I’ve got a major special treat for you guys today!
Those of you familiar with my fixation for hand made things are likely to understand how excited I was to receive this. Rarely do I receive jewels like these in the mail. My friend and colleague Keyla Valerio has included me in the delivery of her self-promotion, which is looking nothing short of badass! That red envelope is a nice touch!

Keyla Valerio is an illustration graduate from Ringling College of Art and Design with a strong background in graphic design. Her design skills make appearances in her illustrations, but they are mainly used as a promotional skill. She has had work in Ringling College of Art and Design's annual "Illest of Illustration" art exhibit, Best of Ringling (awarded the Senior Illustration award in 2010), and a portrait featured in our 'Perspectives' magazine.


  1. I love how you're friends with so many talented individuals!

  2. Thanks Nati!

    Me too. Keyla's SO good! *_*