Have you thought about what it means to live lately? Finding myself in a transitional point in my life, better known as a turning point, I can say that I have been. There have been some pretty interesting turns in my life as of late, most of which are too personal to post on a public domain. Ever since the passing of the Mercury retrograde, I have felt things pick up bit by bit. With the last few struggles of the retrograde, the transition into a balanced life has been nothing short of stressful.
 And then there are the more obvious reasons, the change of othe season and of fashion.

So what’s going on? What should you know about this season, and how does it tie into the Death card in tarot?

December is a time in which cycles are ending. The year, projects from that year, associations, and anything that concerns the past. A new year promises new friends, hopes, opportunities, cycles, events, and turning points. This is the best time in which image makeovers are carried out, as well as the notorious time for resolutions to be act on in the New Year. People tend to write resolutions that they seldom follow through to the end of the year, but it’s the start of the journey that makes a difference for them. 


The Old Year stands for moving away from ideas, lifestyles and people. This is a sign that things won’t be the same ever again, mostly because all stages pass — unless of course you’re really bad at a video game… The Old Year is best left forgotten with the past, but with the teachings held in high regard still.

The New Year stands for a new life. It is shiny, unexplored, exciting. There’s no NO in the New Year, just plans and dreams that have yet to be accomplished.

 Doesn't that sound really good?
The Death card, like the Moon card, often has many associations to the Egyptian culture. They are, after all, the masters of death and the grand architects of the ancient world. When it comes to productivity, the ancient civilizations put us to shame! Regardless of how rudimentary their lifestyle seems to many, they were quite advanced in their knowledge and lifestyle.

In an Egyptian sense, the Death card speaks of what happens after a cycle ends; whether it is physical, emotional, mental, or a combination of the aforementioned. Many decks illustrate Death as a being made of bones, half in this world and half not, that comes to collect the souls of those whose time is up. While in some cases it is a very accurate portrayal, I hold the romanticized world of tarot in contempt thanks to this card.

The Death card has been abused for years in the media. Countless movies use it to scare people away from tarot, claiming that they will die in x or y amount of days. Oooh, spooky! I resent how negative they make the practice feel. It isn’t right to give a negative reputation to a practice that you don’t necessarily agree with. People are in no way forced to agree with the tarot and its practice, but it really bugs me that they try to ruin it for those that are interested and that do believe in it.

In the end, it is an individual choice whether or not to invest time and energy in tarot.


The Death card is a card about transformation. Its meaning will depend on the cards that lie around it in a spread, but it generally speaks of ending cycles. Once you’re done with something, the point is to really let go of the situation and allow it to work out on its own. I see that a lot of people are very clingy to their materials, emotions, and lifestyle. In order to find peace of mind, sometimes it is required to let things flow freely. I must remind you that resistance generates pain.

The Death card is an assurance that things will never be the same. The good thing about changes like these is that there is a promise of starting over. However, the people involved need to be willing to sacrifice the past in order to make way for the present.
As much as it hurts to let go, sometimes you just have to do it.

Do you have any personal impressions of the Death card that you would like to share with me? Please comment below with your thoughts!


It's finally here! After days of a very seemingly endless wait, Le Jeu du Destin Antique has finally arrived! I felt strangely as if I was fretting a long lost old friend. Maybe I had been searching without finding the right companion until this point in time? The packaging appeals to me in color and illustration style, although it is irritatingly small. These cards are tiny, sized as traditional playing cards were. The illustrations are beautiful; I wish they were bigger so I could get lost in them!

As I look through the cards, I realize that Le Jeu du Destin Antique is not a standard Lenormand. Instead, it is a regular cartomancy deck. The cards have astrological references in them as will as some smaller illustrations featuring different types of mythological creatures or animals. I elf them in my hands for so long that I just want to break into them to better understand the system! Even if it isn't a Lenormand, I know that I can learn a lot from this form of cartomancy. Who says they can't go together?

I attempted a Lenormand style spread between lovers and found it to be very blunt. However, as honest as the reading was, I felt that the definitions of the book were definitely outdated. They weren't broad enough to make sense of! Le Jeu du Destin Antique speaks about marriage, marriage, marriage; nowadays, it's really more like relationships, relationships, relationships. Back then, people got married without knowing one another as the norm. Nowadays, while I am sure that still happens, people at least take more precaution in getting to know their significant others before they commit to a marriage — at least that's what I hope. I contemplated the notion further, then decided to put the book away and to pursue answers intuitively — after all, I'm a professional tarot reader!

The deck mostly concerns matters of money and romance amongst people. Thrilled with my new discovery, I jumped right back into the game and tried out a new spread. Shuffling around a few times, I was very pleased with the results, and at times even spooked! For such a small deck, witnessing its wise fortune telling was very impressive. I feel as if I have been igniting my passion for exploration once more! With the coming journeys in lenormand and oracles, I am going to be a very busy bee at the start of 2012! Envisioning a combination of all the types of cards is promising! I can feel the divine waters of inspiration flowing freely now, just wait until you see what's coming up!

Fast and direct results. If you want to know about your relationships with others and where they stand, this is definitely an appropriate deck. You don't need to bother with otherworldly or otherwise introspective situations.

The cards are way too small! You could barely appreciate the illustration's symbolic nature. Since there aren't very many of them, this makes the deck nearly impossible to shuffle unless you mix them up face down over the table. Not an  advocate of cardstravaganza myself!

Packaging. The box is so pretty that it makes my day to see it on my workspace. The plus side to it being so small is that I don't feel the clutter. The bad side is that I really can't appreciate the details, which I am always so fond of! It's the little things that count.

The definitions are outdated. The cards speak of marriage, marriage, marriage as if it's the law. They don't call this deck antique for nothing! Granted, you are going to give your own intuitive spin to it; however, I like it when I feel that I am interviewing a deck. It is a process of discovery with each  card, getting acquainted with the personality and tone of the deck. This is so important, too!

It's an unexplored field. Even if it doesn't fit into the tarot or lenormand category, this deck is still an oracle for divination. I appreciate is as such.

Ever since I started blogging for the Psychic Bazaar, I realized just how much I enjoy collecting decks and sharing my opinion about them. I have compiled a wish list that I plan to cross out item by item. You can expect some lengthy introspection about elements of a deck that make it and break it for me! If you're curious to check out the decks that may be popping up soon, you may check the wish list.

When I evaluate a deck I focus not just on what the artwork is saying, but also the manner in which it says it. Everyone's got their own rules of criteria for what a divination deck should and shouldn't do. It would be really rockin' to hear what you guys have got to say about certain decks as well! Discussion, as always, is greatly encouraged!

I consider myself lucky to receive messages daily inquiring about metaphysics and deck recommendations. Although I don't like to admit it, over the year I have become the preferred oracle of many. That is both an honor and an issue! Thank you so much for reading. You are appreciated!


My first impression of the Psychic Bazaar was very positive. I didn't even realize that they had started out this year! The brand is sleek and nicely translated in the layout of the web site. You can get a sense of mysticism, hidden knowledge, astrological influence, and the studious teachings of alchemy from it. Let's face it; I'm a nut for anything that is whimsical with darker undertones, particularly hidden knowledge. My initial reaction was I want to get involved! I left a comment on their blog and e-mailed them, only to wake up to a response the next day. I love a community that is tech savvy and backs the words up with actions! This is a huge plus for them because their customers will feel valued and cared for. They have Facebook and Twitter, and provide really fast e-mail responses. Check them out!

Psychic Bazaar was created because with a love for all things mind, soul and spirit. We live in a world where people are too focused on the material: money and the body, and don’t spend enough tending to their own mind, soul and spirit, or those of the people around them. Exploring these areas wonderful way to spend time. Many of the products are very special, beautiful, enchanting and powerful works of creativity that can touch us in places we forgot about, and provide a new perspective that can be illuminating and refreshing. The Psychic Bazaar wants to create the same experience for people online. Not everyone is within easy reach of a good mind, soul and spirit shop, and so not everyone gets to see, first hand, the wonderful selection of decks, crystals, pendula, books, music, etc. available.

As of 11/11/11, I have started guest blogging for Psychic Bazaar! It all came together sweetly. James Legett from the staff offered me a pick at any of the decks from their selection. Ecstatic, I jumped back into the site and browsed for a deck that would be fitting for me and the style of readings that I provide. I noticed a tendency to enjoy looking at dark themed cards more, but to read the colorful cards more clearly. After scanning through all of my options, I found that the Morgan Greer deck called to me. In less than two hours of communication, James e-mailed me to confirm that the deck was on its way! Yay!

The first thing I noticed about the Morgan Greer as I got acquainted with my cards that it is incredibly easy to read. It is also really beautiful to look at! The colors are really bright and vivid, and that is what makes it the most appealing to me. The fact that all the scenes are so close to the reader makes them very personal. Instead of whispering knowledge to you, they yell it. This is a great deck for quick and direct readings, it goes right to the point when you need it. I felt as if it had been waiting for me to pick it up all along! Don’t be fooled by the happy colors, though… this tarot deck can bite! I spent a few nights sleeping with it under my pillow, shuffling it at random, looking into the cards, and generally getting better acquainted. When the time felt right, I laid out the Annual Review spread and started working with it.

After two weeks of getting acquainted with the community and the dynamics of posting, I have met a lot of talented tarot enthusiasts. It has been exciting to have intellectual exchanges, however brief, with like minded individuals that seek hidden knowledge as well as their higher selves. The Psychic Bazaar fan base is steadily growing, show some support!