Whoa! What a loving week. It seems to be centered around emotions, and reactions that we have to our environment when we are in a more sensible mindset. I get the sense of having an open heart, and openness in general when it comes to feeling influences around you. The energy suggests embracing someone even after they have made a mistake, and being compassionate before those less tolerant. There is the feeling of a loving shield to bounce back the negativity, which can be quite useful if you remain open to radiate love and compassion.

How have you been doing lately? I have been swimming in the sea of happiness. It certainly does feel as if 2013 is drawing to a close, and in the spirit of winding down the year, I am starting to feel the coming of a new year. The feeling of shedding old skin is certainly relevant here and should be taken advantage of. Go ahead, shake off all of that stuff that you feel you would be doing better without, and prepare yourself to accept new things in your life. I am trying my hand at cleansing and attracting manifestations, and thus far find it useful.

Yesterday I sat before my friend Marcella Kroll as she read the game of fate for me. With each card that she turned over, she delivered messages that struck deep personal cords. I resonated with everything she told me, as the reading was grounded in the present and made so much sense. She told me that this next New Moon in the new year will be very important. It is relevant to a person spending their first new year in a new city they have just moved to. There is change manifesting everywhere, and this is a great time to ride that wave of change. Be ready to embrace a new you, whether you took the brave step of moving someplace entirely new or not.

The Victorian Romantic Tarot 2nd Edition comes with two Lovers cards. Some people choose just one to use in readings, based off which card they resonate with the most. It could just be that one card depicts the idea of what the Lovers card means for that person more accurately. Seeing both Lovers cards coming up side by side was a pretty big surprise, and can be interpreted as different sides to love. It can also be a separate dynamic dealing with personal perceptions.

This week we also have the presence of two monarchs of the court.

Monday. Queen of Swords. Drawing wisdom from hard experience. Harshness towards fools or anyone trying to take the advantage. Defensiveness and good judgment, even under pressure.

I feel from her a disconnect from her surroundings. She’s there, but her mind is elsewhere. She has an invisible wall up that people won’t dare cross; it is an air of intimidation present.

Tuesday. Emperor. Rigid structure. Sometimes you need to conform your parameters to please somebody else. When there are responsibilities present, I turns into we, and a conscious effort will have to be made to do what is best for the team and not just for yourself. Be a team player and assume responsibility where it is needed, that will be the basis of your success.

Wednesday. Ace of Wands. Passion, swiftness and complete surrender. This signifies a moment full of action; it can be to take a dive or a big risk into something that you are not sure is the best option for you.

Thursday. Ten of Cups. Rejoice! There is so much happiness present with the arrival of a new family member in this card. Celebrate life, celebrate everything you have and the wonderful people that you are spending your life with. They will make a difference; once you feel the change, you just need to go with it.

Friday. Queen of Wands. Passion. She embodies all that is wild and frivolous. I think this is my favorite of the Victorian Romantic Tarot court cards. Her pose is regal, and she looks at you like she means business. I love her spark; she seems quite charming to me. A lot of fire, for sure!

Saturday. The Lovers. This card is one of pure devotion and surrender to another person. The motion suggested in this card is quite beautiful, because it shows how the embrace begins from the moment that the bodies attract. She lands in his arms, and for a moment you get the anticipation of what it will feel like when she does. Magic! What a card of sweet, sweet surrender into the arms of somebody special.

Sunday. The Lovers. This card depicts a more controlled romance; this kind of romance is idealistic and minded for public exposure. It is the guise assumed when you step out in public. Eyes will be on you and you must be mindful of your actions, because others will be watching you. It isn't as romantic as the one from the card previous; rather, it is a very different kind of love. It does not seem loving or affectionate in any form other than that of respect.

What to avoid. Knight of Swords. Quit rushing into things. Make time instead to think things through. Actions will have consequences, no mater how much you may try to disregard them. There will be responsibility for your words as well as what you do, and you have to be careful not to sacrifice something that you love in the process.

What to strive for. Two of Coins. Juggle the circumstances until you have a comfortable grip on it. it takes practice to get something right, but if you practice for long enough, you just might have all that you need.

Looks good. I hope you are ready to tackle this week with me!

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