Spiritual people are some of the most authentic and open minded people on the planet, and because of that they have an integral sense of identity. They need elements of self-expression to accompany them during the day, sometimes for comfort in contrast to the stark constraints of society. We stand for something much deeper than the concepts widely accepted through the communities we interact with. We are the ones that just 'know' something, and we will discuss the secrets passionately with all those that share the same interests. The dialogue established is a testament to there being many that refuse to accept what is given to them without first asking questions and verifying the validity of the concept.

For the most part, the consensus is that this is a path one is born into or somehow coerced to join throughout the opportunities and trials presented by life. Along the way there are many signs that point towards a change of direction or towards obstacles coming. The really great ones are the ones that tell us when our dreams are about to be made manifest. Keeping these messages as symbols on our persona will help to encourage us to push for our dreams in our day-to-day lives. That is where the use of jewelry comes in.

Ka Gold Jewelry is the deep rooted spiritual project crafted by David Weitzman of Israel. He envisions his brand as one that brings sacred geometry and ancient wisdom back into our lives. The belief here is that we have lost all our prior knowledge, and his body of work stands for protection against low resonance energy and state of mind. It serves as a fashionable but still fully functional shield that will help us resonate with higher frequencies.

Ka Gold Jewelry
has all kinds of lovely designs, intricate and detailed. Something that stood out to me is the staggering variety. There are pages and pages of beautiful jewelry pieces, evoking different moods and personalities. There are even basic pieces that can be given an extra breath of life with more rare gems or higher grade materials. I love the fact that there are pieces to fit every need, with more designs on the way.

The piece that I resonated with and ended up choosing is the Air Element Ring. Mine is in silver, sprinkled with diamonds. This whimsical design contains the symbol of the Egret bird. There are several spiritual meanings to the ring, but for me personally it is a signifier for my zodiac suit of Air, Libra. Us Libras have changeable natures and we adapt to our circumstances. Air is mutable, like the sign, and this element itself represents movement and sound. I love self-expression, singing and creativity. This was the perfect way to pay homage to my zodiac sign without having it be obvious to the naked eye. It's a great conversation starter!

The ring itself is lovely, it's delicate and it adorns my fingers with what feels like a sturdy energetic shield. I am a huge believer in protecting yourself and in being true to your identity. This ring stands for the promise to remain a progressive person, allowing change to be embraced for the benefit of growing and maturing. It won't allow me to root myself into a comfort zone, since I will be looking at it while I work with my cards.

Readers work with their hands, and some have the ability to channel energies through Reiki practices or similar dynamics. Having a high resonating piece on your hand aids the flow of energy and aids the healer in their craft. It is not only a piece for fashion, but definitely also for function. I love it!

It's easy to get lost in the swirls and the whimsy, thinking back to similar patterns I have seen during my meditations. This piece is so beautiful! I love the idea that it was made by a master in understandings of the secret of the universe, delivered to me with love for the purpose of having an aid to accompany me through my adventures in life.

I look at this ring and I see a very personal tool for self-empowerment. Rings carry promises with them and intentions meant to be manifested. The fact that this one is so versatile in nature tells me that it will have many accompanying meanings and intentions in the future. I can't want to have one of those challenging days in which this ring will be a strong reminder of the ideals I strive for in my personal life.



  1. Oh very cute ring darling I love it all the pics, the tarot cards are amazing and beautiful