Today we are going to review the Impressionist Tarot by Arturo Picca and Corinne Kenner. This deck has been published by Lo Scarabeo.

A stroll down Montmartre, fluffy cotton clouds rolling over still waters that smile back up to the sky. It feels like the warm summer is gracing us with paintings of French countrysides also known as paradise. How I yearn to return to Paris and Montmartre to stroll down the same streets Toulouse Lautrec and the fabled Amélie Poulain did. I’ve already savored that delight.

Time moves you differently in France. You can pause to collect your thoughts at a café. The waiter compliments you on your menu choices. Having an afternoon snack and enjoying their decadent desserts. Why not turn over some cards? Might as well. This moment is perfect and I want to commemorate it. The Parisian lifestyle is contagious, tastefully modern in its own right. If I could, I’d spend my summers out there with my lover and endless sketchbooks. Macarons after visiting the Château Versailles. Afternoons spent on trains to museums and to soak up the rich French culture. The fresh aroma of bread trailing past you as you stroll down the cobblestoned street, bustling crowds outside café’s. Artistic statues and urban artwork. How I love it! Yes!!

Art is one of the most important forms of human communication. To paint snapshots of the depths of our minds is priceless. It goes just as well for helping others see the world through our eyes. This artistic movement brought a change from the precise portraits of the Neoclassical and Baroque. A breath of fresh air for all those who have the vestige of a painter or artist in their hearts. Look within! This deck will give your creativity a voice.

Impressionism looks random, but trust me when I tell you that these paintings had to be very precise. If your hand slipped and you had a bad stroke on your long pointillism, you could end up muddling the colors together. The piece could ruin!

I love this tarot deck. The paper is a delight to shuffle, sleek and slippery. I love the crunchy shuffle of the Lo Scarabeo paper stock.The cards are thin but sturdy. All of the colors in the cards go well together. This deck is harmonious, as you would expect from an art tarot deck.

I am going to take a marker to give this deck golden edges; that’s all it is missing! That last little detail to turn your experience into a very magical one. ✨

♡ Pierre Auguste
♡ Edgar Degas
♡ Paul Gauguin
♡ Edouard Manet
♡ Claude Monet
♡ Renoir
♡ Vincent Van Gogh

The backs of these cards are so humorous to me, but they honestly make sense. They are the backs of the frames. What you get if you flip a mounted painting to see what lies behind it. I love the idea of having talking pieces of art in my pocket.

The richness of the painterly colors makes this deck a visual delight. I haven’t worked with it nearly enough but I sure intend to. It evokes an era I could only dream of participating in, but because of that it is all so real and attainable.

What is your most important characteristic?
Ten of Wands. This deck offers respite during those days we feel heavily burdened or tired of our circumstances. It shows that despite initial stress, you can sit back and put things in perspective. You can sort through the noise and the chaos to find comfort just being yourself. Take it easy and try not to race to the end. Savor the moment.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Ten of Cups. The picture depicted is complete. How you feel about it though is another story.

What are your limits?
Ten of Swords. It’s possible that you wear yourself out either asking or answering the same question time after time, multiple times. Sometimes it’s when you read for yourself, other times it happens for work. When you read for that one client that asks the same question in quick succession. Redundancy at its best!

What are you here to teach me?
Nine of Wands. To take a step back and assess what has helped you arrive to where you are now. Learn to retrace your foot steps and pull from the real reason why you stand where you stand. Think back and find the real reason why things happened as they did.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
The High Priestess. I love this! Look within. As seasons come and go you are the observer. Do that best, the messages will come. Listen, watch, learn. The canvas of the mind opens before you, unfolding truth as you have never seen before.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
The Hanged Man. When you learn to take enough time to breathe and zone out, then the moment of understanding comes. Reach the zen state of mind, then let the image come to you. Envision yourself scrying. The mind is the mirror you look into.

Which card do you want to show off?
Ace of Cups. The reflection to the outside is a mirror reflection of the inside. Garnished by the vivid strokes of art, which also happens to be a form of expression.

How do you see me?
Six of Cups. Nostalgic romantic. Always dreaming and day dreaming, always romanticizing situations by pure nature. Sweet is what you recall when you think back to those sunny summer days. You reply the warmth of the smiles on their faces. Always matching, never intentionally. The past, how bittersweet to love you.

How do you see yourself?
Queen of Swords. Sharp. No bullshit. Knowing exactly when to speak up and which wise words to utter. Bringing down the sword of ruthless, cold truth. No fact will be twisted without being brought to justice. The most terse and to the point. Every word is counted, a mind this sharp won’t miss any of the details.

That had a snap, crackle pop to it, didn’t it? I thoroughly enjoyed writing this review. These cards inspire me, and their influence waxes poetic. I like that.

Try them out and let me know what you think. They have evoked special experiences for me. One day soon we’ll exchange stories. For now, more reading.