This summer has been for Pokémon Go, more sunshine than I am used to absorbing with my skin, happy buzzing with my lover, dancing, Synthwave, palm trees, massive heat, and lots of tarot readings. With the trees in full color and the sun burning down our necks, but a great time to be had anyway.

Today I want to talk about a deck I pre-ordered earlier in the spring. It is called Tarotwave, made by Kenna Calabro. It was inspired by glitch, space art and Vaporwave.

I think the most attention-calling aspect of this deck is its festive card backs. We have a holo sheen, scan lines, palm trees and sunset skies. Go down the rabbit hole into a fantasy world dominated by pink, purple and minty hues. A real delight for any Synthwave and Vaporware fan. I love the neon, scan lined collages reinterpreting the tools I have used and loved for 19 years of my life. They completely freshen up how I read and break me out of my comfort zone.

I was surprised with the card stock used for Tarotwave. It's thick matte cardstock, fans out easily enough, but if you'd like an extra slip I'd recommend using some fanning powder. I might just to help with the shuffling and breaking them in. The cards are standard size and they come with a lovely two part box that is sturdy enough to keep them in permanently. I thought the box was rather stunning!

Even though human presence is minimal in the deck, it really doesn’t affect how this deck reads. If anything it mixes the traditional RWS scenes with pips in just the right amount. When I was reading with it, I found this didn't upset the balance of my readings as it has in the past with decks excluding live human figures. All this does is encourage you to tune into your intuition to deliver a different reading every time. This deck is full of feel good vibes which you will find will make you smile. I find this deck to be both easy to read with and non-intimidating to people who aren’t quite comfortable with the tarot. All I can foresee is delight over how beautiful the cards are.

The fantastical aspects to Tarotwave are quite stellar. I could easily see myself navigating through a fictional cyberspace in which these elements all come to life and interact with one another. If you are a writer and you want to break out of a writing funk, this deck is certainly for you. Just let your imagination run as you dream up a crazy cyberpunk alternate reality, somewhere in a world no one could even fathom how to arrive at without a secret pass code or a hidden key.

Tech and Tumblr witches love this deck already. I could see the cards being worked into amulets for iPhone and iPad screens, discrete enough not to be noticed by people who are not in the practice of the craft. It's so useful for this! As if we needed another reason to purchase this deck...

If nothing else, these are 78 exceptional art pieces to delight your day in an affirmative way with their retro tones. I got very positive vibes from the deck as I was reading with it, and the fact it doesn't have any really scary scenes makes it less intimidating for people who are reluctant to seek readings.

This deck arrived in the perfect time to enjoy it. With its vivid colors I feel like it is a deck I will reach out to use every summer especially. It can really be enjoyed all year round if you like. It’s just so full of life, I'm delighted pairing this deck with the current season. Sit out in the garden, have your pet with you, sip on something cool as you fan our 78 steps for where your next day will go.

What is your most important characteristic?
Death. I can get you to accept radical changes that you have no control over. Where letting go starts out as an obstacle for most, in your experience with this deck you will come to realize why letting go is important. Sometimes we take our problems too seriously and then later come to see it’s all in our heads.

Stop living inside your head. Get out there and live to see yourself achieve you full potential. Don’t hold yourself back.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Six of Cups. I’ll give you a thorough understanding of events from your past that used to confuse you. You can look in hindsight with more clarity to reach acceptance of reality, or aspects of it you might be in conflict with. A reality check to keep you from viewing reality through rose-colored glasses, if you will.

What are your limits?
Temperance. Some events require patience for time to pass before we can have our turn to influence our circumstances. Despite our intentions we cannot always be behind the wheel or somehow in control of the next direction we are going in. Controlling impulses is a challenge in self-mastery, and it is something that is also accomplished over time. We need to learn to work with what we have until more is made available to us. With that said, keep this in mind and you will suffer less.

What are you here to teach me?
Nine of Cups. It is possible to be happy even if not everything turns out the way you wanted it to. Part of what frees us of our constraints is when we accept reality for what it is, without being bothered by the things we have no control over. It feels like true happiness is achieved when we find ourselves grounded in present time, appreciating the little gestures that give our life light and color.

There is so much to enjoy right in front of us, and we can lose the perspective easily when we focus on that one small thing we don’t have. In hindsight, the things we want won’t necessarily present a radical change in our lives. Once we sate our thirst for something we’ve been in search of, something new becomes the object of our desire. Be happy with what you’ve got in the moment and you’ll be free of the stress of not having.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Three of Wands. Use these cards to identify steps in your journey. These steps are opportunities for turning points or trying new things. Find the highlighted alternative routes and you will then find the options are numerous. We spend a lot of time waiting on and actively seeking to act to make our dreams come true.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Justice. Finding a balance for our lives is a tricky task to undertake. It can take numerous attempts until we find the way to achieve progress. Each new boundary surpassed is an achievement and should keep us motivated. By being mindful of where we want to go, we shape a clearer path for ourselves. It makes navigating through life easier, and difficult choices manageable to make.

Which card do you want to show off?
Three of Coins. This card shows off some computer monitors and an outrun style city scape.

We are in the midst of a hive. There are countless lives coexisting all around one another, working towards the accomplishment of their own goals. Chasing our own dreams can take up a lot of time and energy, but that’s what we are all in the quest of. There is an underlying current beneath it all. As we concentrate, the silence we leave in the environment around us speaks for itself. As we are occupied working on what matters to us, all the problems that distract us from our best selves melt away. This is a key moment, where we take the present time and claim it for our own, working on something that matters to us and validates our existence.

How do you see me?
Three of Cups. Full of life, thriving when connecting with others. Despite how draining social interactions can be for introverts, you bask in the love of your close circle of friends and loved ones. They are your pillars, keeping you sane in times of stress and celebrating with you when you’re enjoying the pleasures life has to offer. A smile is contagious, and so is genuine laughter.

How do you see yourself?
Page of Coins. Brand new to the world, published recently. This deck offers a refreshing look into the world of tarot. If you let it sway you along, you could find yourself breaking free of traditional meanings and into new grounds. You surprise yourself when you allow yourself to be led by the clues. Using this deck with others can set a safe environment in which they can open up to you and not feel intimidated by the cards that fall on the table.

This deck arrived with a “wish you were here…” postcard. The finishing touch for a kiss of summer, wouldn’t you think?

I am very surprised with the results I got when reading with this deck. Definitely give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

There you have it. Hope you're enjoying the summer!

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