Samhain Moon is a written + visual platform expressing the musings and interests of creative designer/illustrator Mónica Laura. The contents of Samhain Moon transcend the typical  design blog with direct links to the world of metaphysics, which Mónica Laura researches and experiments with daily. The visual fixation spans from handwritten diary entries to serial imagery that has been manipulated into visual message making.

Leelah seeks to share her discoveries from the design + esoteric worlds that make up her life.


 Questions / advice.

 Visuals / inspiration.

 Personal info. Miscellaneous stuff about my life.

 Social events / Photos.

 Tarot, etc.

Musings / dreams.

Mónica Laura really enjoys breathing life into the personal brand of other bloggers. She also enjoys creating a more serious or professional line of online ambiance. The goal is to achieve a visual product that will engage its readers to get involved in discussion. Whether the point of the blog is to showcase work, musings or a combination of the two, Mónica Laura can make it work!

Get your Blogspot made over today! View Mónica Laura's portfolio or send her a price check through e-mail!CLIENT: RuborLovin
Logo, brand and layout for RuborLovin.

CLIENT: Samhain Moon
Branding the online persona for Samhain Moon's very own Mónica Laura.

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