This is going to be the week of grounding; at least that’s the goal. Last week carried with it news of change as well as proposals for interesting new partnerships. I am truly looking forward to taking steps towards my goals once more. It feels as if they have lain dormant for way too long.

I really liked the way these cards manifested in my life, because the way the events unfolded was actually more oracular than like tarot. I loved Wednesday’s card particularly, the Seven of Wands. It manifested beautifully!

My weekend as excellent. I feel recharged and motivated enough to tackle the obstacles of this week. I hope you will be contaminated also with the same energy to go about your week.


Monday. Four of Coins. A slow start to a week is accountable for possibly not getting everything done. What is the problem? Are finances tight right now? It happens, but it takes discipline to rectify matters.

Tuesday. Three of Coins. Teamwork helps. Hard work helps as well. When you focus on nothing but improving your craft, it will pay in dividends. Stay busy and focused; soon it will be time to play again.

Wednesday. Two of Coins. Juggling the circumstances can be really tough sometimes, but sometimes he just need something to occupy our minds or keep us busy. A distraction from work can prove productive if it keeps the mind active.

Thursday. Ace of Coins. A gift; the door is open, so now you can be free. You can tap into the potential offered to you and use that as your key to success. You don’t get many chances, so take advantage of the ones you’ve got.

Friday. King of Cups. Relishing emotions; this is to accept your emotions and manifest them freely. Offer love and receive it with grace. The examples you set will come back to you.

Saturday. Queen of Cups. Reflect on what you have found in the deposit of emotions. Consider the subconscious married to your consciousness and seek out love. Love yourself and love others equally.

Sunday. Knight of Cups. Seek to transmit the message of love. Give it without limitations. People need love nowadays.

What to avoid. Strength. Don’t be too courageous, and don’t look to do things that are likely to be getting you in trouble. Hold your temper and your tongue, because for lack of control of your wrath, you could easily

What to strive for. King of Wands. Seek to be courageous and forward going. Employ the use of charm whenever necessary, and be mindful of other peoples needs.

Let’s dance, February!

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