunities for design work. Don’t ask me how it happens; it just does! I was randomly contacted by a new client that has been giving me tons of work to do, and I love it! I also decided to take on a poster project for my friend Tony, who is very gifted in the film industry. He’ll be big someday! I just know it!

Something I love about going back home is the chance to see my old work in the wild. Here, we have my lovely logo done for the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. I made this logo in my second year of college. Nearly ten years later, I spot it on billboards, television, in the newspapers and all over town. This one I found at a promotion booth, and I squealed in joy. My work has life, it pops up all over! That makes me so proud.

The drawing up top is actually a drawing Jean made me years ago. I found it and felt absolutely inspired by it, and by how tastefully whimsical this drawing is. The stylization is so good, it makes me happy to this day!

The first client I got has had me making and touching up logos for him. I’ve also been tasked with stationary and file organization. I feel right at home! Decided to ask him for permission, though, before I share that work here. So it may pop up at a later date... Or not!

For now, I can still share details from Tony's film poster. I love it madly, even though it's my first shot at digitally illustrating Puerto Ricans into anime. It can be done somehow!

As for the poster, I worked on it tirelessly and finished it in a week. Way to go! It is for the film by Antonio Camuñas, Clear Your Mind. Check it out!

The trip itself was very entertaining. I ate at so many amazing places. The food was divine! I think the top favorites were Ruth’s Chris, Mashawi and Texas de Brazil. So good! I figured I'd show a food gallery, hopefully you don't mind seeing cooked meat. If not, scroll past at full speed!

I got the chance to go out a few times to different locations. They’re okay in good company, but certainly not my favorite thing to do. Old San Juan was a definite treat, I love hanging out in the old Spanish streets.  To be honest with you all, I’m kind of a hermit crab. I love staying in with good food and a crisp glass of champagne rosé to keep me company… Unless of course, we’re talking about goth clubs. Whole other story!

Something that I could really appreciate about this trip was coming to terms with the approach of my Saturn Return. I’ve already been feeling the effects with these five planets in Retrograde: Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto. Whoppin’! Felt the effects for sure!

Ever since I’ve been back, my thoughts have taken me back to Puerto Rico. I’ll likely be back again real soon! Likely to get away from the blazing summer heat of sunny California. After all I’ve been through, that tiny island in the Atlantic is starting to feel like home.

Stay tuned for some card reviews and for some more jewelry! It's good to be back!