Sometimes, you don't want to receive the message. It can be portrayed clear as day, and yet part of you wishes that you had never seen it to begin with. The gift of sight comes at a high cost, and with great responsibility. It is with great sadness that I write to you today with the news of the passing of one of my dearest Los Angeles friends, Hugo Abel. I am in so much pain over it.

Last week's Hello Witches was set up to be an amazing week. It seemed really stellar until I saw the Thursday/Friday combo side by side.

Thursday. Five of Cups. Sadness. Bad news that will shock and hurt. Help someone out, but don't get stuck in a hurtful argument.

Friday. Four of Swords. Distance. Time alone or to yourself. This is the need for time to think, whether you're open to it or not.

A thousand times yes... and no! When I found out, I felt my world implode. I started to cry like a Magdalene, and spent most of the weekend out of touch with my loved ones back home. Hugo is and was very special to me, and I know that all of you that have got me in your social networks must be super saturated with the situation... but the truth is that I need to manifest it, or else it will hurt me more.

On Friday, I sat before my computer and thought about something that I could write. I just couldn't bring myself to do it, and publishing the post that I had on queue did not feel right either, so I opted for a day of silence that was as hurtful as it was necessary. I spent Friday at a total disconnect from people.

This week's reading is about grounding yourself and living the moment. I can't say I am surprised that after such a shock, life will deliver some slight solace. The cards humor me with their light, seeing as it shines so clearly through the darkness. I made the right choice of deck for this week, and that makes me happy. I really resonate with what I am seeing in these cards.

Monday. King of Coins. Coming back to the ground. The rays of the coin stretch past the rainbow antlers of the animal. This card is centered around finding your balance, opening your eyes to reality and staying grounded. It gives a strong sense also of wearing your colors — or feelings — with pride. From intuition, I am actually getting the feeling of the concept of wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Tuesday. Wheel of Fortune. Change is radical, and cannot be helped. To try to resist it is to generate pain, but in letting go, we might be spared that pain.  We can't hold out for things to always remain the same, it isn't smart or sensible... which means we need to have faith that our path is aligned with our wishes, and we just need to keep moving forward.

Wednesday. Seven of Wands. See, those with passion can stand out from those who simply conform to exist. It isn't easy to always follow your heart. It takes courage to tell the truth and to stand for your ideals, even when you feel that you are alone. Take comfort in your authenticity and honor it, because it makes you unique.

Thursday. Eight of Wands. Messages can come fast. They come through unexpected channels, then they cause a reaction. Depending on how many catch wind of the news, circumstances can change. It will all depend on your mindset and your perception when you get the message.

Friday. Two of Coins. Balance and alchemy. Accept you are fragile, and accept the beauty of it. There is great strength in working towards your own protection. Keep things in motion so that you see some progress.

Saturday. The Lovers. Being in good company makes you happy. You need to connect with others. Flying together in synchronicity feels right. The moment may not be eternal, but it is here and now. Take advantage of that and go out to see the world. Enjoy it, experience it.

Sunday. King of Swords. The sharp eyes of judgment... watchful and stern. These eyes don't miss a thing. Armed with the sword of truth and intellect, words are sharp. With the best of intentions, they can clear a misunderstanding. With foul intentions, there is no getting past this fortress.

What to avoid. Four of Cups. Avoid emotional stagnation and feelings of loss. Even when you have so much, do not fail to see it as a blessing. Don't take anything for granted; that's not the way life is meant to be.

What to strive for. Six of Cups. It's okay to turn to the past. It's okay to look back at how things used to be as well as to envision how your life would have been if circumstances were a little different. Times of emotional strain can be triggers of melancholy or nostalgia, but that is a natural process. It is a process we are meant to honor in order to really be able to move forward.

Let's hope for a pick-me-up this week!


How are you doing today?

A lot of amorous energy is in the cards this week. What kind of new forms of love are you attracting to your life?  Is it possible to have more than one suitor? What kind of new love are you attracting to your life? Is it possible to have more than one suitor? What if we know that one of them is not good for you? What if we are evoking different parts of the self? Food for thought.

This spread is missing Coins, so it is missing the grounding aspect. Try to come back down to reality if you feel that this applies to you. Distinguish fantasy from reality.

This year, I am learning about all the kinds of love that there are from an outsiders perspective. The dramas I am watching unfold are that of the people that surround me, and are good life lessons. It sheds a lot of light into chemistry, as well as the snowball effect. It's scary!

Monday. Two of Wands. A time of little to no action; a transition. Think about the future before you take the next step forward.

Tuesday. King of Swords. An invisible, unyielding barrier for a smart person. There is no way of tapping into their thoughts or telling if they are displeased with you because they won't drop any hints.

Wednesday. Page of Cups. An offer; sharing a simple moment with someone. Creating a memory or enjoying a sweet gesture.

Thursday. Five of Cups. Sadness. Bad news that will shock and hurt. Help someone out, but don't get stuck in a hurtful argument.

Friday. Four of Swords. Distance. Time alone or to yourself. This is the need for time to think, whether you're open to it or not.

Saturday. The Emperor. Tradition. Something set in stone. A foundation to begin building upon for the future.

♡  Sunday. Six of Wands. Good news to trump the negative. Pat yourself on the back in knowing you survived the hard times with your head held high!

What to avoid. King of Cups. Don't be a slave to your emotions. Love yourself more.

What to strive for. Two of Cups. Relish the love that you get; make and share connections with people and you will find that you are looking into a mirror image of yourself.

This week will be an adventure. Please join me.


You may remember them from a plug that I posted here on Friday, April 13, 2012; but for those of you that don’t know, it is a Steampunk band based off Seattle. They were playing Saturday, January 11th on board the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. I have been a fan of their music since 2007, but this has been my first time ever seeing them live… and I do believe now that it was at the right place and the right time. The venue was absolutely appropriate, as was the event.

I wasn’t sure that I would make it to the Abney Park meet and greet, but managed to do so since my shift was delayed for half an hour. I made my way to the Royal Salon and sat amongst several themes of Steampunk enthusiasts to wait. They were very approachable from the get go, and even though I was very nervous, I still got to talk to them a few times. My anxiety was through the roof, but I managed to pull it together. It's hard to meet people that you admire without masking your admiration.

The first one I got to meet was Daniel. He was very open, as they all are, and friendly. Second up came Jody, who offered to take selfies with me and answered questions about the band. She was very attentive, and introduced me to Captain Robert.

I had the chance to ask Robert about the concept of some of my favorite songs. What began as a connection drawn between Herr Drosselmeyer’s Doll and The Nutcracker ended up being a conversation about cultures and travel. We discussed what it means to find that ‘niche’ place you belong in following frequent travels throughout your life. He applied “The Traveler’s Curse” to time as well. The Traveler’s Curse is that feeling that you get after you travel numerous times. No one city stands out, you get used to the variety and the effect is lost. He applied it to time as well, or rather the feeling of alienation to the times that you live in.

He told me about the song Ancient World, being a reaction to a place where churches and monuments from the past being torn down in order to make way for capitalism. Malls and technology built on top of historical landmarks erase the history of a culture. He concluded the story with details about how the culture rebelled against its government for steamrolling over their history.

I cringe a little when I think back on the experience. In my excitement I was very electric, bordering on over-excited. Finally, I told myself to just accept it as it is, because this is an experience that I rarely ever get to have and because the whole weekend was a treat to pamper myself. I work so hard to sustain myself that I barely ever let go and just have fun. Thinking back to the day before, that is precisely what Thee Bluebeard told me in his spiritual consultation. He said to stop being so cautious and just be happy for once. Those were good words of advice.

The next time I saw Abney Park again was at the show. They played two sets. I particularly enjoyed their custom instruments, which are adorned with gears and what looked like paint from where I was standing. Kristina's keyboard stand was lovely! From my angle of the show it was unfortunately hard to get a good picture of her.

Seeing Abney Park play live is great. We were in the right venue and dressed just right for the musical experience; imagine listening to music harkening back to a previous time in a historical museum. The ballroom was absolutely gorgeous; it was a true luxury to dance in a ship that made its maiden voyage in 1936. Given the history of the ship, the Post-Apocalyptic themes of Abney Park were quite relevant.

There was great rapport between the band members and the audience.

I am not yet an expert in time travel, but I did not need to even think about the concept. Dancing to the songs that you resonate with, being surrounded by people dressed in bustle skirts and suits with top hats, being in the midst of a historic ballroom, and not having to feel worried about judgment or feeling out of place was a real luxury. You don’t need a time machine that will take you further back in time to the 1800s in order to really have a taste of what it would be like to attend a Victorian ball.

After the show, the band members tended to people at the merchandising table. I had my Steampunk Symposium badge signed as well as the Wrath of Fate book by Captain Robert. I resonated with his travel stories from my own ventures, and figured that a man who has traveled so far and seen so many things has something valuable to say. The first paragraph reads thus:

Show me a man who grew up with a happy childhood, no blood or broken glass in his youth, and I will show you a man who likely has nothing to contribute to society. The same wounds that can turn a man to a villain, might instead turn him into a hero, an artist, or a leader.

Oh yes.

I resonate with that.

I feel very happy with the amount of energy invested in the Steampunk Symposium. In volunteering to work, I got new experiences under my belt and met some amazing visionaries along the way. I walk away with dozens of pictures to commemorate a most magical experience on board the Queen Mary. It was absolutely worth it and unforgettable.

Hope you enjoy reading these reviews.