Paulina Cassidy is the visionary artist behind the Paulina Tarot, Joie de Vivre Tarot and now Spiriting Tarot. She also put out the Witching Book of Spells, and the Faerie Guidance Oracle. Her style is sketchy with what seems to be watercolor washes. The worlds she paints balance between being dark and whimsical.

Paulina Cassidy’s previous artworks are very easy to get attached to and have become some of my primary working decks throughout my psychic career. I love working with them and I get great results. They just get it right.

The Spiriting Tarot draws upon shamanism and the belief of animals as totems. It is believed they lend their medicine, according to the ancients.

Despite you being able to trace this deck back to basic Rider-Waite Smith meanings, I don’t think this reads as an RWS deck. The archetypes the animals represent will either support or clash, and may even carry through as a narrative as well. If you use this deck you will have to learn to piece archetypes together and distinguish which energy comes from where. It will take an objective look into your life to understand why a concept ties into it and how. It may take some time to identify the differences and influences.

Some of the cards have a narrative style of evolution when you place them side by side. Lizards can turn into crocodiles. The evolution of our souls and personalities can be seen in a visual form of storytelling that I find compelling with this deck.

I saw as the moth’s wings grew and as it transformed into a tall dragonfly. A lizard grew in scale and turned into a crocodile. You can see how people change and what their attitude turns them into. After going through pain, the death’s head moth books it as a firefly would. The lizard grew fierce and impatient, not understanding the pain the moth was in. All the narrative symbolism is emphasizing the journey people undertake and I am really feeling it.

I think that this is a really excellent deck to use on the side of a tarot deck if you want a little more information. It could also work as an oracle. I am tempted to trim the cards and use them as totem animal cards. For now, I’ll just leave them as they are and learn to use the deck as it is meant to be used.

The illustrations are quite beautiful. I love the whimsical flourishes adorning the ecosystems the animals are found in It suggests being in a sacred presence, as no doubt the Native American folk would see them in their reverence. I like the idea of animal totems and their influence over a practice that is sacred for many of us. As a spiritual person I can tell you that this deck evokes that mindset, and when I read I will take the cultural beliefs into consideration.

These cards have medium thick card stock, they don't bend much. I find them stiff and sturdy. The cards are also larger than standard size.

What is your most important characteristic?
The Sun. Bringing clarity to us when we are slowed down in the murk of confusion.

Confusion can make otherwise happy days cloudy. If you don’t feel comfortable with where you are at in the present moment, try to make the best of it instead of focusing on everything that could go wrong and that is already going on in your day. There's always a silver lining.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
The Tower. This tarot aims to have you understand how much better you will feel when you let go of anything in your life you are resisting releasing. It can bring you clarity, or maybe go as far as to help you have epiphanies. It is possible to have moments of clarity in difficult times from which you walk out of seeing things differently.

Learn to adapt to your surroundings, even as they are changing.

What are your limits?
Five of Wands.
Identifying when to speak up when facing a difficult challenge. Obstacles like these help us learn and grow. We have to stay conscious of our motives and where we want to take circumstances, from the very beginning to the outcome. Being conscious of what you want out of an interaction when you are in it can make the difference between things going south or being able to resolve a conflict.

What are you here to teach me?
Knight of Coins. When we're on a journey we may have expectations of how soon we want to achieve our goals or how soon we want to conclude a circumstance we are living through. Many times we will be able to remain in control, but there will me times where what we want is not in our pool of possibilities. We'll just have to wait.

In these moments, having a positive attitude helps to hold us over while we keep moving forward. We need to learn to trust that we will get there eventually. We can continue our optimism by making every step count.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Five of Coins. Showing your best face in times of adversity. Whenever something doesn't go your way, pause to consider that it's just this one instance. It doesn't mean that you are doomed to fail every time. Let it serve as a motivator to push yourself harder to attain your goal the next time around.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
King of Coins. After a bit of toiling around and facing frustration you'll eventually start to feel more self-confident and comfortable tackling life's obstacles. Experience is a great teacher. Feeling better about yourself or the attitude with which you approach new problems. Building self-assurance can only be good for you.

Which card do you want to show off?
The Star. Whenever we face hard times we lose scope of the whole picture. The tendency is generally to focus mostly on the problem that is bothering us, through which time many other positive aspects of our days may be overlooked. Pause to get back out of your head, breathe. Look around. What's happening around you? Where are you really once you step outside of your head?

How do you see me?
The Wheel. Ever-changing, going around like the seasons. You have just about as many phases as the moon. The depths of mystery, too. Being a dreamer can make you a creative intuitive as well as a neurotic, and you lend yourself to chaos when you resist the general flow your life tries to sway you in. Your stubbornness earns you pain, but more often than not you brave it because you're not afraid of going against the current.

How do you see yourself?
Four of Coins. A young spirit that is sensitive and intuitive. A builder, the type that encourages others to form groups to thrive in.

Fun fact: When I did my first spirit animal meditation it was in 12th grade. The animal that came up to me was an otter. We all have our idea of the perfect pair to strive for and thrive with. Stick to what you're good at and you will come to find all that time you spent observing others will pay right off.

This is an interesting deck to read with. I really like the way the animals were stylized, and the feel they bring to a reading when they are pulled out.