My weekend was pretty loaded. It was very active, and I didn’t see it coming. I conducted a séance and it went terribly wrong. I can't even begin to tell you the details, because it just takes me back to a dark place that I really struggled to get out of. The days after have been difficult for me. Even getting out of bed is a huge chore. The event happened on Saturday night, but traces lingered on Sunday and Monday still.

This spread is very positive and kind of awkward, but works for the most part in an attempt to bury the memories of the week prior. I get a pretty strong romantic tune to it that seems also to be the solace of moral support. That Devil card concerns me, though. I decided to take a break from my Facebook to concentrate on other aspects of my life. While I still log in on ninja mode, it has taken lots of pressure off of me to announce that I won't be participating as is expected to on a weekly basis.

October is coming up and my next Annual Review is due. I'm going to have to break the routine and post it tomorrow. What fascinates me is how accurate it was once more. I'll tell you more about that tomorrow!

Monday. Four of Cups. Distractions distractions, and the sense that things aren’t going quite according to plan. It can be hard to focus when you feel as if things don’t go quite the way you want them to. Sometimes it’s best to sit and day dream than to go out and do.

Tuesday. Eight of Swords. The walls are closing in. Perhaps you’ve outgrown them. You feel stifled every time you try to move, and as a result might lose the motivation to move or do anything.

Wednesday. Six of Wands. Things could be in quick motion, and that can get overwhelming if you are not in control of your circumstances. It seems that when you realize the real scale of your problems and not the size you imagined them to be in, everything is more manageable. Alternatively, it can be a day to deal with cards in the collection. I feel like things come into clarity.

Thursday. The Devil. The claws that catch! Today we must stop and ask ourselves if there is anything in our lives we have fallen prey to. Losing self control, being reckless or acting dangerously. A strange and unknown threat. Nightmares.

Friday. Two of Swords. This conversation won’t lead you anywhere you want to go, so you might as well come to terms with that. Blocking things out or keeping words from flowing might be sensible. Staying detached and calm in an odd situation. Putting up gracefully with someone who is difficult.

Saturday. Six of Cups. Remembering things can get you lost in melancholy, particularly when the memory concerns somebody else. This is a card of innocence and memories, as well as the reminder to strategize ahead of time.

Sunday. The Empress. Taking care of someone as you would have them take care of you. This can be a messy day when you feel you’re the one rearranging things and putting them in order. It can be a mess or it can go well if you keep it under control.

What to avoid. The Hierophant. Try to stray from the nagging words and lessons that life pushes your way if you can. Don’t lose the notion of who you are because of who someone else expects you to be. Be true to yourself.

What to strive for. Two of Cups. Get lost in love, and believe in the support of others. You are worth loving, and trust me, you will find love. So don’t worry about that situation.

What a wonderful week is up ahead.


How do you define paradise? I have been known to think of it as being surrounded by your loved ones with good food, drinks and music. I love being in good company and feeling the love of people that I admire as well. I like to be treated with respect or being seen as an equal. Connecting with other people is perhaps my biggest pleasure, and more so when it is in a beautiful environment.

Coming here was perhaps the most notable highlight of my trip to Puerto Rico. On Tuesday, September 1st, my Mom and I boarded a cruise ferry to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Even though I was sick, I still managed to have tons of fun with her that night. Dinner was absolutely tasteful, and the show had some very challenging dances. We cracked jokes when some of the patrons would act out of hand. If only you knew… but let’s just leave it at that suspense.

The next day, none of us had slept because we couldn’t get used to the gentle murmur of the engine and the fact that the ship was swaying to the sides. We were still pretty eager to go outside and explore, though. The drive to the resort was a whopping 2 hours with one stop in the middle. After meeting some colorful tourists on the way there, we finally arrived at the Royalton.

They received us with cocktails and the warmest of smiles. We looked around, struck with awe of how beautiful the place was. When you walk to the end of the lobby, you get a bird’s eye view of the pool area and the different areas where all of the rooms are. You can see curtained daybeds in the beach and an abundance of clear designer pools. Gorgeous!

We went to lunch while our room was being readied. The attention was super sweet, and for the first time all day we felt this lull of peace washing over us as we delighted in a bottle of champagne.

I loved being so close to the beach and in a place that felt private and peaceful even though there were so many people around. It was great to be there, in such a beautiful place, with the most important person in my life.

Our stay was absolutely enjoyable, so much in fact that within half an hour of being there, we decided that we were coming back to spend New Years Eve, if possible. We were sold.

I hope you enjoyed the photos of our trip. I’m still day dreaming about it today!


Hello Witches, I had such a pleasant weekend! It got started off pretty early, with lots of heavy work in the middle and enough time to see friends from college as well as those that I am connecting with now. Last night I went clubbing with my friends Justin, Crystal, Kyle, Fraser and Carlo as well. I feel like my life is split between my life in the West Side and the life from the tropics, but in a way it helps preserve characteristics that are best brought out in those scenarios.

This week we have an assortment of Kings, Queens and Knights. I don’t see any patterns, save for an abundance of Swords and Coins suits. To me this just has more to do with my usual life, the day-to-day I am constantly dealing with.

I found that I like reading this deck intuitively; letting the symbols depicted in the card to interact with the characters to tell me the message. Sometimes it’s so easy to get stuck in the accepted system of tradition, I know that all readers go through this. Some tarot card decks numb you out when you use them so often that the definitions start manifesting as shortcuts. This can really ruin a reading that is supposed to be intuitive in the first place, so I am happy about that.

Very happy with the Alice Tarot! Please red my review on it here.

Monday. Wheel of Fortune. A week that gets started with a fast paced could be one that begins with disorganization. If there is something I cannot usually tolerate, it is disorganization. I really don’t like it! However, I know this Major Arcana card well enough to acknowledge that when the wheel of change spins, you don’t resist that change for your own good.

Tuesday. Five of Coins. Alice is so lonely, to me it just looks like she needs a friend. Often times that is what I want. I want a friend to have around and talk to. I feel as if it’s very hard to keep a balanced ratio of men and women in my life, simply because of their interests being so different. Sometimes there are large cultural incompatibilities that push us even further apart when I realize that our interests are also not a strong match. I feel lonely!

Wednesday. Knight of Wands. Sweet day to come out! It’s actually going to be colder in the area, and on this day there will not be overcast weather, so it seems like a great day to come out. This is also a great day for creativity and inspiration as well as for sharing the craft you are passionate about with someone you hold dear. Go and seek adventures!

Thursday. Nine of Coins. Alice looks so cozy, blissfully unaware and uncaring about what goes on in the outside. I resonate this image because this is basically my lifelong routine. I wake up and turn work mode on, but I also take numerous breaks during the day to sit on my couch and think. Sometimes I read, sometimes I play video games as well. Sometimes I don’t do anything but stare into space and think. It feels great… to me, it feels like freedom!

Friday. Nine of Swords. Friday seems a little problematic to me, mostly because of anxiety or things just not going according to plan. With the mess in the card, I guess it’s time to give the apartment a good scrub as well! Clear those cobwebs from your surroundings, then from your mind as well.

Saturday. King of Cups. See, he feels so small but he looks up to her. From this gesture I typically assume to be admiration, it looks like they are sharing an excerpt from a book and talking about it. It’s nice to share musings with somebody else in hopes that they will resonate just as you. This creates harmony.

Sunday. Three of Coins. Work work work! Perfect your craft, cook something ad get around to working again. I usually find that Sunday is my most productive day, although nowadays it really doesn’t make much of a difference when I do or do not. It’s a matter of getting things done that weighs more, I think.

What to avoid. Queen of Swords. I have to learn not to be so selective with the people I talk to. Sometimes, when I am not feeling a subject I tend to tune people out and focus on something else. Life is so short that I just don’t want to be bothered anymore, but I guess it doesn’t mean I should alienate others either. It’s a good reminder to be open.

What to strive for. King of Swords. To me, he looks as if he is outside of himself. Anything but in his safe zone. He’s trying to be someone he is not, or someone who can deal with all the rifts life has brought him. To me, it seems to recommend trying new things and not getting stuck to the same old stuff. I feel like it is an encouragement to preserve natural quality of state of mind, but to be open to that which is not usually habitual.

Have a great week!


Woooow. Just wooooooooow!

I’ve been waiting for this deck for three years now, but it has been in the making for five. There are hundreds of us this month that are pleased to be getting acquainted with the Alice Tarot by Baba Studio, also known as the Magic-Realist Press. They put their heart and soul into making this deck a huge success, and here it is today!

The card stock is as sturdy as the Victorian Romantic Tarot 2nd edition, but feels thinner. Upon stacking one deck next to the other, I can confirm the Alice Tarot is thinner… which is, I think, much better to handle. The cards feel good in your hands and fan out smoothly. They have a crunchy feel to them when they are being shuffled, which I really like.

Every time I lay out a spread of cards, I get really chatty messages from the individual cards. I love that while there is a Rider-Waite Smith feel, they are also standing as a system of their own in correspondence with the book. They come alive with spunk, and the beauty is really in seeing how they interact with one another. I feel like it is a continuous landscape behind windows that are framing the experience in a serial tableau. Gorgeous work!

The backs of the deck are really nice, but I honestly wish they had used some of the beautiful patterns that are in the deck, such as the bunny wallpaper in the Ace of Coins. Beautiful! Or perhaps the card backs from the Seven of Coins. I think even the table cloth from the Eight of Coins would have been a lovely touch. I hope that in future editions they will give us something different, such as they did in the Bohemian Gothic Tarot. I loved the skull pattern, but the damask was also very appropriate and beautiful.

This is not your average tarot deck by any means. It comes to life when the cards are side by side. The story we have gotten acquainted with over the years is reconstructed to bring forth the story of your life in storybook fashion. It’s a real delight to find how this deck reads so soon after first opening the package.

I’m going to try my best to show you how much I love it, but I also want it to speak for itself, so we will once more be conducting the deck interview.

Would you like to start with the interview, or would you like to do a single card draw?

I held the complete deck in my hands, and had a clairaudient experience with it. It sounded much in the same way I imagine a narrator empathically going through the Alice in Wonderland book.

"I wish to do what you want to do. That is, if you think you want to do what you said you’d do.” Brilliant, right? I love it! Every time I get a clairvoyant, clairsentient or clairaudient experience from a deck, I know that there is a special connection to develop with it.

After careful shuffling, I laid out the cards on the table and this is what I got. Let’s do the interview then.

What is your most important characteristic?
The Lovers. Flamingo, here the deck decided for me which Lovers card will be used as the traditional. The other one will be left in the deck as a wildcard. Problem solved!

True love even in a circumstance that is not the most amicable. Harmonized love, coming together to enjoy one another. This project is a labor of love, and I am simply in love with it. We have a match!

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Two of Coins. Taking a playful approach to work, as listed in the little white booklet. I also see it as juggling the traditional views with something fresh and fun. I have found that the Alice meanings work much better with this deck. Here, we have “trying to get hints under control. Attempting to bring order to chaos.” This deck is used for problem solving and complicated journeys, much in the same way as the book.

What are your limits?
Moon. Your intuition. Not all is what it seems. Sometimes you have to go on the journey all by yourself to discover new experiences and insights that you will soon come to realize were locked away in you all along. Try to let go.

The booklet reads, “a potentially frightening experience that is dealt with in a calm curious way. Passing from one mental state to another. A situation that feels surreal and otherworldly. We’re all mad here.”

I noticed that while the deck itself is an illustrated journey, this card in specific has tools that are used for divination in it, floating around Alice as she falls down the rabbit hole.

To me, this speaks of the mysticism in reading tarot as a spiritual practice. It also acknowledges the world of divination, be it through cards, spells, tasseography, and other high magic practices. I love that about it! As my signifier, this is also the first card I pulled from the Alice Tarot in an online generator that Baba Studio offered us before the deck was in print. It is my favorite along with the Ace of Coins and the Eight of Coins.

What are you here to teach me?
Queen of Coins. Being practical in domestic terms, but also supportive to people in their time of need. You can deliver the best possible news with glitz and glam, as shown by the luxurious golden ink overlay.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Nine of Coins. Get comfortable and cozy and spend an afternoon unwinding this deck. With the hidden kitty, it seems to be saying to welcome unexpected surprises when they are finally willing to come out. This deck speaks with such warm humor, I love it!!!

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Temperance. You will give as you get, but you have to be ready to give before you get. This is a balance that is achieved by blending elements from real life with elements of whimsy. What you get in return is magic and divination. Listen to advice.

Which card do you want to show off?
Three of Cups. The advice we’re going to get is topsy-turvy but means well. You have to understand that the energy of the world you are tapping into is topsy-turvy. There may be paradoxes in the message, but this translates very well to the orderly chaos life can present itself in. I think this is a very valid point to make for sure.

How do you see me?
The Devil. Oh, the humor of this deck will be something to learn to get used to. It packs a playful bite that I don’t often get from other decks, but I understand that. Apparently I have jaws that bite, and claws that catch too! I’m sure that once I get to know this deck better, we’ll get along much more amicably.

It made more sense to me when I contemplated it for a little while. I am participating in a Ritual of Triumph with 21 other wonderful people, and the card I chose for this ritual is The Devil. It all makes sense now! Apparently the card chosen for the ritual will embody much more than I had realized it would, and this deck confirmed it for me.

How do you see yourself?
Five of Wands. I looked at the booklet and found this interpretation useful: “Being rebellious and refusing to conform to expectations.” We need not say more.

I feel hypnotized when I read with this deck. The cards come alive, and I can imagine the characters in them moving as well and interacting with one another. It pulls me into the world of Lewis Caroll’s Wonderland for sure, as visually translated by the Magic-Realist Press.

What would I like to see in the future? A borderless mini, gilded edges and perhaps a new card back. However, I’m really in love with this deck. I think that for the next few months, I will clear the other decks on my work desk and focus on bonding with this one. It is very special.

To my delight, the deck uses Coins instead of Pentacles, which is the term I use on this blog. Thank you, Baba Studio!!! There is a delightful Limited Edition deck that is in a larger scale than these cards, has a different card back and has the golden overlay ink in the back as well as the front. It is still available, and will never again be up for sale after it goes out of print. The same goes for the standard edition, but I think there is nothing standard about it. It’s gorgeous! Get your own copies of the standard deck here.


This week starts off with high energy, things in motion and promising projections. As we get to the end of the week, however, things seem to slow down. Particularly after Friday, it feels like the week gives up on us. I love how it gets off to a start of satisfaction and high energy, though, because that’s exactly what I need for my first week back from Puerto Rico to California.

That Judgement card is giving me a little bit of anxiety. Every time something related to death comes up in my weekly spread, I experience a jolt of fear.

Monday. Ten of Cups. Emotional satisfaction. I pay rent today, so it makes me laugh to see all the houses in the card. I feel like it’s my room mate and I celebrating we’ve got another month of adventure and happiness without having to worry about next month’s rent. In a place where rent is so steep, our situation feels like a luxury. I love it! Yay Los Angeles!

Tuesday. Knight of Wands. What a handsome kitty on his horse! He’s showing off for his lady kitty, it seems. I see flowers in bloom, admiration in the lady’s eyes, and courage in those of the Knight of Wands. Passion! Drama! Romance! Sweep me away, I’m ready to experience it.

Wednesday. Ace of Wands. More passion! This is a really beautiful card. I read it as breathing life into something that has been pretty stale and structured. It’s a good day to rearrange our features from bored to happy. Accept the challenges of the day, and enjoy the gift of creativity and passion. Have I told you that I’m drawing again?

Thursday. Judgement. Hahahahaha! Look at those kitties as they are ascended. So funny!

From what I can interpret, you won’t always know what the right combination is before you level up. Sometimes that change comes from a happy mistake. This looks an awful lot like the kitties are going to heaven. Let’s see what this ends up standing for.

Friday. The World. A conclusion, a realization. She looks so lonely in her hall of magical life, but she also looks like she can take care of herself alone. This must be what full independence from friends and family looks like. Wow!

Saturday. Four of Cups. Boredom, thinking about things too much will lead to a lull. Otherwise seems like a very unproductive day. Don’t bank on this being the day your big project gets to the next level, because it’s not going to happen!

Sunday. Queen of Swords. Having the sternness to talk about things as they are, without any sugarcoating or going around it. Sometimes it’s best to take situations on head first, even if it is the less glamorous of your alternatives.

What to avoid. The Star. Don’t rely so much on dreams and inspiration when you have to be in the moment, chances are you will end up disappointed in yourself and in the way the circumstances have played out. From what I see here, there isn’t a need to beautify everything, even though it can be appreciated for that same quality.

What to strive for. Ten of Coins. Comfort is what you’ll want to strive for. Do away with your problems and remain concerned mostly with what affects you directly. More often than not, you shape your own future. It’s best not to focus on what others have going for themselves, because what matters here is what you build so that you can have for yourself.

Let's hope for a good week. Good luck!


The journey back to Puerto Rico was thought-provoking. It brought me to the realization of how far I’ve come since that one fateful day I embarked on a journey out West. Do you remember? Many of you went on that journey with me.

On the way to California I was shaking uncontrollably. I had just left my loved ones behind with nothing but a suitcase and wild, wild dreams. I didn’t have a job offer in California, much less was I going to count on my car or on the support of my Mom and J. It was just like The Fool card from the tarot, finding his way into The World. The World card had just manifested in my life, so it was appropriate to go through a radical beginning shortly thereafter. I was scared and I had no idea what I could expect of this journey. Every oracle I sought advice from warned me against going, but I did anyway. My soul needed it.I am so glad that I did, too. It changed my life, attitude, lifestyle, social tendencies, and expanded my perception beyond a point I knew it could go. I became my own person.

This week I made my way back to Puerto Rico. I was so excited on the plane from California to New York. Once I got to New York, I felt the difference between West side and East side. The sudden clash of reality put me in a heavily pensive mood.

The Atlantic Ocean has its tropical charm. It’s familiar but it isn’t comforting. I love Los Angeles, and have found the place I want to live in forever. It only took one try! I am no longer the girl I used to be, even though I don’t feel different.

Now I feel so much better about myself. The choices I make are compliant with my needs, and the people I meet and invest time in are people that resonate with me and that are helping me grow. I appreciate life much more in the environment I am in, which is why I have decided to stay in California. I decided I will not be moving back to Puerto Rico, and I also decided it’s time to let go of the familiar… I am getting my California driver’s license once I memorize the instruction manual. Attaining that form of ID will be the contract between myself and the state, and the promise that I won’t flake out on a place that has been so good to me. California really nurtured my soul.

For now let’s enjoy the blessings of the Caribbean, with its colorful cultures and its delightful selection of food. I can’t wait to experience this trip and all that it has to offer!

My favorite! Yay! I didn't get to see J as much as I would have liked to, but then it always feels like time is on fast forward. No matter what we've gone through, there is always unexplained magnetism keeping our lives parallel to one another. Gold nuggets like this deserve to be nurtured, definitely not put away in a drawer for safekeeping.

Aren't the people from back home beautiful? Nati, Elvin, J, Alejandra, Tina... Everyone gives me hearts for eyes because they're such quality people on the inside. It really comes out and makes them all glow. I can't wait to come back and spend more time with all of you!

My trip to the Caribbean was absolutely pleasant, and more! I loved being back home amongst the people that I love and that know me best. The past four weeks have been spent celebrating life, eating and drinking a little too much. The indulgence better last until my next visit in December!

Los melones de Elvin... LOL!

♡ Bubble tea with pretty people.
♡ Goth clubbing! My favorite!
♡ Margarita happy hour nights.
♡ Hosting a séance for my friends.
Dominican Republic resort getaway at The Royalton.
♡ Meeting Tina and Ale for tea, dinner and drinks.
♡ Selling tarot decks from my collection.
♡ Drinking sparkling wine and hosting dinner parties at my house.

During my stay in the Caribbean, I reached one year since I moved from PR to LA. My anniversary was on August 27th, 2014. I can't believe its been one full year since I boarded the plane with an abundance of nerves and set out into the world, unsure about how it would go or if I could even make it. I have thought about where I would be now if I had not taken that risk, and I know for sure that it nurtured my soul and helped me gain back my confidence. I'm a new girl!

Oh yes. A very memorable summer month indeed! Now back to reality at the Crow’s Nest 303… and to put Samhain Moon back in order. Credits to Nati Merari for the club night photos.