Last week's manifestations unfolded nicely. The Three of Swords ended up being the postponement of a meeting. During the weekend, J left to go back home and I found myself a little grumpy. I've been thinking about the need for balance in my life lately. It is curious to find the Knight of Pentacles present once more this week. He may have some purpose to talk about still. This is the third week he shows up in a row! I'm open to your message, what have you got to say?

This week's spread is pretty loaded with information. Upon first gaze it looks like another simple week, until I came to realize all the Majors that are present in this spread. Within the week are four Major Arcana cards, followed by two more in the advice section. Whenever there are so many majors in a spread, I know that it's going to be a heavy week. Usually the experiences are worthwhile, but the cards present make the changes seem a little harsh.

We're not missing any suits, all four are here. That gives the week some stability save for the fact that there will be so many things going on with me as a person. Reading this spread in a sequence, it feels like there are news coming, or like I will be dealing with an important situation as stated by the King of Swords. He's not the best person to appeal to emotionally, so the Queen of Cups feels isolated from him. With The Fool and Death present, I get the strong sense that an end to something is coming. While the advice section says not to give up, the clarity cards tell me to handle the situation in a calm and collected manner. This is a situation I can't hide from or leave until later. I am curious to know what happens this week.

Monday. Knight of Coins. This card is more literal than anything today. I went to my Grandpa's house to move the storage boxes from my college back to my house. There were many surprises lying in the boxes, most of which I can use today. It added a melancholic twist as I peeled back the layers of my college years. As I unearthed the treasure that has been in slumber for two years, I remembered special people that I am no longer as in touch with. I felt like I was unpacking my life out of boxes, similar to that sweet feeling when I moved back into my dormitory every August.

Tuesday. King of Swords. This card is curious. As a person, it is a man that is smart and a little intimidating with his strong presence. He has character and he's strict with people that he loves. I don't feel that he is the most communicative when it comes to his feelings. He keeps secrets and he doesn't make known how he feels about certain things. As an event, it can be a fair resolution to a problem that has been going on for a while. With the truth in his hands he can be objective of something and calm as he settles the opposition. If the card is an event, this King is giving me advice on how to handle a difficult situation.

Wednesday. The Moon. It has been a long time since The Moon has graced me with its presence in a reading. Dreams, illusions, visions. I look forward to the messages that I receive, or to the events that unfold that night... it's bound to be interesting.

Thursday. The Hermit. Coming after the Moon, this could be a time to withdraw into the banks of memory to seek meaning. I will learn from my messages — perhaps the hard way — and adapt these new teachings into my life as it is. The Hermit brings with him the acceptance of who he is, regardless of flaws and strengths, to be in peace. The light of his lamp isn't very bright, so he may already be aware that he is following his own inner guidance.

Friday. Queen of Cups. Person or event? As a person, the Queen of Cups is likely to be a water sign or emotive person bringing a message. She looks like she has all the tools set up on the table before her, and like she wants to talk about what I have learned during the week. I feel also that she's learning to balance emotions with logic. As an event, this card could be telling me to make peace with my inner turmoil. I feel like this is a message to write down anything that could be bothering me in my diary and to forget about it. Finding the peace that this Queen has means to release anything that builds up over time or bothers. That's a powerful message from this card for the week!

Saturday. The Fool. Start over. Whatever is going on this week will be a big deal because it brings with it so much change. Like The Fool, I might not be ready for the changes that are coming, but I'm willing to accept the challenge of starting the journey over, no matter which aspect in my life it is. I'm open — or so I think.

Sunday. Death. This situation ends with a bang. With the Death card present, it looks like a painful transition out of a difficult situation to a new reality. Endings are never easy and it can take some effort to swallow the news that we're not ready for. I hope not to have many more visits from the Death card this year, it usually brings uncomfortable situations to me that I would rather not handle at the moment.

What to avoid. Ten of Wands. Don't quit, no matter how heavy the burden. Remember not to load yourself with so much, because it is probable that you can't handle it all at once. This is a reminder that there is only so much we can do in a set period of time, and to try to go over that could be to wear out the energy available for these tasks.

What to strive for. The High Priestess. Be objective. When I see the High Priestess with her book of universal secrets, she reminds me that we don't always need to voice our opinions. No one needs to know everything you pick up on them just because you're clairvoyant. Experience doesn't need to be shared unless asked for or earned. She's very jealous of what her treasures are worth, and I feel that she protects the sacredness of those secrets. Maybe I should too.

Clarity. Justice. This card tells me that I am handing a situation that will have to be settled with dialogue. I spend so much time advising others to do the same things, yet sometimes I end up reacting according to what my emotions dictate. With this card next to the High Priestess, it's a good sign to practice what I constantly preach. It's tough to find a balance when we're immersed in difficult situations, but I'll try my best to anyway.


Sometimes I need a refreshing experience to part with things that are no longer desired in my life. I have to hear the confirmation from another tarot reader to get a clear sense of what I'm going to do next, and it's also really a really fun experience. I'm a loyal client when it comes to the tarot. If I'm going to get my cards read, it will be by oracles that I am familiar with. In times of need, I resort to La Gitana Patricia, Marcella Kroll and Karael. I trust them because I know them to be responsible, gifted spiritual workers and readers. Each one has their special gift that they share selflessly, and that makes them unique in style and performance. When I am feeling more adventurous, I try other readers out, but I don't do it very often. The result is usually a reminder of why I stick to my trinity of readers, which I have had the gift of getting to know personally. A big influence on a reading is your personal chemistry with the reader, since you are entrusting them with your personal secrets.

An opportunity came up for me last week to be read by La Gitana Patricia, and I set up an appointment for this past Monday. It was postponed until Tuesday, and then to Wednesday. The exclusivity built up a lot of anticipation for me and I was more than ready for it once Wednesday came around. When I referred back to my weekly projection, I found that the Hierophant was present on Wednesday.

When my turn came, the receptionist ushered me into the familiar room that I remember from my very first reading. I sat on the leather couch and shuffled the Rohrig Tarot, which was published in 1995 by Carl W. Rohrig. It is featured in this post, with marks of love. She has been using it for a little over sixteen years, and the wear and tear literally shows. It is a powerful deck of cards that has foreseen many joys and grievances, and a deck that speaks to her quite clearly still... even though most of the illustrations have blurred from use.


What I liked about the Encuentros Mágicos spa the most is that sense of peace that you get from the ambiance. With the incense, running water and the ethereal music playing, it was very easy for me to feel comfortable where I was. I stepped into the office and was met with a busy shrine, an altar and with a beautiful Libra witch. I was entranced by her charm. She took a quick look at me and started talking to me about my innermost secrets. I sat mesmerized and introduced myself, concerned with the voyage that I was starting in college. The reading lasted an hour, maybe an hour and a half. My first experience with her was right before I left for college. She made me laugh and sometimes wince, but the most interesting part about the reading was when she talked to me about my clairvoyance.

Through the years our relationship has evolved, and I consider her to be a marvelous friend and mentor. La Gitana Patricia is a person that I feel I was destined to meet, and it surprises me that she came into my life when I was still very young. Even though she is a public figure, she was very accessible to me from the start. We have shared many spiritual experiences together, from reiki healing to shamanic retreats in the mountains. Even though we're both really busy with our lives, we still manage to make some time to catch up with each other. She has made a very significant impact on my life.


It felt good to step out of my psychic shoes to be a client again. Gitana Patricia delivered many messages to me, some of which were totally unexpected. She traced connections from the changes that have manifested in my life ever since the Ayahuasca ritual. Some of the things she mentioned from my visions were things that I had actually not yet figured out. I received news about work and finance that I were pleasant with a few varying surprises. I also received news of travel, which I have been hopeful about for a while. In the romantic front, she made some shocking statements. We shared details before we moved to the family subject, where the real big surprises were. I had some recurring Major Arcana cards that I took note of, such as The Hierophant, the High Priestess, The Devil; and from the Minor Arcana, the Ace of Swords reversed.

We saved my spiritual progress for last because it is the subject I was most interested in. She said that I have evolved spiritually and that I have released many fears since the Ayahuasca ritual. For the first time since we met, my sleeping problems didn't come up in the reading — or maybe it did but she chose not to tell me this time around. To wind down our reading she shared with me the meaning of being an oracle, commonly referred to as a psychic. I especially liked an explanation she offered in the alchemy of personal energy. She explained from a metaphysical point of view how we can shine our light onto others, and how that can attract them without them knowing. The "there's something about you..." moment that we experience so often. We shared a lot of thoughts and experiences with each other, and I walked out feeling like a new woman.



Last week's projections ended up being incredible! I wish I could show you the difference that this weekly spread has made in my life. The cards manifested very clearly from Friday to Sunday, although I felt I had other archetypes appear throughout the week. With sincerity I recommend this spread to all tarot and cartomancy enthusiasts. They won't miss a thing!

I haven't used the Golden Tarot by Kat Black on my blog before, so I'm going to try it out!

This coming week looks to be balanced out in Majors and Minors. The Hierophant and the Magician show up side by side, with the Hierophant purposely ignoring the Magician, looking back into the past, where he finds memories of heartbreak. It appears as if the Hierophant has found a trade that will keep him busy, but he looks away from the situation because it pains him. The Magician works very hard and is running away from his problems and the struggle. There is something going on that is important, but they don't want to handle it. This is very clearly a family situation presented in which my Grandfather and my Father are reflected, although I can easily trace this situation to work and other aspects of my life. At 84 years of age, my Grandfather has developed a habit of running away whenever he starts hearing things that are not of his liking. He has decided to remain stubborn and he pushes away any pain or commitment. My Grandmother's passing hit him hard. My father as the Magician bears the burden of finding responsibility and keeping everything together. He's struggling, and it looks like he needs a break from his responsibilities. I may suggest a vacation for him.

The conflict I suggested is enforced by the two Five cards at the end. Multiple Fives mean conflict, confrontation and disagreement. All of the elements are present, which makes this week a grounded one. I get the sense that the primary focus is on communication and dialogue. When everyone is busy and rushed, they forget the need to express their feelings. In thinking about things too much, we may overlook the fact that we haven't clearly expressed our intentions and our needs. Communication is key, people!


Monday. Three of Swords. This card is the one that worries me the most. There's really no way to soften a heart pierced by three swords. I am heading to Gitana Patricia's shop today for a personal tarot reading, and I have the feeling that I may hear something that I'm not ready for. Whatever it is, it'll be better to know now than to go days without knowing. At least I will be prepared by the time it is over. In truth I am looking forward to what she has to say. I love her.

Tuesday. Knight of Coins. My package must arrive at last! That looks like the mail man to me. I'm very excited to publish my most recent acquisitions to my tarot collection on my blog, but first I need it here. The anticipation mounted over the weekend, I can't wait to get my mail already!

Wednesday. The Hierophant. I know that I have a lot to learn, and this card is to me a nagging reminder that I need to keep reading and studying. He may be manifesting a situation from which you can only learn by experiencing. He's a wise man, but I don't always agree with his methods of teaching.

Thursday. The Magician. The Magician reinforces the act of studying, and also of perfecting a craft. This may be a good day to work on the creative projects that have been on the back burner, with a specific emphasis on Gitana Patricia's merchandise. I am branding some tea for her, along with some other exciting products.

Friday. Eight of Cups. Move away from difficult situations and things that you would rather deal with later. There are so many cups lying there, waiting to be tended to. Those cups feel like pools of emotion that are kept separate and neglected, but are still there at the end of the day. I wonder what that person is walking away from, because he seems to be walking right into some conflict. Maybe walking away from his responsibilities won't do him very well.
Saturday. Five of Swords. Brawls, arguments, crossed words. Can't win them all, sometimes the best thing to do is step back and watch things unfold. I don't like to get involved in drama, and that guy looks like he's ready to release the hounds on the person walking out of the Eight of Cups card. I think I will retreat into my shell on Saturday, this looks a little dangerous.
Sunday. Five of Wands. Sunday looks like an even more heated up day for argument. It looks like they're all fighting to get their way, while the one in blue has his arms held out. It feels like trying to make peace amidst a pool of angst and controversy. Conflict isn't my thing, so I'll be sure to be disconnected from social networks and outings on Saturday and Sunday.

What to avoid. Page of Wands. Avoid getting too passionate or attached to things, especially on the weekend. When we're young, we're more explosive with our feelings. We feel the need to manifest them and to make them known to others. We like it when others resonate with our feelings and join us in our manifestations. Try to look ahead into the future, rather than stay standing in the past.

What to strive for. The World. With so many things going on in my life lately, the World card is telling me to stay focused on making those goals concrete. Stay on target and move towards the things that matter. This is always a sign of success and happiness with what you do, so I am glad to have pulled it.
Clarity. The Sun. Even though many of the cards in this week's spread are worrisome, I get some good vibes from the Sun. I feel it tells me that it's all for the greater good, and worth the struggle in the end. Summer is coming as well, and I am definitely looking forward to the surprises that it'll bring. This reminds me that I need to write my Summer To-do list. I make one every year!

I like warnings like these because they keep me on my feet. I would much rather know about a conflict that is coming while being prepared, rather than getting hit by something I didn't see coming. It is for weeks like this that I am thankful to have the powerful tool of self-empowerment available in the tarot.

Isn't the Golden Tarot by Kat Black enchanting, too? Marcella Kroll uses it as her main working tool. Why don't you book a reading with her?


What an exciting weekend! The first thing I want to say is that I didn't get my expected package in the mail, but I did find why the Page of Pentacles was present on Saturday. On Saturday I went to the Kaisen X in Cataño with J to participate in the unofficial debut of the Kokeshi Geishas &Taikomochi Okiya. This is a project of which I am very fond of, as I am their Graphic Designer as well as a Co-founder. You can expect a brand manifesto within the next couple of months, I am still making the preparations to launch the brand!

I tossed and turned the night before for hours. The looming activity had me nervous and electric; I'm not used to being immersed in big crowds and interacting with that many people. The advantage to having a costume on is that it makes even the most introverted people come out of their shells. People love watching characters come to life and are unconsciously extra nice to those who have taken the time out to carve a perfect outfit. There is a lot of respect involved in performing as a walking artistic expression, which makes it really easy to shed the shackles of being shy. Luckily I had the opportunity to hide behind the guise of Umeko, my Japanese Geisha character in the KG&T family. Thanks to the Oka-san Sayuri's careful attention to detail, I felt that I had been reborn into a different life through the image of my character.


It felt like a great, great time amongst friends. These are friends that I have made through the Kokeshi Geishas & Taikomochi group, which I am very fond of. They're the kind of people that you can't get enough of when you meet them. I've clicked with them almost instantly and I really enjoy working with them, particularly with the Team Triforce. We have fun as we work together — what more could I ask for? It was also really humbling to have my boyfriend J by my side all the while. He's very patient and he takes care of me, which is something rarer than gold with couples nowadays. It is a little crazy to think that we're getting along so well regardless of the Venus retrograde.

Some of our favorite characters were the creepy ones. J and I were enamored by our first encounter, one of the witches from Hocus Pocus! I didn't manage to get a picture for her and I also missed out on the chance to read her tarot, but at least we had a fun conversation before I went to get ready. The Silent Hill nurses made wonderful poses, it was reminiscent of Niki's costume at a Ringling party a few years ago. Their crooked posture makes me feel like I'm surrounded by a bunch of mummified and burnt Lagy Gagas... and I love it! Last but not least is Cubone, one of my favorite Pokémon cosplays that I have ever seen. She looked adorably cute! I wanted to put her in a Pokéball to take her home with me.


A special highlight of my day was in meeting a Page that was performing card tricks for people attending Kaisen X. He had crude make-up reminiscent of Jack Skellington on his face and long, wavy hair. His build was very thin and lean, and he was dressed in black and white. I saw him talking to his friends and moved closer out of curiosity. When he saw me, he flashed a mischievous grin and ushered me closer for the trick. It was all very quick, as all Magicians are. They don't give you the time to register what is going on, so you need to be quick on your feet. I was honestly stumped at the end of it, but I countered with the announcement that now that he had messed with my mind, I had a few tricks of my own to impress him with. I pulled the Vertigo Tarot pouch literally out of my sleeve and shuffled the cards before me. He had a look of confusion on his face, but he accepted the challenge.

I shuffled for a couple of minutes, enjoying the exchange of impressions from his friends on my outfit and the fact that I read cards. I had already handed them flyers for Kokeshi, so it was my turn for a trick. I fanned the cards out in my hand and asked him to pull three cards. The first card that he drew was The Tower, which really alarmed me. Right after, he pulled Judgment and a Minor Arcana card. I understood that he was going through a deep personal problem and I didn't want to scare him or alert his friends, so I stuck to the positive aspects of the cards. I advised him to let go of the things that didn't work in his life and to begin a new cycle of self-discovery and self-love. I could tell that the message hit him pretty hard and that it was exactly what he needed to hear at the time. His friends excitedly jumped in afterwards for their own messages, and displayed the same enthusiasm as some of my previous clients have in the past. There's something really gratifying about helping others who don't expect a positive outcome to manifest in their lives. They thanked me promptly and were on their way.

Since I went to the Kaisen X for promotional purposes, I didn't expect to find anything from the realm of magic hiding amongst the layers of pop and fluff of anime. The booths were reminiscent of the ones I saw at the San Diego Comic Con in 2009, crammed with original artwork and handmade crafts. I did manage to find some worthwhile treasures, though.

The manifestation of the Page of Pentacles was quite curious. At around 4P.M., we were sitting on the bleachers and winding down the day. The Samurai Li Konasawa came to me with electric excitement flowing through him. He asked me to accompany him somewhere, because he had found a treasure that he was sure I was going to love. I followed him to the Kawaii-Desu booth as fast as my geta sandals could follow me. When we got to the booth, he showed me a Chobits Tarot from the same company that published my recently-acquired Sailor Moon Tarot. I also found a Miku Tarot that I had protectively latched onto long before the seller could tell me what the name of it was. With a good-natured laugh, the seller finished telling me about the merchandise. Ten minutes later I walked with two unexpected treasures that I know would be really hard to find on the internet. The last thing I expected was to find such a delightful surprise at an anime convention, but I took for granted the clever demographic targeting of Asian merchandising. To me, it felt like the adventures that I read about on my favorite tarot card and cartomancy blogs. They share stories of impressive magic shops and flea markets that we lack in Puerto Rico, at least in the esoteric and metaphysical departments.

I don't have any pictures to show yet, but I'll review them once I have a better idea of what they stand for.

Now I have a reasons to go back to anime conventions, both for work and entertainment.



It's rare to find people in Puerto Rico that are as enamored with antiquity as I am. Here they prefer dubstep, pop music, iPods, Forever21, flat screen t.v.s and being wired to social outings while partying in the streets. I spend most of my time pretending I live in a Victorian setting, writing by hand and admiring things made by hand. Often times, you can find Victorian Steampunk undertones in my fashion. I obsess over the French Rococó and have often stated that I was born two centuries too late. I dream of corsets, parasols and of masquerades; anything dating back to the 1800s in aesthetic is likely to aid my heart beat faster. With that same zest I relish the Bohemian Gothic Tarot from Baba Studio. It is up to date my second favorite tarot deck — so much in fact that I have splurged on a second copy with an inflated price due to it being out of print. I have heard from the Magic-Realist Press Facebook page that they will be printing a third edition of this deck in early 2013. Watch out, Bohemian Gothic Tarot, 2013 looks to be a challenge with the arrival of the anticipated Alice Tarot!

This tarot is for everyone, it has a heavy air of melancholy and romanticism, making it an ideal purchase for the fans of Tim Burton. The cards show scenes of the daily events of the creatures of the night. I really love that these cards don't have borders, it makes them unobtrusive to read with. Each picture blends or interacts with the next. The Bohemian Gothic Tarot speaks in whispers, they don't make the messages obvious at first. It takes me long thinking and careful consideration.

As the little white booklet suggests, the Bohemian Gothic Tarot was made to explore the shadow sides of life; the wisdom and truth that may lie in nightmare, dark imagination and fear of the supernatural. It's a deck of many levels, not all of which reveal themselves immediately. The images can be fun and a little unsettling at first, but through study, they offer deeper insight. It offers the perception of the darker, hidden workings of the subconscious, and the power that horror has to both frighten and attract us.

The little white booklet includes the Secret Fears spread and the Vampire Spread, which have been designed specifically for use with this deck. I recommend it also for spreads concerning the shadow side of a person. It helps us get in touch with the feelings that lie under the surface; feelings that we tend to invest special care in keeping out of view. Something that I find compelling about this deck is that most of the cards depict night time scenes. Even the ones in daylight such as the Sun and the Knight of Swords are shown in a gloomy setting. The warmth that the sun provides seems to scorch the barren threes, the child doesn't even seem to enjoy the rays of sunshine glowing through the gaps. His attention is eerily focused on the viewer. The knight is dreamy for a Knight of Wands. He doesn't seem too happy about the fact the sun is rising, because this means that his night if debauchery is over.

This deck embraces the bittersweet melancholy, as that of fading memories. Barely anybody is smiling, but I find that it adds to the mood.


Most important characteristic:
Ten of Wands. I hold the problems that people find too heavy to carry. This is how I offer comfort, in taking away the nightmarish burdens. I am intended for use in the shadows, that's just the way our dialogue is meant to be. I'll remind you no to take on too much or to try to do far more than you should.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Knight of Swords. I'm stern. I'll tell you the truth when you don't want to hear it and I'll cut through the much of uncertainty with what you need to know. I'll jump right into what you need to know.

What are your limits?
Knight of Pentacles. Don't lose your head. If you place the same meanings on me as your other decks, you will get readings that don't have any light in them. Don't get too creative, either. View me from the perspective of a Bohemian Gothic manifestation, nothing more and nothing less. I won't conform to the normal views of society.

What are you here to teach me?
Ace of Swords. I'll speak for you with inescapable clarity. I'll show the way to clarity, but it will require efforts. Know how to make things to your best advantage, and proceed with strategy. Clarity of mind is most important.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Seven of Pentacles. By reviewing all of your options and taking the time to contemplate what comes next. It requires time and patience to find the right answers. Don't rush the work, you've already come this far.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Eight of Pentacles. Practice makes perfect. You have a broad knowledge of cartomancy already, but it also takes study and practice to get used to the manner in which my cards read sequentially. Take the time to perfect the craft, to really understand the dialogue.

Which card do you want to show off?
Three of Pentacles. I am fond of classic horror and of working together for the desired goal. Attain a level of mastery through hard work. My cards are composed of different photos, but the collage has been carefully stitched together in the end.

How do you see me?
Queen of Wands. A passionate performer. The Queen of Wands is a flashy queen.With Moon in Aries, you exalt the fire qualities in your shadow side.You come out of your shell to work with others and end up relishing the attention.

How do you see yourself?
Four of Pentacles. I represent dying aspects of traditional culture. I find wealth in tradition and I'm here to show you how it's meant to be done according to my values. I'm beautiful, but I'm an old soul. Don't be fooled by my gilt edges.

Five pentacles in a reading are good omens for work and finance. Maybe this is a tarot deck that calls to be used with the general public once I am done studying it. The day it is used for the general public is far away still, but you can expect more readings + insight in the near future.

I hope you enjoyed this review!


Last week was very pleasant. I had a really great time during the weekend. It feels really good to share instances with people in which you feel light, loved and appreciated. It isn't very often that I get to go out and enjoy myself, but last weekend had just the right balance between work and play. Having a good weekend really helps to begin the week on the right track. That is exactly the message that last week's Hello Witches spread delivered. I'm excited to see what this week brings in.


I have pulled another spread with balanced elements today. Pentacles, Cups, Wands, Swords and Majors are all present in the reading in one form or another. There is a higher concentration of Pentacles present, projecting the week as one of mostly work. The Swords fall under a negative connotation, with the statement that thinking too much will become a distraction prevalent. With the Majors, I get the feeling one has a lesson to highlight, and the other has a glimmer of hope for the next week.

Three Aces indicate success and new energies at work. This means that there are new beginnings in work, love and in matters of the mind. It could be a refreshing wave of ideas that pass, or little manifestations that aren't necessarily noticeable to the eye. An Ace is just raw energy, it is the suggestion or the manifestation of something that can come to pass if enough energy is devoted to it. With the Ace of Wands not present, I can foresee that without much effort, these Aces are likely to pass unnoticed. Even though the Ace of Pentacles is present as a material gain, it needs the burning passion and the effort of the Ace of Wands to come into being.

Monday. Ace of Pentacles. This material Ace says to focus attention on ideas and projects concerned with work. Energy will stay as just that if it isn't materialized into something. It's time to break out the working materials!

Tuesday. Eight of Pentacles. This card prolongs the message from Monday. It says to continue polishing and refining the work that is started this week. Notice how carefully she paints the star onto the Pentacle, even though there is a big build up of tasks behind her. It stands a reminders to take your time with every task, so that it turns out perfect. Once these tasks are done, there will be satisfaction in sitting back to admire the finished work.

Wednesday. The Devil. This is a day of feeling tied down and not being able to run on schedule. It's clearly a problem because the creature is distracting the lady from going where she wants to go. He sweetly whispers for her to stay and play, and to worry about the things she needs to do later. Since she doesn't get the chance to play very often, she surrenders to his charms. I find this to be a warning more so than an encouragement to play after the work is done.

Thursday. Ace of Cups. The girl's cup is overflowing with emotions. For Thursday, it looks like a romantic surprise. It could also mean the intuitive practice of helping others. She accepts an exchange of currency for her talents, and she loves what she does. This connection is drawn with the other two aces of working with a clear mind. I work at night time, so it is a pleasant surprise to find the moon's influence over emotions.

Friday. Ace of Swords. Friday looks like a day of dialogue and quick action. In the card, she crosses a sword over her heart for protection. It is a sign to keep my guard up and to be aware of my surroundings with a sharp mind.

Saturday. Page of Pentacles. Pages bring with them the news of something new, and in this case it is of opportunity. With the rabbit present at the girl's feet, it looks like a good day to try a ritual in my personal life. I may also receive something special in the mail this week, so it looks to be here by Saturday. Cheers!

Sunday. The Star. This card usually makes me feel that our dreams don't materialize if we don't put effort into them. It promises hope to many of my clients with the message that something good is coming. From experience, The Star takes too long to materialize. By the time dreams spring into being, the people it alerted are already focused on another task. Still, the night is long and it holds with it hopes of light coming soon.

What to avoid. Nine of Swords. Don't think too much about things, because they start blowing out of proportion and they turn into nightmares. It tends to happen. When we don't like something, we focus on it so much that it turns into the very meaning of haunting. The nightmare smiles in quiet agreement of being a product of the mind. She just needs to wave that negative vibe away with her hand, or with one of her swords.

What to strive for. Eight of Cups. Walk away from difficult situations. Often when we cut negativity off from the root, we save ourselves a lot of trouble. This means to turn away the things that don't work or aren't beneficial to the situation. If it isn't that important, I will know to leave it for another day I can work with it.

Both of the advice cards look to the future. Maybe that's where I should look to go as well.