When laid out on a table, this deck is very impressive. The backs are red with an Eye of Horus on it. On the other side, you have symbols painted by Marcella Kroll juxtaposed with typography to title each card.

I never use the little white booklet, but this deck changed that dynamic for me. I am not familiar with what all of the symbols mean, which is a challenge and a reminder that intuition must be fueled with sourced information. It helps you so much, and gives you just enough leeway to make some other connections by yourself. Once you get the gist of what each card is meant to signify, you can begin the adaptation of your own personal symbols. Keep an open mind and the messages will flow!

The deck itself is easy to shuffle because the card stock is thin but sturdy. The size is a bit bigger than standard tarot cards, but not enough to fully overpower the hand. I find it just right.


I like that the symbols are placed in an environment that is crafted out of color. A deck purposely made for meditation is sure to grab my attention.

I have seen this deck used in a string of three that is later built upon other layers, forming a sentence. The system is similar to that of the Lenormand for those who are familiar, but utilizes different symbols. The symbols are universal but by no means overt. It takes a while with the booklet to really bond with the cards.

This deck is a library; you shuffle it around and rearrange the elements to get a message that will be riveting as well as inspiring. I find in this deck a great tool for self-empowerment and a wonderful companion on your life journey.


What is your most important characteristic?
Morning Star. The wise teacher. This is a really funny card choice because it is on Marcella’s business card. It represents the connection — or guidance in the path to connect to — your higher self. It is the maximum exponent of being on a journey, and finding the best to it.

There is certainly a silver lining to this card in the sense that no matter how dark a situation may seem, there will be something to guide us where we need to do. It is almost the feeling of divine protection and guidance through a symbol, which I find very helpful. It seems to be at the core of the deck.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Spirits. Like spirits, these messages are drawn from a higher place. This is in fact not a tarot deck, but rather, an oracle. I feel that it is saying that it is meant for guidance, which resonates a lot with the first card chosen for this deck.

What are your limits?
Vesica Pisces. You have to access a greater wisdom; see sacredness in your visions. This is a time of great awakening. New psychic abilities are gifts coming to you now. The rings are linked, symbolizing a possible union of the self with the higher self. A time when connections are made and great understanding comes through intuition.

What are you here to teach me?
Safe Travel. It looks like I have found my compass for the California journey! Excellent time for a move, a trip, change of scenery; or even relocation. It seems that it’s a great start to a new adventure!

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Butterfly. By honoring the process of getting acquainted with the cards as well as the life journey. The butterfly goes through many stages before it becomes the beautiful creature it is. Honor your process, and allow your beauty to be seen by all. Wear more color to help announce the arrival of your exquisite transformation.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Focus. This deck will help you stay focused on your target, your goals and in the right direction. Time to be direct and very clear with your intentions. If you have been feeling scattered, now is the time to hone in your desires. Think about what you DO want, not what you don’t want. Watch your thoughts, because you are drawing into your life what you are focusing on.

Which card do you want to show off?
Lucky. Victory through teamwork and work in general. You’ve got the Midas touch! Everything you touch turns to gold at this time. Enjoy this winning streak you are on.

How do you see me?
Kirpan. Joined together for a cause, but taking on unnecessary weight from others. Cut the cords to unhealthy or toxic people, places, energy, habits, and things. This is a time to stand in your truth without cutting anyone down. Damn straight!

How do you see yourself?
Evil Eye. A charm of protection against the cords that people try to tie you up in. This deck was blessed at a special time, so while it is still charged with that energy, it will be an agent that dissipates dark energy. Jealous people nearby, but no need to worry. You are MORE than protected.

This deck is powerful in the sense that there is so much being said with so little. It is how we rearrange it that we will find differences. It is still brand new and will take some time for me to really ‘get it.’ I feel that it is a great working tool for those seeking self-empowerment and a guide out of difficult situations. It speaks with the truth.

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