It is with great pleasure that I am using the Tarot Nusantara for the very first time. I am posting an extensive review this Friday. This is a deck I have been looking for two years now. It is absolutely beautiful and impossible to get, seeing as very limited quantities made it to the United States. It's small and glossy up front, which makes it hard for me to see the details, but at least I have it. It's mine... even if my boyfriend accidentally dented the Magician card already. When I realized it, my face went all kinds of colors. Let's not dwell. He's burning hot right now and he knows it.

Two Major Arcana cards accompanied by one of each suit. Lately the double numbers have been making an appearance in my readings. Two twos, two fives, etc. The reading suggests springing into action after periods of uncertainty and wait. The spread is talking to me about the efforts that go into mending and working on situations that keep our mind spinning. As we edge into the week, I get the feeling we will be more immersed in work.

I get the feeling this would be a wonderful deck to work alongside with the Thoth. Even though it is clearly in RWS tradition, I get the sense some of Aleister Crowley's depictions could help us make sense of what the people in these scenes are doing or feeling.


Monday. Magician. Watch him as he works. He brings out in us that smart, intuitive quality to bring down divine aspirations to materialize in the real world. It shows that if we really want something, we can make it happen by rearranging the energies around us. This guy is clever, and in this case I feel like he's capable of hiding a series of tricks up his sleeve. Things won't be as simple as they seem because the Major Arcana card starting the week sets the grounds for illusions and games. If we're going to play the game, it may as well be a fun one. He's shirtless and there is a snake on his waist, denoting to me powerful masculine energy and influence over the week.

Tuesday. Ace of Swords. This ace puts a stop to doubt. Representing the element of Air, this card provides the wit to say what we need to say. Poignant points are sometimes necessary, but we can also take another approach. I know that this card suggests clear thinking to blow away cloudy situations with precision. I love that crown as well. Nothing is more satisfying than having an opinion and getting it out. Let's talk about it!

Wednesday. Wheel of Fortune. Great change that brings with it radical new things. This is a really beautiful Wheel of Fortune card, it has five figures rather than four. Notice the clouds holding it up and the fact that it isn't spinning. When things are in place, you know it's a matter of time before they start to spin again. Then you know that when they do, you can't hang on. Spin along with it instead, go with the flow. Change can be favorable.

Thursday. Eight of Wands. Phone calls, fast action and not having enough hours in a day. Fast action can be as positive as it can be bothersome, and it's up to us to know how to handle whatever surprises are launched our way. If we are aware of our surroundings, we can dodge projectiles meant for us in time. If we aren't, then maybe we should not expose ourselves to fast trouble. Let's think things over a little more rationally before we make a crazy jump.

Friday. Eight of Coins. Another eight, but this one is quite different! Where the previous eight shows movement, this one shows somebody quite still. The work we dedicate ourselves to absorbs us, it makes us focus on a task to the point of going into smaller detail. Let's focus on finishing a daunting task that seems long and wound out. Focus!

Saturday. Nine of Wands. That seems an awful lot like burnout. While the task is almost done and everything is almost in place, the person in the card reclines for a moment to huff. I sense tiredness and possibly even dissatisfaction. Let's truck it through to the end.

Sunday. Five of Cups. Yikes! So much doom and gloom. The day is ending and this person is left alone to wallow over something lost. To focus on what is lost is to intensify the feeling, to swirl in them for a while and to soak up the spill of the emotion. It's okay to release, to grieve and to accept things as they are. Let's not neglect a very human side to us, since we need to experience the positive and the negative as well.

What to avoid. The Hanged Man. Well, well, well. Stay away from those that can't make up their minds about you. If you feel they're stalling for time or don't seem to want to face you, it may be time to accept that they're not going to start. We can't force those to listen that don't want to, and while they hang in their indecision, it's okay to move forward with our own preoccupations. What if we're the ones hanging up side down and waiting for things to progress? We have to accept the circumstances we're in, but we shouldn't get ourselves in that position if we're not ready to deal.

What to strive for. Two of Coins. Keep things in motion and keep the balance even if it requires action. It's not always easy to get into the hang of things while we feel people come and go with their own business. We're not all on the same page or going to the same place, so we should make a conscious effort to keep our business to ourselves while others toil with their own. Besides, we shouldn't distract ourselves for a second with whatever is coming and going, otherwise we'll drop the ball.
Nothing is quite in place, and every week there is a new surprise that strengthens the fact. Everything changes so fast that right when the dust settles, the winds pick back up and scramble everything. I notice the change in the air and embrace it, but everything feels like its changing now. We arrive at the crux of the moment in which we must close our eyes and go with it. Just go with it.


I am excited to finally get around to compose this entry. It has been on my queue for weeks now! Today we will be looking into the Wild Unknown Tarot illustrated by Kim Krans, evoking spirituality found through adventures in the forest. Since I have been enjoying a cover of The Cure's A Forest lately, it is quite fitting to be able to play in the outskirts of the city without having to leave my room. It sets the mood just right for the experience that we're about to have; please enjoy!

I do not yet have the companion book but I don't really feel that I need it based off opinions from the AT forums. Apparently it doesn't go into the conceptual intention for this deck. Rather, the author apparently took the traditional meanings of the deck and wrote them by hand to make a hipster-proof handbook. While I admire anything drawn by hand, I think that the author could have taken the opportunity to add something new to the tarot table, which is already pretty cluttered with redundancy and noise. At this point the market is pretty saturated and we don't need more fluff added to it. In a way, I think this is why so many experts have jumped ship and run off to the Lenormand instead. I'm not knocking the book, I'm just saying that after going through the trouble to make something so refreshing in terms of symbolic imagery, why not take it a step further with the intended meanings?

This deck reads in a bit of an oracular way, rather than the traditional RWS tradition anyway... but its readings are really strong. It has taken a life of its own rather than the promotion they have been trying to give it, which I am relieved about. I don't think that it should be forced to be something that it is not, because this tarot deck exceeds the boundaries placed on it. I feel that if you run wild with it, you'll find yourself immersed in a world of darkness and light in balance — that's beauty right there. The trend hit strong, and everyone's got Wild Unknown fever! As I scroll down the threads in AT, I feel like most everyone is using the Wild Unknown Tarot as a one deck wonder or as the source for card of the day. I have to add that it photographs beautifully, in case any bloggers were wondering.

This deck uses black and white schemes with color accents. It uses the color theory to convey moods and feelings, but it also has an energetic pull with its color use that is quite interesting. It could be the wild splashes of color contrasted with the bleak and lively strokes used; the cards really resonate with the vibrant life around them, and I love them for that. There are several allusions to the Thoth tarot contained, which adds a solid layer of feeling to a deck that is already pretty full of symbols and secrets. This means any seasoned reader will be able to get great insight and surprisingly witty responses from this unconventional tarot deck.

The most special attribute to this deck is the fact that there are no humans in it. It is purely symbolic, which can either super charge it or make it impossible for some to connect with it. I feel drawn to the symbols and the elemental qualities, and find it a great chance to work with animal guides. Oh, these animals... Whether they're dead or still breathing, they are the ones that really make the Wild Unknown as solid as it is. You can draw connections, relate them, contrast them, and enjoy their company as you stumble or run through the forest. I really love their depictions and wish there were more for us to be delighted with.

And how about that card stock? It has a wonderful matter texture and it doesn't bend or warp. It comes beautifully packaged in a box with a black pullout ribbon and a beautiful foldout with keywords. You know it's sturdy when Le Fanu himself says, and I quote: This deck doesn't need a back up (and that's me saying that!) The cardstock will not suffer wear and tear. Or rather, it should last me another 30 years if I live to be almost 80. That comes from the King of backup decks and enabling. For those of you who have not had the pleasure to read his reviews, I suggest you run over to his blog.

I have to admit that at first I was not a believer. I didn't like the fact the meanings were not as thought out as the deck itself, but I realized that gave me leeway to assign my own meaning to it. In giving it a chance, I found that I could learn from it as the nagging teacher that it has proven to be. Literally wise beyond its years, and a worthy addition to any collection. This deck grew on me because of its beauty, its voice and the experiences I have shared with it ever since it came out. Both of my copies are from the second print run, and top quality — and yes, a backup was absolutely necessary!


♡ What is your most important characteristic?
The Lovers.
To fly freely with nature is to find harmony and purpose. We can get lost in the daily grind of life, but this deck intends for us to find magic in the cards and in every day life. They fly in unison and looking out for one another, but they fly as one and they're going to reach their destination together. I love how this card symbolizes the journey of the relationship, which will go through crazy obstacles and wintry weather to nourish itself.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
King of Cups. Look at that rain of emotions! Being in control of your emotions is difficult, but look at that black swan go. He's cruisin' and he doesn't really care what anyone else thinks of him. He knows his worth and he'll teach you yours if you listen.

What are your limits?
Eight of Swords. There are times when we close ourselves up and we don't listen to what the tarot is trying to tell us. We set our own boundaries, and it's up to us to break those boundaries too.

What are you here to teach me?
Five of Swords.
Breaking away from bonds and earthly pains that are of no help to us. What isn't worth it should be discarded. This also reminds me of 'solve et coagula', or rather, to differentiate different parts of the self. Here it is very clearly a division, and one that is going to cost us if we're not paying attention.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Eight of Coins. Work hard, work fast and work diligently! Spin a million tales, let them take their own turns and bask in the glow of what you make. Your work is your craft, you can either do it with pride or do it fast to push on. Take your time and it will be rewarding. I see the web stretching out as social networking with people.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
The Hierophant. Nag, nag, nag... Stop nagging me, Teacher! Just what I need to hear may not be to my liking, but it will provide the key to transformation. This is a crow, the shape shifter and the one who has the key. The key can be a solution that you haven't noticed to a problem, or it could very well be an opportunity that you have been waiting for. You won't be able to find your way if your head is full of noise and if you're not paying attention, which is why the crow nags.

During my time in Japan, I felt the crows were laughing at us or warding us off. They were huge, bigger than our heads in fact, and we decided not to get too close to them as they descended. They coexist with humans, but I'm sure they could be quite vicious if they wanted to be.

Which card do you want to show off?
The Chariot. Horses are free, they charge when they feel threatened and they linger while they're at ease. This one has the moon branded on his forehead, symbolic for the mind. He wears the Pentacle as an amulet to soak up the rays of the sun, which flows through him — or her — as masculine energy. This deck is saying it will charge forward with assurance, and whatever stands in the way will be stepped on. That's a pretty wild signifier for the chariot! This horse doesn't draw the chariot, it is the chariot.

How do you see me?
Judgement. A white dove rises to enlightenment amidst a sea of black birds. We face enlightenment when we can accept the call to action and to join a better cause. This is usually how those whose perspective senses are awakened feel, as diamonds in the rough finally breaking free from the coal. We're ready to rise, to seek light and knowledge, and we're comfortable in knowing the journey comes alone. Often we are persecuted for our beliefs and put down, but the internal light shines brighter than the dark words they try throwing over us. Uplifting!

How do you see yourself?
Seven of Coins. As a token of wealth offered from a lovely time period. It is the builder and the ladder to another level of consciousness. Embark on the journey without care of going back and you'll find yourself something new, but the upwards climb is rarely ever as easy as you would like for it to be.


High Priestess

Queen of Wands

Ace of Cups

An extra card combo, and a positive one. It is saying that once we let go of the ideas we so vehemently protect, we will be able to sample happiness. We can clear our blind eyes to see more clearly, but that means we need to accept gifts when they present themselves to us. If we're not open, we lose. Our attitude automatically improves when we can see past that initial danger,

Hey, Wild Uknown... Would you make an oracle AND a Lenormand? Pretty please? Yes?


Lately I have been thinking about how much whimsy there is in my blog, which makes it a little harder for people to resonate with the content if they don't already have some experience or interest in the tarot. I thought it would be nice to go back to the basics and define the mechanics of how it works here. I have read it with ease for years as a product of feverish study and constant effort into understanding the manner in which the cards interact with one another. After 12 years of reading tarot, I am certain that there is no religious — or otherwise malicious — affiliation to the cards, whether or not they have Catholic, Pagan or much darker principles featured. They run off a certain order and can be stripped of all religious meaning if desired. At the same time, the symbols can be added for context and for more depth in readings. That is always up to the reader, who can choose which tarot deck it will be out of a selection of thousands.

So what is tarot really? In essence, cards that are shuffled at random but somehow connected to all of the stages we undergo from the moment that we are born until we die. They allow us to trace meaningful connections back to our lives, and thus to gain a better understanding of ourselves. As we learn to read them, we employ techniques used by art historians and writers alike. They can be used for self-exploration and empowerment, but they don't really tell us things we don't already know and that's the beauty of it. What we are doing is finding a confirmation to what we already think, and from there we can have a better idea of the consequences to our choices. It allows us to think more deeply on our lives, all from a series of divination cards. We learn to derive meaning from pictures, and that is simply what it is.

There is no hocus pocus in the tarot, nor is there any hoodoo voodoo. In reality it's just paper, there is no magic there. Sparks don't shoot out of wands and people can't levitate with it. The real magic is in the person who has gained a thorough enough understanding of the cards to be able to draw coherent connections amongst them. This is the stage in which the reader can find the symbols pertain to their personal life, or that of the person that they are reading for. It can take years to really understand the system and the manner in which the cards talk to one another, but if we keep an open mind and if we trust our inner intuition, the process is made much easier.

I have come to see that those that are generally unconscious about their surroundings have a harder time learning. They stick to canned meanings and they can't grasp at all what the tarot is saying to them. Often if they have more than one meaning to choose from, they choose the one that they like over the one that all the cards are pointing to. I don't blame them for trying as long as they don't believe themselves to be masters of tarot reading within the month of picking up their first Doreen Virtue tarot deck... oh, wait. Was it the Vampyre Tarot they picked up, or possibly the Witches Tarot?  In their inexpert enthusiasm, they decide they want to start reading for other people and then they get the bright idea of charging for their readings. They take on the guise of a seasoned reader and start telling people lies. Grim opinions, the Death card literally means death, the Devil card means you're in trouble, and other common misconceptions. They try to put on a show and what they do is give the rest a bad name. The people they read for get scared and revert to their comfort zone in religion, they push away the tarot and the Hollywood image lives on still. Slow down! Enjoy the process and don't read for others until you're really ready. The best route to go is to tell your sitters that you are only just learning, and that while it could be an enriching experience for them, there could also be some things that are off.

I don’t agree with the image Hollywood has dressed tarot readers with. Now people in general think of the tarot as something evil or religiously charged, when in fact it is not. The tarot rarely ever speaks of death or the Catholic entity of the Devil. The tarot does not damn your soul and it isn’t a break up with any religious doctrine, should you be affiliated with one. I respect religious beliefs even if not my own, and grow silent about the subject if someone says, “I don’t believe in those things,” or, “I am loyal to God,” as if I was suggesting to them otherwise. (And I wasn't.) It doesn’t matter what I think or what I have experienced; if someone I am talking to is uncomfortable about the subject, I drop it like a hot potato out of respect. It is unnatural for me to bring up the subject first unless I trust you. It only ever comes up when people find my blog or my personal Facebook. I was raised in a Roman Catholic household and high school so I understand where people are coming from, but as an adult I don’t discuss my religious background or practice because it is personal and secret. Nobody ever really asks me about it, but I am glad to declare it.

Why is the public image of a tarot reader so fearsome?
Notoriety. Gypsies are quite popular in California, you can find Egyptian, Romanian and just about any nationality there is. What they practice is a blend of metaphysical tools of divination laced with their own religious principles. Their lineages trace back to centuries of fortune telling and other mystical secrets that can cause the hair on your arms to rise, but this is extra. It’s not just tarot, it’s something more. People make the mistake of throwing the tarot in with the rest of the experience because it is what lured them in, in the first place. Their religion and the practice of tarot is separate. Tarot is for almost everyone. Another notorious entity in the world of metaphysics is Aleister Crowley, a proclaimed Magus of our time.

How and why Aleister Crowley earned the title of Magus is a long story for another day, but today we will talk about his notoriety and his image in the world of metaphysics. Brace yourselves, because this one’s a bit tough to swallow, and this is precisely why we must talk about him. He wrote many scandalous articles that were encrypted messages for something else much less controversial. He was a powerful visionary and an enlightened soul, but he mistakenly overestimated his readers as he coded the true message of his writings. He thought anyone could be able to crack the code and gain the benefit of writing, but instead he limited it to a select scholarly few that are fluent in Thelema and Kabbalah.

He fed off the negative press and the scandal that rose around him because he enjoyed the attention. He relished the fear of those who did not understand him and propelled many to read his literary works that way. Therein lies the problem; people could not crack his code. It backfired in a way, but at least he is still a hot topic today. He knew how to get a reaction out of people and he took advantage of it in order to get ahead. That sounds more like stealth than it does like being a threat... and I have to say, he was quite a genius.

The only thing I will ask you to do is not to believe everything movies say. They are sensationalist, exaggerated to impress and to scare away. Often people think they know what they're talking about, when in reality they haven't got a clue. They will go through great lengths to exaggerate and to dazzle, but the truth is often quite simple. Seek sources that are credible, and listen to those that have enough experience to know what they're talking about. Read on the subject if it fascinates you. It would avoid confusion and more misunderstandings to arise amongst the members of the metaphysical tarot community.


Last week was quite busy. It was nice to get settled and ready to work once more, even though I found myself smiling every time I thought back to the days in LA. In remembering those wonderful moments of exploration and emotive outings, I felt fueled to burn through the rest of the working days with vigor. When Friday came, I was still on hyper work mode, but it slowly churned into weekend mode once I went for dinner and cleared my mind a little.

The Hierophant and High Priestess side to side last week concerned my reflections on the public space of Samhain Moon. I asked myself how much is too much and what can be too personal to share online. I am naturally compelled to write this blog because it is a great learning tool, a digital grimoire in which I analyze my essence and break it down for anybody else who is curious to do the same. It isn't humanly possible to profile the viewers of a public space unless they make themselves known in the comments section, and that is not always the case. There needs to be enough material put out so that the blog remains a clear reflection of what is going on, but there is a limit also on what is okay to publish. I value my privacy very much and remain a private person even if my online persona is louder, but I don't think that it is something to be concerned about as much. As long as the experience is shared without revealing too much about my private self, I think I will be able to keep a good enough balance. There is a great 60% of details that I keep to myself and will continue to do so. It isn't to hold back by any means, but rather, a safety precaution that must be taken to ensure I'm not saying too much. In short, I don't think that Samhain Moon makes my life entirely public. I felt that it was important to note that today as we look back into the past week.

Things are back up to speed now, I feel really good about the rhythm my life has taken recently. In looking at the spread for this week, we have two apparent color schemes and moods. The week is broken up into two; first we have clear celebrations in the home. We have taken to really pamper ourselves with care and with good company, and as a result we find ourselves more productive and motivated to push forward with the rest of the things we have to do. From the look of Monday through Thursday, the party continues. After a brief interval of breathing room, we are presented with options that define the setup for the next week as one of options and of turning our back on something. Let's look deeper into it.

Monday. Queen of Coins. There is no better way to start off the week than with this beautiful court card. She is the only one present throughout the week, so the focus is a little bit different. The focus is on comfort and on work. Working comfortably, in good spirit and with good food will be the way to prepare for a better week. I love the headdress on this card; everything about it is so lavish. It's not hard to feel this way when you truly take care of yourself.

Tuesday. Nine of Cups. I love this card. The number is discretely placed on one of the pots up ahead. There are people sharing their experiences and a merry cup of wine at a table. It's a private party and a merry one where good news can be shared. I can see the cups being passed for everyone in rounds, and laughter produced from the merry moment. The fish in the very center stands out to me. It's an obvious reference to multiplied wealth, and in this case with the cups it is a multiplication of emotional wealth. Share the joy and the love, it's good to be cared for.

Wednesday. Four of Wands. That is a setup for an empire if I ever saw one! It is a dream in the making, as pointed out by the night scape in the window of the threshold. It's a dream for settling down someplace that can only be constructed from hard work and dedication. It is worth working hard to reap the benefits of the battle. In this case, all the provisions are set and it's time to get to work.

Thursday. Three of Cups. Look at that! The fruits keep on coming, and so do the cups. I feel really good about that sign, especially with the company. The Three of Cups is a card of celebrating, togetherness and good friendship. There is an interesting vase placed over the head of the woman in the middle. They all bring something different, but I have a feeling that the one in the middle is the most humble on the inside, even if the most adorned. Three gifts today, let's stay tuned to see which will be which.

Friday. Carte Blanche. A sudden stop after such a crowded week. This looks like a breather, a day of being absent or a day of cooling down. It's the need to be alone and to take control of our own affairs. I do have a tendency to seek solitude and privacy after being around enough hustle and bustle for a few days. It is what we call the disconnect, or taking some time off to think and make plans. Adversely, it could be a day in which nothing turns out as planned.

Saturday. Seven of Cups. Decisions, decisions. Sometimes things come in pairs, and we need to make the choice of which one we prefer over which. When we are tempted, we are coerced to deviate from things that we have planned out. I feel like there can be many things offered to us over the course of our lives, and the one we pick will be the one that defines where we go next.

Sunday. Seven of Swords. Another Seven. In this case we see a boy stealing swords from a dormant place. He looks back with haste and carelessly drops two swords, the indication that he was there. He didn't cover up his tracks, he was quite careless. This is a possible theft of time or of space, but one that goes unnoticed until later. It is not the best day to confront any problems or to seek solutions, it's simply a time to watch.

What to avoid. Four of Cups. Getting stuck or locked up in the house. It looks like the more we accept our condition, the less we can do about it. When we limit our world to the same four walls and the same space, we're not giving ourselves a chance to grow. We need to expand our horizons to be able to see further ahead.

What to strive for. Ace of Cups. Look for caring, for understanding and for nurturing emotions. I feel this is a lot of fantasy, and possibly an optimistic sign. It is saying: drink, laugh, be merry. Enjoy things as they are in their simplest essence and don't question things until you're more sure about how things will go. This is an offer of love, a bond worth making and the promise that somewhere out there, there are similar sentiments being shared in the world. Dream wildly, make things happen for yourself.
I feel really good about this week in terms of where my life is going. The plans are falling into place and I have been able to visualize the way in which I am winding down the year (already!) I couldn't have done it without the support of my loving family and friends, it's really empowering when there is support coming from all sides.

Fun observation, we're almost at 50K hits! Thank you everybody!


Things are slowly gravitating back to normal. I had a wonderful time in LA, Niki introduced me to her workmates over at Nickelodeon Studios, which were all really quite nice and welcoming. We kicked the week off with a karaoke birthday bash and made our way up with nice dinners, adventures down at Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, and a hearty load of work to keep me occupied during the trip. Sometime during the middle of the week I had an interview for an internship with a company I really resonate with, I hope to be able to share more about that later. Let's keep those fingers crossed, this could be a truly enriching experience in a place that I love dearly.

I had the pleasure of seeing some of my closest college friends as well. I met them during my very first year in college, which happened to be the one with the most influential changes in my life. We may gravitate through different parts of the world, but I still harbor an immense care for all of them. It makes getting back together to catch up really sweet, that way we all have different stories and experiences to share with one another. I scrutinized them for details on how their move to LA went, as well as for the run down on their job hunts and how they feel after making the jump from Florida to California. Their responses were electric with encouragement and inspiration for the future. Saying good-bye is never easy, and I think this one took just a little over half an hour.

The trip culminated with the Muse: 2nd Law concert and Uniform Night at the Batcave. No trip to LA is complete without the deliciously decadent nightclub experience that you can enjoy amongst bats and ghouls. We had a wonderful time dancing on stage with the Go Go Bats and getting our picture taken at the photo booth. Muse was excellent; Matthew Bellamy really poured his soul out for us on stage. A nice quirk worth noting here about the concert is that mid way through, they have a roulette that chooses one song or another. We had the options of Stockholm Syndrome and Newborn. That made everyone go pretty wild, and was a nice feature I haven't seen at a concert before. The pyramid was also quite riveting. It had a series of visuals suggesting a trip through the brain as well as a delineation of the human senses: touch, taste and feel. I love bands that can string together a coherent concept and still manage to have amazing visuals for a show. Bravo, Muse!

The story behind this photo is quite emotive. I woke up to some sad news on Thursday that I wasn't able to wrap my head around completely. I finished up some work and then I headed out for a walk to Trader Joe's. On the way there, I saw a rose bush with only one that was floating all the way at the top. There was nothing around the area, just this desolate looking plant that gave off just the right feeling. I took it as a sign and snapped a photo of it, then admired it in silence. It has to be my favorite photo of the trip because it holds with it a lot of sentiment.

The rest of the day was spent in quiet preparation for the Muse concert. The 2nd Law tour really blew its fans away with the light show. Can you imagine that pyramid descending? In addition to the aforementioned, the pyramid showcased the members playing, the crowd, lyrics during Knights of Cydonia, and it flipped over so that it covered the members at the very went. It was a wild and absolutely fun concert experience.

I am super looking forward to going back there later during this year. I feel like my life is finally pushing me back out into the world, rather than keeping me in this quiet stage of internal reflection that I have been into. Sometimes we need a reminder that we aren't eternal to bring out the best parts of ourselves.