I didn’t feel the presence of last week’s Hello Witches. Not because I wasn’t attentive to it, but because I felt disconnected from the signs that the cards were highlighting. In truth, I got lost in the depths of my mind and refused to surface until it was apartment cleaning day, also known as preparations to go goth clubbing. Nowadays, all I really care about is working, being happy and going out to glam it up with the Dead Boy or the club kids. I’ve got something good going in Los Angeles, and I really wish I had taken the risk to come here before. But that was then, this is now. I really love life these days.

This coming week seems very dark, but count on me to look for a silver lining. The year has been marred by the news of death and loss, and I guess that’s just exactly what I don’t want more of. There is only so much mourning we can endure before it turns to self-destruction. The Wild Unknown Tarot is a very dark deck, it speaks in whispers and it tells you exactly what it reckons you need to know. There is no sugarcoating allowed in a world where things are just as they seem.

♡ Monday. Six of Swords. Success! Get the week started off on the right foot and strive to uphold the ideals that you preach. Even when you don’t see the point to what you’re doing, remember that it’s all part of a bigger picture and it will all fall into perspective eventually. There are positive signs that remind you there is a promise of better things coming in the future, and that’s exactly what you must live for.

♡ Tuesday. Three of Swords. Ouch. Sometimes, we get hurt. Sometimes, we hurt someone. We don’t always want to do it; to be honest, maybe we never do. It’s part of life to embrace pain, be it in the form of bad news or realizations that we would much rather do without. It’s part of being human and being alive, so we have to make the most out of what we’ve got. We can’t just lie in a ditch in pain for the rest of the week.

♡ Wednesday. Eight of Swords. Retreat into your room or your world if you need to recover. Maybe it’s not the best time to come out if the circumstances feel so tough. Breathe and allow yourself the time you need to deal with the situation.

♡ Thursday. Eight of Cups. Time to move on, or at least to pick back up on your life. You won’t be in this state of defeat forever, but it sure feels as if you’re walking away from something important. Well, take it step by step and you will see how it goes from there.

♡ Friday. Ace of Wands. Finally some slack! Light, passion and creativity mesh together in energy that resonates with your mind, body and spirit. We needed a sparkly spark to this week, and on Friday it seems we’ve got it.

♡ Saturday. Three of Cups. Melancholy. Talking to a friend and reminiscing, almost as if you’ve been estranged your whole lives and just now managed to catch up. The sun sets and your feelings will be settled in a calm state. Your mind will flow at ease with what you’ve just done, and you will find yourself happy you took the time to be nurtured and to have fun.

♡ Sunday. Two of Wands. Time slows down and you find yourself once more at the start of a new cycle. You don’t like it. You feel like after every party, you die. But that’s how life goes, the ebb and flow will continue whether you like it or not. Accept it and prepare yourself for what comes next. No one likes to float in limbo, but then we always have a choice. Maybe it’s time to walk away from the limbo.

♡ What to avoid. Nine of Wands. Quit working yourself to exhaustion, especially when you know you won’t have enough time to recover before more is expect of you. Yes, you have great energy supply; but if you spend all of your energy, you won’t last until the end of the day. These circumstances could end up being detrimental to your health if you don’t watch what you’re doing.

♡ What to strive for. The World. Balance. Look for the way the colors align perfectly, for those synchronicities that make you feel as if life is worth it. It is worth it, and when you say yes to life, everything else falls into place. We are brought to life to be happy, and that is exactly what we should strive to do.

Are you ready to take this week on with me?


Last week was amazing right up until Sunday. The week was very productive and the weekend was packed from Friday to Sunday with social adventures that range from clubbing to touring beautiful botanical gardens. I spent the weekend doing things I don’t usually do, and as a result felt myself recharging and getting ready for next week.

When I got back from the botanical gardens, I decided to take a shower. Just as I got out of the shower and was getting ready to work, I accidentally touched an electric outlet. My fingers were damp and it resulted in electric shot when I was trying to plug in my cell phone. My nervous system was shot and I had just taken Nyquil, so when that came into effect, I was freaking out. I had no other alternative but to call J and to have him talk to me until I decided to shower a couple more times, and ultimately go to bed. This morning at around 6A.M. I woke up to a 4.7 earthquake that shook most if not all of Los Angeles. The slew of social media messages was exchanged, and after a few personal exchanges, I fell back asleep.

Today I will take it slow, giving some slack time until I am back up to speed. The spread is giving me leeway for that. The week seems to be on a topsy-turvy mode until the weekend. Let’s take it easy so we can come out the other side safe. Look forward to the surprises this week has in store for you!

Monday. Ten of Wands. No wonder, with everything that happened over the weekend, I feel spent. Burnt out. The responsibilities I usually take care of on Monday will have to wait until I am feeling much better to be taken care of.

This card stands for taking more weight than you can carry, but being used to it even if it takes a lot of effort to keep going. The result is draining, but if you finish you will be satisfied.

Tuesday. Queen of Cups. Emotions being placed in a container will stir and rearrange, but essentially remain the same. To reflect on them in a diary, planner or spare piece of paper is to accept your feelings and honor them. It reaffirms compassion and strengthens your emotional bond with the world.

Wednesday. Strength. Gaining strength in exchange for discipline. I feel like it’s a test of how much you are or are not capable of doing at the time, followed suit by a likely problem in the next cards.

Thursday. Seven of Swords. Here is the actual test. An obstacle makes itself manifest that will try to rob you of your time and your energy. If you see it coming, you will be prepared to handle it. If you don’t, try to think a little before jumping in to deal with it. It can’t be made on impulse.

Friday. Five of Wands. Something goes off with the catalyst. The energies are all wound up and manifesting in different ways or different obstacles during the week. It’ll make you feel like the world is conspiring against you, but it really isn’t. Remain in good cheer!

Saturday. Wheel of Fortune. Things turn around. It’s time to embrace with an open mind and heart to what comes next. Let go and adapt gracefully, and you will find that things are once more in order for you. Enjoy!

Sunday. Ace of Swords. Communication sets itself straight and you can think again. There is clarity of thought and in self-expression, and enough to defend yourself if any situation were to merit it. Take confidence in your words and do what you have to.

What to avoid. Four of Coins. Watch your finances; keep from spending if you can until you have some more financial leeway. Things are tight right now, so make the best of it that you can.

What to strive for. Nine of Wands. You’re tired; take a break before you keep pushing to finish what you started. Sometimes we get burnt out from overexertion, and that’s definitely where you are right now. Recharge those batteries!

Now for lunch and tea, and a slow start to what should be a day of healing. I wish you a happy week!


When laid out on a table, this deck is very impressive. The backs are red with an Eye of Horus on it. On the other side, you have symbols painted by Marcella Kroll juxtaposed with typography to title each card.

I never use the little white booklet, but this deck changed that dynamic for me. I am not familiar with what all of the symbols mean, which is a challenge and a reminder that intuition must be fueled with sourced information. It helps you so much, and gives you just enough leeway to make some other connections by yourself. Once you get the gist of what each card is meant to signify, you can begin the adaptation of your own personal symbols. Keep an open mind and the messages will flow!

The deck itself is easy to shuffle because the card stock is thin but sturdy. The size is a bit bigger than standard tarot cards, but not enough to fully overpower the hand. I find it just right.


I like that the symbols are placed in an environment that is crafted out of color. A deck purposely made for meditation is sure to grab my attention.

I have seen this deck used in a string of three that is later built upon other layers, forming a sentence. The system is similar to that of the Lenormand for those who are familiar, but utilizes different symbols. The symbols are universal but by no means overt. It takes a while with the booklet to really bond with the cards.

This deck is a library; you shuffle it around and rearrange the elements to get a message that will be riveting as well as inspiring. I find in this deck a great tool for self-empowerment and a wonderful companion on your life journey.


What is your most important characteristic?
Morning Star. The wise teacher. This is a really funny card choice because it is on Marcella’s business card. It represents the connection — or guidance in the path to connect to — your higher self. It is the maximum exponent of being on a journey, and finding the best to it.

There is certainly a silver lining to this card in the sense that no matter how dark a situation may seem, there will be something to guide us where we need to do. It is almost the feeling of divine protection and guidance through a symbol, which I find very helpful. It seems to be at the core of the deck.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Spirits. Like spirits, these messages are drawn from a higher place. This is in fact not a tarot deck, but rather, an oracle. I feel that it is saying that it is meant for guidance, which resonates a lot with the first card chosen for this deck.

What are your limits?
Vesica Pisces. You have to access a greater wisdom; see sacredness in your visions. This is a time of great awakening. New psychic abilities are gifts coming to you now. The rings are linked, symbolizing a possible union of the self with the higher self. A time when connections are made and great understanding comes through intuition.

What are you here to teach me?
Safe Travel. It looks like I have found my compass for the California journey! Excellent time for a move, a trip, change of scenery; or even relocation. It seems that it’s a great start to a new adventure!

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Butterfly. By honoring the process of getting acquainted with the cards as well as the life journey. The butterfly goes through many stages before it becomes the beautiful creature it is. Honor your process, and allow your beauty to be seen by all. Wear more color to help announce the arrival of your exquisite transformation.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Focus. This deck will help you stay focused on your target, your goals and in the right direction. Time to be direct and very clear with your intentions. If you have been feeling scattered, now is the time to hone in your desires. Think about what you DO want, not what you don’t want. Watch your thoughts, because you are drawing into your life what you are focusing on.

Which card do you want to show off?
Lucky. Victory through teamwork and work in general. You’ve got the Midas touch! Everything you touch turns to gold at this time. Enjoy this winning streak you are on.

How do you see me?
Kirpan. Joined together for a cause, but taking on unnecessary weight from others. Cut the cords to unhealthy or toxic people, places, energy, habits, and things. This is a time to stand in your truth without cutting anyone down. Damn straight!

How do you see yourself?
Evil Eye. A charm of protection against the cords that people try to tie you up in. This deck was blessed at a special time, so while it is still charged with that energy, it will be an agent that dissipates dark energy. Jealous people nearby, but no need to worry. You are MORE than protected.

This deck is powerful in the sense that there is so much being said with so little. It is how we rearrange it that we will find differences. It is still brand new and will take some time for me to really ‘get it.’ I feel that it is a great working tool for those seeking self-empowerment and a guide out of difficult situations. It speaks with the truth.

Do you want a copy? Contact bookmarcella@gmail.com. Please  allow 24—48 hours for a reply.


This week we have two fives, which are problematic cards within the tarot. At a glance, this spread has a lot to do with matters of the house as well as business matters. It is interesting to go back and assess the situation one week later.

Speaking of, last week was accurate. Things have been increasingly looking up, and I really like that. I changed sometime along the way… have been satisfied with the progress made in helping my friends. Now it’s time to work on nurturing myself. I need some tender loving care, in the form of radical self-love or something else. Today we will just say groceries.

Monday. Page of Coins. Polishing skills and dusting off the cobwebs for work. Gears are spinning into motion, and I am once more interested in manifesting my creative persona. Its been a long time since I have made anything, but no better time to start than now.

Tuesday. Wheel of Fortune. Changes that come and bring with them a total eye-opening experience. Sometimes change takes us completely by surprise, and the challenge lies in adapting gracefully to it. Don’t be afraid! Go for it!

Wednesday. Eight of Cups. Cut your losses and move on. It didn’t work out? Too bad, but not something you need to torture yourself over. Give yourself the chance to keep on going and to find your happiness. Seek out something new until you finally feel better. You deserve it.

Thursday. The Hermit. Sometimes loneliness taxes us. I know for sure that it taxes me. We aren’t always ready to take on the challenge of self-empowermen on our own, but there is a reason why it’s an option in the first place. You got this!

Friday. The World. Opportunities are opening up. Whatever happens, just say yes! Go do it without fear or without worry. Just be happy that you’re coming out of the rut, and thus out of the cage.

Saturday. Five of Wands. Problems, problems, problems. Drama can hit at any time, whether you are expecting it or not. You can’t always avoid it, so just play it cool and do the best you can to stay free of trouble.

Sunday. Five of Swords. The drama continues. It seems like it’s a passionate affair, and one that causes much trouble. Keep a level head in times of confrontation, go over your options and formulate a plan to deal with it.

What to avoid. Ace of Cups. This won’t be the week to get emotionally attached to things. Brush it off so you can continue with your life. If something happens that hurts you, cry and move on. It’ll make you feel so much better.

What to strive for. Ten of Coins. Look for stability in your living situation. Seek out abundance of comfort and seek to make yourself feel at home. When you cozy up in a place with positive vibes, your mood gets so much better and your overall daily performance improves.



What a busy start of the week! I wasn’t able to get around to publish this until today, and all the while I had the entry in the back of my mind.

I had an unexpected visit coming on Monday, and spent most of the day reliving memories with Kim.

♡ Monday. Seven of Cups. This is interesting, seeing as the day already passed and I know exactly what it stands for. I was doing readings for a friend, and this card summed up her entire situation.

Too many options and feelings floating before you. It gets to the point you are overloaded and unsure if you are ready to make a decision. In this case, it is good to absorb them before you decide to do anything.

♡ Tuesday. Eight of Cups. Detaching from emotions that no longer serve their purpose are the order of the day. Why subject yourself to any more? You’ve got so much to handle already, and taking on everyone else’s burdens are weighing you down, too. No… It’s time to take care of yourself from now on. Tell everybody you love them, and that you’re going on a self-exploration journey. It’s time to go work on your own affairs, rather than fixing everyone else’s.

♡ Wednesday. Eight of Coins. It feels good to find yourself in the zone and with a sense of where things are going. Elements have fallen into place and you have a sense of direction for what you want to do in the future, so crack on. It’s time to work on all of those projects you have been holding back for no reason at all.

♡ Thursday. Three of Coins. Even if you’re not used to working in a team, having a circle of support counts as working in a team. Take into consideration notes and suggestions and work around what you think will be the best solution. There is a reason why you’re part of the team, so work on that!

♡ Friday. Three of Wands. Waiting. Be patient and let things come around naturally. Things happen naturally, sometimes without our own hand in it. It means we’re ready.

♡ Saturday. Five of Swords.
Conflicting agendas lead to a difficult exchange in words. Sometimes it’s hard to make worlds meet, and the end result is a clash. You will have to walk away from it if this is something you’re not prepared to work with today.

♡ Sunday. Two of Swords. Communication seems broken. It’s a day when words aren’t flowing and messages aren’t coming through. You’re at a standstill, and to be honest that is the best place to be.

♡ What to avoid. King of Swords. Avoid the walls, the games and the circumstances you don’t understand. You don’t have the time to pry words and feelings out of people if they’re not making the effort to communicate. You can’t fix everyone, as you will come to find.

♡ What to strive for. Six of Swords.
Moving away from climate of worry. This can include people that confuse you when they’re not clear about their intentions. After you have tried to help them or stick around long enough, it becomes clear to you that it isn’t worth the effort that you’re putting into it, so you decide to move on.