When I first lay eyes on the Batdabs, I think hearts came out of my eyes. It was an instant connection, I knew they had to come home with me by the numbers. They’re going to end up sprinkled throughout apartment decore and on my altar as makeshift poppets. I can’t wait to start breathing life into them through my line of work.

Bat dabs are the creation of Magweno, a very talented toymaker from North Scotland. The skill with which she breathes life into her creations is staggering and humbling all at the same time. It’s such a pleasure knowing these lovelies were crafted with love in a foreign land and made their way all across the world to my home in California. I smile to myself just thinking about their brief adventures back and forth, since I had to send them back for a touch up.

Batdabs are actually only available during Abdab Season, which runs from September to November. There are other darling corvids and rudas, which are rams. All of the cool!

They fit in the palm of my hand and their fur is very soft. Their noses look like gothic hearts to me, as do noses on skulls usually. I personally treat them with lots of care, but the toys themselves are sturdy enough and will stand through time if they aren't tampered with. I believe they aren't to risk handling too much too often, getting dents and imperfections on them is not going to suit them.

I’ve had a lot of fun rotating them around the apartment and posing them with my vintage tea cups. They look like they could almost spring to life! And as I sit here with my crystals, spirits and Batdabs, I do feel I am in excellent company.

I keep one of them at my work desk to accompany me throughout all of my work loads, but I intend to use them as makeshift magic poppets or as vessels for my spirit guides.

Materials: acrylic paint, resin, steel shot weighting, polyester stuffing, fake fur.

Since I've had them, I've noticed the importance of having lively elements in the environment. I feel more inspired, and I definitely feel like they help pull my living space together. They personalize my apartment, spreading some of my personality and interests throughout what is actually a very minimalistic place. Guests love them, too. Not a single person that visits me fails to spot the Batdabs and marvel over them.

These toys bring me joy. I hope they at least brought a smile to your face!

My Batdabs came with personalized name cards. Mine are:Yangara, Vahe and Munch.

If you'd like to check out Magweno's online presence, you can find her shop on Etsy. Tumblr. Instagram. Drop by and pay her a compliment on her beautiful work!