I hope that your week and holiday — for those who partake — was a good one. I had a lot of fun this past weekend. On Saturday I went to White Oak Music Hall for the Somewhere Before Christmas tour, where I saw Say We Can Fly, Johnnie Guilbert and Social Repose play.

When I arrived, I found the atmosphere laid back. The people were much younger than I, but really very polite. Nobody was pushing or being obnoxious; even though the crowd was more full of energy than the shows I am used to going to, I felt more comfortable there. Huge plus! The show itself was very enjoyable. I enjoyed the music and the experience.The lights definitely had me spazzing out, though. Where I was standing, they’d blare right into my eyes. Blinding!

After the show, I got to talk to Richie, who was very warm for a shy person. Honestly, all I could do was throw compliments. I really enjoy his work. I loved the fact he is so nice to his fans. Musicians who go the extra mile definitely deserve the recognition. I believe Richie has formal training in music production, so once he starts playing venues with Funktion1s, he should really take off. I’d love to see Social Repose perform at a venue like Complex, where attendees can appreciate the sound quality. Yeees!

I walked out of the venue glowing with the positive experience. When I got home, it was all I could think about. The next day it rained in LA, a rarity, and I staid in bed most of the day wearing my new Social Repose shirt. It was nice and cold, and in my spare time I played video games. I never really get time to just relax anymore, so being able to this past weekend was much needed. Since then, I've added three songs to my work playlist and I've had Filthy Pride stuck in my head on repeat. I'm officially hooked! It's all I can listen to. You know when a song sticks and the lyrics pop up in your head randomly throughout the day? That's your very own lyrical oracle.

Even with all the drama going on around them, I'm really fond of these two. Wishing Richie and his new wife Jaclyn a happy marriage! Please come tour in LA again soon!

Stay sad! (But not too sad.)

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