Reading tarot for others is bothersome for some. Here is a risk that the querent won’t resonate with the secrets that you share. I don’t mind reading for people I don’t know that well. This population makes up more than half of my client base. Most of the people I read for, I haven’t met in person! This is why it is important to let go of bias and stop trying to pick out facts from a first impression. Just lay down the cards; they will tell you everything you need to know.


Ask their d.o.b. and gender. For online clients. You’d be surprised.

Don’t scare them. The people you read for will possess various levels of skepticism. If you paint their future grim and gray without the promise of hope, they are not likely to want their cards read again. At least not with you.

Ask them things you’re not sure about. It’s okay to clarify doubts. You don’t know all the facts, and simple yes or no questions will suffice.

Trust your intuition. You get different variations of each story, so trust your intuition in choosing the right one for the querent. You will be able to decide if it is x or y by the adjacent cards!

Keep it short. If they’re doing this online, they probably don’t mind much time to share. Keep it short and sweet, but as detailed as is possible in that short span of time.

Give them what they came to you for. Focus on the first question as you tell the story, then just follow the opportunities that unfold. Answer their question and add in a few messages you get from the cards that you feel they will appreciate to know.

Be empathic. Without letting them into your auric field. Be open to feeling what they are feeling too.

Reading for others generates gratitude and a healthy relationship. People tend to open up with you after you have read their fortune. In this sense, tarot is great for breaking the ice socially, although it shouldn’t be used for this purpose alone. Remember that it is an honor that the querent is letting you into his or her secrets, and that you just need to give them a subtle push sometimes so that they may reach out for goals that are close by. Most importantly, have fun!

This is the third and final installment of three: ReadingTarot for Yourself, Reading Tarot for Your Friends and Reading Tarot for Others.♡♡

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