Hello, its been a while since I have shared a personal experience with you, so I thought I would share some impressions from the PRCC. I went there last Saturday, May 25th, and a I had a blast. For those of you that have not seen them already, here are some photos and highlights.

The day started out really tense. J, T and I were all quite nervous about it because its been a while since we have been to an event. We took our sweet time getting ready, and as soon as we arrived to the parking lot, we realized it was going to be jam packed. Getting from the venue entrance to the parking lot took at least half an hour. It was nice to see eager kids and cosplayed filing in, skirting the cards and doing some last-minute tweaks to their costumes. From the parking lot to the venue we saw a lot of people hanging out with their phones or iPads — because y'know that it's no longer cool to talk to others, at least not if it's not through the phone, right? — We weren't in for even five minutes when the photo ops started.

The truth is that you run into people you haven't seen or talked to in years. Within the first five minutes I had taken at least five photos and seen five familiar faces. That's the magic of comic con… in PR. It's not like there is much else to do.

Getting in takes longer than the time it takes to see all the booths inside. Think about one massive auditorium jam packed with people in a waiting line to get in. More photo ops and nervous small talk to break up the tension. By the time it was almost over we had seen some of the favorites lingering for photos and seen enough cosplays to get our imaginations spinning.

The inside was ruckus. So many people! It felt like there was a photo op every five minutes. I met the full cast of Sailor Moon, a very friendly Luke Skywalker, Jack Sparrow and his crew, Madara, Hello Kity (!!!), Inspector Gadjet, and Harley's Joker.

It happened as if by accident. We just happened to be walking by when I noticed there was a line of people waiting to take a photo of him. All it took was a glance at his face and I knew who he was. I have seen some of his film work before and it is excellent. Just last week I was watching his trailer for his web series… and then there he was. Walking up to him felt dreamy, I had so many questions but seriously no time to ask them. In hopes he would understand what I meant, I told him I really admired his work. He told me he loved my ears, then we posed together. It was nice to shake his hand. His eyes were emerald green and his expression changes according to the situation. I really liked that he takes his time with each person walking up to him.

I think that he was overwhelmed by the attention that he got. It would've been really rokkin' to see him teamed up with his girlfriend, Joker's Harley.

The rest of the time was fun. I got to hang out with my friends, take countless photos and do something out of the ordinary. It reminded me about the fact that people are receptive to try new things; if only we had more events going on, I'm sure we would get a good turnaround.

By the end of the day our shoes were heavy, our necks hurt and we were tired of posing for photos. We ran into a few more friends on the way out — talk about full house! — and ended up having dinner and sharing our impressions of the event. When I got home I worked for a few hours, then I landed in my bed like a rock. It was a wonderful day. I think that what we liked most was the novelty of it. We don't get to do things like this very often. It reminded me how festive my culture is, and I wish there were more events like these to spark the imagination of the attendants.

Overall I enjoyed the activity, but I could not see myself returning next year. I got my ticket's worth this time around, but I guess that's it for now.

As for J's outfit coord... don't ask me how that happens. We never plan on matching, but often we find that we do. Those are the perks of dating someone with the same tastes as you. I imagine it looks quirky when we're out in the streets, but that's one of the things I like about him. We synch up somehow, and I have never before had that. He looks great!


I started this blog column just last week. It's quite simple. After a thorough shuffle to the Vertigo Tarot deck, I pulled an Ace as the starting point and then I went from there. I placed the card under my pillow and I recorded the dreams the day after. Sometimes the details get lost; at other times the dreams are quite vivid and make for easy recollection. As loosely related as they are to the cards, there is some worth in them that is quite personal, therefore invaluable. The entries are listed daily on the Tarot Diary Tumblr I created, but you can also find them here on a weekly basis if this is the platform you prefer.

I plan to go through a few decks this way, and hope that my readers will be inspired to do the same. There will be days in which I don't remember my dreams at all, but that's just the luck of the draw.
(01) Wednesday. Ace of Coins. A bed large enough to swim in. Red, yellow, white, brocade and velvet. Round like a coin, stiff but dreamy. It welcomes you.

Once friends, brothers.Two villainous masterminds have it in for one another, and they employ the use of academia to give each other a go. One plays the game to knock the other out of the tower he studies in, and the other fills with rage when he finds out.

They wage war by setting free super bugs into the environment; tiny spiders, scorpions and other kinds of curiosities escaping name. They fall on the earth, our mother land and scurry. Before you know it, these stingers start to multiply. They are placed on a special radar and under observation, but they’re in nature now.

Greens, pale browns and greys. Nature welcomes them and the other natural animals in the ecosystem meet their match. A new cycle starts.

(02) Thursday. Two of Coins. I found myself in a simpler time, and was confused by what I saw. Running over the details of my graduation from high school and college, I questioned why I was back in that blue pleated skirt, the white polo and blue vest uniform. It feels like high school again, but this school is co-ed. That’s different. Looking for my beloved as usual in dreams, I find him at the other end of the room. Looking for him in a room full of people. His black hair is teased up and his white streak is back. He is sore and he keeps his distance. The afternoon is spent moving from desk to desk and arguing. My character. My aversion to somebody important to him.

At nighttime the school is set up differently. There are strobe lights at the entrance and people file in, handing their tickets over. It’s all the same to the way it used to be before. Looking for him still, coming across a circle of the nuns dressed comfortably. In meeting with the principal, the setting shifts to the same classroom in which I argued with my beloved that afternoon. The desks had been arranged differently. Instead of catching up with the nun, I confess how hard it was to almost lose the most important person in my life and I describe how it felt. I feel lighter, and I smile when I realize my Mom is still okay.

We exchange e-mails and hers is more complicated than mine. Looking over her shoulder, I realize that Dad secretly entered and won the raffle.

(03) Friday. Three of Coins. Everything as far as the eye can see is silver in this world. A castle erected in honor of a generous king lies over flat lands and vast terrain. It is like a mirror reflecting the light of the sun or the mysterious glare of the moon.Tall, with turret towers and high vaults. It is sharp and whimsical.

Out rides a knight clad in mirror armor. He seeks to make an honest man of himself in a labor of love towards his kingdom. He goes on horse towards the plains, fearless, aware that this is the start of a new journey. He is about to dedicate his life to this cause, but he knew all along that was what he wanted. What he leaves behind is for the greater good.

(04) Saturday. Four of Coins. I’ve been here before, but it looks different. Everything always looks different; everything always changes. Why do I come back here so often? Is it the place or is it what I do here? All these questions I ask myself, but I’m neither here nor there. I’m traveling from one dream into another, and for a moment consciousness touches the surface of being awake.

I’m back at school but this time it’s college. Same buildings as before, but set in another town. As I walk, I see people that are no longer alive. We wave and smile, but I keep walking. I didn’t really have time to stop and talk to them even though I would very much have liked to. The destination is the computer laboratory, but the walk takes much longer than usual to get there. I’m walking along the same square, but I’m not making much progress.

The sun is setting over the school grounds, which are more arid than I remember. The college greens used to be bountiful, but now they seem a little dried up.

The scene twists and turns like an M.C. Escher painting. Down is now up, right is now left, things go up side down only to go back up again. It doesn’t feel any different to be standing on vertical ground.

(05) Sunday. Five of Coins. What a boring place. A three story appliance store run by three brothers, three floors of tools and household wares. I am waiting by the door for my friend, looking at a girl using her cell phone and remembering simpler times. Times in which the text message was just about to rise and we had to rely on instant messengers instead. The man at the topmost floor is leaning back agaimst the rails with his leg up on the merchandise cart nearest to him. He’s despicable. The third brother is nowhere to be seen and the second one cuts us a sweet deal.

I take the box to my friend’s truck and we start small talk. Let’s call her “Fabiola”. Her friend “Phoebe” gets to the lot. An eclectic bad kid, with bright pink lips and thick rimmed glasses. A few yards away, the streets are swarmed with cars. We decide to stay a while to talk and sit by their cars.

I’m sitting the further from the two of them in an isosceles trinity. Ecstatic, Phoebe pulls out a knife and asks her friend to give her a new pink scar. I wince; they start to fight over it. I pull them apart, in doing so the knife flies up and comes back down, slicing my palms and Phoebe’s arm. Her eyes light up and she pounces me instead. I find myself on my back. This happened in seconds, my hands aren’t bleeding but this all got scrambled up real quick.

Fabiola brings the knife down on her feral friend and stands over her. She’s the angel of death and there is blood everywhere, but somehow not in my hands. Green light shines out from Fabiola’s heart chakra and engulfs them both. Both their figures are shrouded in the bright green, but I find myself lying outside of it.

We end up colliding into responsibility. I put my hands over my face and say this is all gone wrong. Sitting back, I look at the appliance store while sirens are fast approaching.

The sun starts to set, while the patrol cars are parked, the rest of the city seed nothing. I’m out in the street and then I pull my phone from my pocket.

(06) Monday. Six of Coins. I’m going through a palace. Different rooms, different decorations and conditions. Indoors, outdoors. The most impressive of which is an underground tunnel for medieval monks to escape through. It’s hot, like an underground burrow. I saw my hands patting the ground in front of me, digging through as a mole presumably would. The earth was damp and a little bit muddy, but it didn’t stain my hands. It was as if I wasn’t really there. Weightless in a dark place, but even without light, the eyes could see. I didn’t feel comfortable, though. Luckily, there were several escape routes from the escape route and I took that one out. The planes stretch long and far, green and beige. The castle walls are white with beautiful mosaics. Blues, ocres and assorted earth colors.

I’m at the mall just browsing around. I get the idea that I’m looking for a new day planner or diary. It doesn’t take long to find Moleskines and leather bound books in assorted colors with gold or silver lining. The right fit is black with silver edges, — nice touch, — plain on the outside and lined on the inside. I’ll take it. A pair comes up to try to talk me out of getting it, but my mind is made up and this is the one I want. They stand guard outside a fitting room I escape to, so I sit and wait. The minutes seem like hours, the period of wait is long. One of the girls tries to crawl under the fitting room door and finds me sitting. When she asks me what I am doing, I tell her I am thinking. As soon as she climbs back out, I slip away from the stall and go to the register. The three of them pass me from one to the other; they are bored and don’t really want to be there. Finally, the first one to decline decides to check my item out.

An ominous feeling washes over me. I turn around and find the store completely empty.

(07) Tuesday. Seven of Coins. I’m at a basketball court with my beloved. We sit side by side holding hands, but he is once more disgruntled at me. His little brother plays in the team. He seems much healthier than in real life; a real happy soul.

I go for a walk to clear my head and realize this is the basketball court from 4th to 7th grade, Carvin School. Day dreams of the good old days flashed by, interrupted by the one I love and his Dad walking past. It was a rare sight; at that moment there was no love between us, no passion or attraction. Just the game, just the circumstance. We wave at one another but say nothing.

Climbing back into the bleachers, I look around. The game is really packed. Seemingly, so is the subconscious. With my chin in my hands, I continue to watch the game. My mind starts to wander and I day dream about the future; what are my possibilities?

Change of scene. The three of us sat in a car. Who are they, though? A girl and a man. I sat in the back. There was not much of a verbal exchange save for them. One loved the other, the other one didn’t. She was in tears, then he went quiet.


I'm still smiling. Before there was the Vertigo Tarot — my first love, — there was Voyager, the workhorse. This deck was illustrated by James Wanless, P.H.D. and comes in a series of editions. This one has the oversize cards and the purple box. I think it is the second edition, which is now out of print. The new ones come in a smaller scale, but I think these are great because they serve as a meditative mirror of the soul. You can really see the details and I love that.

It still smells of those sweet Ringling College days. Days in which I sat alone in my dorm room still trying to discuss the point of existing. This was years before that fateful day in 2011 that I participated in a shamanic ceremony and oscillated between life and death as the secrets of the universe passed by me. Judgment day came without acknowledgement of the nights I spent trying to crack the code. Now I speak fluently in my divine mother tongue and I forgot about the loyal friend that offered me my first glimpses of a world I would meet. That is what Voyager Tarot is to me. I'm so fortunate.


These cards are huge. They pull you right into a metaphysical world devoid of faeries, ghosts and witches. Oh, no. No fluff. Instead we see energy, feelings in colors and cultural symbols that bring us back to the 90s. I feel it is complex in image but essentially quite coherent. The message of each card is very clear. This is a work of art, a connection to our divine Mother Earth without the noise of the media. This collage masterpiece dates back to 1998 and was made without the help of a computer. I am proud to call it my own workhorse copy.

I can feel the turmoil of not knowing if Volker and I still had a chance magically pressed amongst the cards, along with Jo_C's mourning readings and the moment in which I told Ashley that she and her then present ex-boyfriend would get back together... and they did!


What is your most important characteristic?
Ace of Swords. I have a strong voice that comes from divinity... or you. It is sharp, it is clear and from it radiates the light of truth. Words can cut if they are harsh, they can be thrown and they can really hurt. It depends on the circumstances and atmospheric moods. If you are in a different scenario at a different time, it could all mean something else. Watch the context and think about words as you would actions. Once said, you can't take them back. They are etched upon the memory of life, and you won't be able to backpedal if something goes wrong.

What is your strength as a tarot deck?
Nine of Cups. I can see all of that which you wish and I can show it to you. It is lovely, it offers gifts and luxury for the soul. The cards serve as a bridge between the divine and the mundane, picking out the best — and worst — qualities in us and offering them back for solace and redemption. In its familiarity with what you most like, you click instantly. Enjoy!

What are your limits?
Eight of Cups. Things that are dying already cannot be restored. There will be a decline if you leave something to die. You can't just drop something that you nurture and expect it to live on its own; it will require maintenance. An equal exchange in energy causes blossoming; to abandon it is to let it die. Things slow down after a while when you get tired, but the difference is in how you handle your energy deposits. If you choose to carry on with your responsibilities, it will always come back to you. If you walk away, well... look at what happens.

What are you here to teach me?
The Empress. All that you want is offered... and more. This is an offer of grandeur. It is a reminder that the best way to be is compassionate, caring and nurturing. Mother Earth stands with her arms outstretched, in the full bloom of life. She welcomes you to play and to soak up her motherly love. Enjoy the embrace, run free in the summer fields and be as wild or as moderate as you wish to be. You are a child of the Earth and the best part is that you can decide what to do with her gift, the gift of life. Don't waste it.

How can I learn to collaborate with you?
The High Priestess. Through the mind. Tap into your intuition and fly. Look within, that's where all the answers are. Harken back to times of old, past lives long forgotten. Therein lies the answer to what you go through now. The best way to learn how to employ the use of intuition is to listen. There is no need to blurt out stories or share what you already know is true. If you know it's true, that should be enough for you. Enlist the senses, awaken the mind and look to nurture your spirit. That is, after all, your mission here on Earth.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Five of Coins. Our time is past. You learned all I could offer. If you run out of space to grow, you will just feel stuck. You will feel as if there is nothing left to do. You won't have the curiosity to look beyond the surface, and all that you will see is the barren surface of what once was. Time has pillaged this land, and as it lay forgotten, so have you forgotten where your roots lie.

Which card do you want to show off?
Four of Coins. Stability, vigor, promise of a new start. Commencement. This is the promise of a new dawn, a new day and a new possibility to make things work. It is the groundwork for something you wish to accomplish that has not yet come to bear fruit. Must you wait? Get started — don't wait for somebody else to do for you what you can do today. Besides, it will feel so much better when you realize the merit is completely yours.

How do you see me?
Three of Coins. Working to nurture others; offering trust of renewal. Be the fruit, be the one who refreshes others. Offer your bounty, bask in the beauty of the sun and widespread your happiness. It isn't worth being contained or bound to the limits. When you break free of them, you shine by yourself. You're going to nurture others, so stay ripe. Stay positive. Work hard.

How do you see yourself?
King of Swords. Genius, detached from emotion. All-knowing and logical. You can feel the microcosm that is his mind and how it connects everything under a blanket of logic and claircogniance. He's brilliant and he may even know of his brilliance. The knowledge is passed on from divine sources for you to admire. He's not from this world, and that's what makes him so fascinating and enigmatic.

It is so much fun to read with this deck again. This is the deck that Tori, Niki and I share in common. We are the Voyager Tarot trio!


I am mesmerized by this brand new acquisition to my collection. It is perhaps the one that resonates with me the most because of its artistic qualities. It feels like a venture within dreams, dreams that are contained in jars or some sort of ethereal body of water. This is the place where everything happens in slow motion. Even suspended in time, there is a great connection amongst them. We owe this to the stylistic approach, which is executed flawlessly by Shelly Corbett. Out of 1,000 limited edition copies, I own #319. This is a first edition.

This is perhaps to be dubbed a sister tarot deck to Vertigo. The cards are much larger than standard and the stock is not meant to stand up to long years of use. Honestly, they thought more about the picture quality, which is of course flawless. The colors really pop and the cards are large enough to invite you inside for an enlightening conversation with the ethereal figures that lie inside.

I'm going to allow these beautiful cards to speak for themselves.


What is your most important characteristic?
Two of Swords.
The two women are in combat, but they reach a point in which they can look at each other in the eyes. Just for this moment, time stills and they can both think. It is a draw, a balance that will be broken once they start to move again. The next action should be thought out carefully, because it could very well be their last.

Mild Whisper. This deck speaks in whispers. It is not quiet but it isn't loud either, and the tone is distinctly female.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Empress. This card seconds that notion. See, this ethereal beauty floats through time and space and reflects her beauty around her. She is compassionate and she is a lady, which is just the right tone for a healer. There is much beauty in this deck, both sweet and seductive. The Empress embodies that.

Blue Autumn Glory.
The keywords describe my favorite my favorite season paired with an unlikely color, but still shows the delicate beauty of the Empress.

What are your limits?
High Priestess. She floats between time and space, between light and dark, what we know and what we will never know. She knows it all, she is enlightened but she can't show you everything. You must understand that it is up to you to learn the lessons she can see from experience, otherwise you will not know how it feels or learn from it. Her knowledge is so high that a price cannot be put on it. It is invaluable, and meeting her alone can change your life. Her visions are vivid, they take her to another world. You haven't ever dreamed of a place like this.

Veiled. There are secrets that she knows but cannot share. Bow your head instead and pay respects to her.

What are you here to teach me?
The Lovers. Love makes us vulnerable. We can surrender to it and allow for it to take us where we need to go, but we won't know where it is that we are being taken. We take a chance when we fall in love with our surroundings, and then we find that however dark it goes, we still need to face it. What lurks in the shadow? Are there good intentions hidden in the dark, where we can't see them? Can we trust our better half? Where is divinity? Up above, but we don't feel it when we are submerged in the darkness of doubt. That's deep!

Buttery Violins. Is that what life feels like when you're in love? There is music everywhere, blending harmoniously in the background of your perfectly cinematic life. You probably don't even notice it, but you dance to it's rhythm and surrender yourself to its beauty.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Hanged Man. This Hanged Man isn't hanging! Well, he is hanging out. His gaze is pensive, as if he just went through something upsetting and he is letting his thoughts settle. He is submerged in the darkness and finding clarity within himself, but I wonder if it brings him any solace. It must, right? He does seem peaceful as he floats here, probably because he finds that the best thing to do is to rely on himself. I looked into the booklet and found something possibly enlightening; the crown of his head touches the surface and rises above the water. Even though he is submerged, his mind is in a higher place. This really makes the card for me. He finds enlightenment in solitude.

Mock Supplicant.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
The Star. Beautiful! Well, beauty. It suggests working alone and discovering the brilliance of light that is offered in this 78 page interchangeable book. She bathes in the waters of inspiration and enlightenment, and invites us to do the same. Nude and vulnerable under the light, exactly as we will be when judgment is passed upon us. This is an achievement.

Agnes. Means purity or light. Bathing in water under the moon can be a purification ritual. It could also be a baptism for a newborn or the welcoming of somebody torn into a new life. It symbolizes redemption, enlightenment and inspiration.

Which card do you want to show off?
Judgment. Creepy... Anyway; the booklet states that it doesn't matter what your social status is, because in the end, it's all the same. You will be judged and your material benefits or mundane influences won't help you now. This deck drills into the soul, your naked essence. There will be no additions, no accessories and no pardon slips to exchange with the judge. Oh no, you're on your own, and you are weighing your sins against one another to see if you find redemption.

Rustle of the Sea. It's all cyclical. Sometimes the crash is stronger than others, but it's mostly the same.

How do you see me?
Six of Cups. A child in rememberance. There are streaks of color filtering through the environment. They are picked up by the senses as secret combinations that unlock part of the banks of our memory. Thoughts that otherwise lay dormant and forgotten are now breathed life into, given the color of light to remind us where we come from. Who would have thought that in such a desolate place lies an answer so powerful? Keep remembering, do so gracefully and accept that nothing is as it used to me.

Wish to Tell. Disposition to help others. Wanting to share an outer body experience with others who are not prepared to listen. Facing the music, and the fact that it's time to move on.

How do you see yourself?
Four of Cups. Pausing to smell it, or turning your face away from the intoxicating scent? She feels dizzy, the wafting aroma overpowers her senses and causes her to faint. This deck is beautiful but it can be deadly, it can be poison if you're not ready. I dare say that it packs a mean punch. It'll knock you off your feet.

Absolutely Modern. Yes, yes it is.

How surprising! Just look at all the Major Arcana cards present in this spread. Those are big shoes for a new deck to fill, but see — it does so flawlessly. I find these cards entrancing and a little dangerous, but I will be happy to work with them in conjunction with other decks. I feel like as a single unit, these cards can be overwhelming. Yes, they are beautiful but they also hold a dark nature to them that can be unsettling in a time of need. I am happy I bought this tarot deck!