How are you doing today?

A lot of amorous energy is in the cards this week. What kind of new forms of love are you attracting to your life?  Is it possible to have more than one suitor? What kind of new love are you attracting to your life? Is it possible to have more than one suitor? What if we know that one of them is not good for you? What if we are evoking different parts of the self? Food for thought.

This spread is missing Coins, so it is missing the grounding aspect. Try to come back down to reality if you feel that this applies to you. Distinguish fantasy from reality.

This year, I am learning about all the kinds of love that there are from an outsiders perspective. The dramas I am watching unfold are that of the people that surround me, and are good life lessons. It sheds a lot of light into chemistry, as well as the snowball effect. It's scary!

Monday. Two of Wands. A time of little to no action; a transition. Think about the future before you take the next step forward.

Tuesday. King of Swords. An invisible, unyielding barrier for a smart person. There is no way of tapping into their thoughts or telling if they are displeased with you because they won't drop any hints.

Wednesday. Page of Cups. An offer; sharing a simple moment with someone. Creating a memory or enjoying a sweet gesture.

Thursday. Five of Cups. Sadness. Bad news that will shock and hurt. Help someone out, but don't get stuck in a hurtful argument.

Friday. Four of Swords. Distance. Time alone or to yourself. This is the need for time to think, whether you're open to it or not.

Saturday. The Emperor. Tradition. Something set in stone. A foundation to begin building upon for the future.

♡  Sunday. Six of Wands. Good news to trump the negative. Pat yourself on the back in knowing you survived the hard times with your head held high!

What to avoid. King of Cups. Don't be a slave to your emotions. Love yourself more.

What to strive for. Two of Cups. Relish the love that you get; make and share connections with people and you will find that you are looking into a mirror image of yourself.

This week will be an adventure. Please join me.

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