There is so much to talk about right now. In the time I have been gone from the blog I went to Disneyland and to Galaxy's Edge again, I made a friend, I got an apology for Chris for everything that happened and protests erupted all throughout the world, but especially in my homeland. I am very happy with the shift in the wind and the opportunity to pick my life back up after all the insanity that ensued. Now I am focusing my efforts towards stabilizing my life and I can feel a skip in my step as I am going through my commitments. I feel like myself again.

A couple of weeks ago I did a private ritual with a silver candle and a white one. I used sage, palo santo, dimethyltryptamine with blue lotus, and a crystal grid. I find that my crafting was successful and brought with it the serenity, understanding, security and positivity that I had asked for. I was very impressed with the fast results and remain grateful for the hand its positive influence had in my life in the days and weeks to come. I had spent some time with a new friend that proved to be a positive influence. An enthusiastic endorser of psychonautics that gifted me with a high tier herbal mix for introspective purposes. I found the mix to be optimal for higher learning and walked away from the experience feeling renewed in spirit. I don't know that I will do it again very many more times, but I liked the experience I had. Up until now I have done Ayahuasca, salvia divinorum, kambo, and dmt. I have tried all the entheogenic experiences I was curious about.

Just as I had set my thoughts to acceptance, I got a phone call the morning after that I didn't expect. I definitely didn't see it coming. My life took a very positive turn that day, and since then I walk around with the soothing balm of not aching every hour of the day. I've had clarity of mind and ability to focus again, and am realigning with my goals. I still have a very busy social life and plans to look forward to, with the added joy of games to play when I find time to myself. I have been wanting to make this post for a few days now, but have been too busy to get around to it.

The time since has been spent prioritizing my needs and processing everything that happened. I have been looking to spend more time alone in order to get my thoughts straight. I am enjoying the extra time taken to relax even if it is rare. In reconnecting to myself I am finding that I have more motivation to spend time in the kitchen and looking after myself. I feel generally much healthier and I gained back all the weight I had lost already, which was surmountable. I look like myself again!

About two weeks ago a scandal broke out in Puerto Rico that I want to talk about. Governor Ricardo Rossello had his Telegram chat logs leaked in which he gloated about his abuse of power and posted strategies to keep his image sharp. The use of poor jokes and the rampant disregard for others makes him out to look like a sinister narcissist. And all his lackeys with their fragmented influence playing the game to stay in his favor for the benefits it brings. I read he chat logs that were leaked and think there is much more to the story that we don't know about. The content that was uploaded covered a few months in what spans a few years of office. There is more we don't know about, and may not come to find out. They have probably deleted the proof.

Much to my wonder, the people took to the streets of Old San Juan and surrounding areas with passion. They have been protesting often, and in very creative ways. I feel very proud of my heritage right now, and bask in the glow of the unifying light of our people as we shed it right now. I am very proud of all the celebrities and news reporters who are present and spreading the message across the globe. We must continue until real change is made, and this is our chance to make it.

I am curious to see what will happen next. This is a very big moment for Puerto Rico, and I am optimistic about the future that we are fighting for in the most exemplary way. We are raising our name by advocating change in a very jovial way, unique to our character and history. We are passionate people, and we clearly love our native island.

I feel very uplifted in general. I have a ton of boring stuff I need to do that I'm not looking forward to, but at least I am feeling better. It's great not to go to bed dreading a nightmare that will keep me up the rest of the night. It's great to have gone to Disneyland again feeling more myself and able to enjoy the park with zest. I have a lot that I want to post on the blog, so with time allowing I'll get a few reviews and lifestyle posts published.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses
is coming out in a couple of days and I am very excited to get it. I love that series, and have played multiple Fire Emblem games. I'm going out tonight, too. I'm really looking forward to the ability to dance and to see some of my goth friends. I just don't relate or enjoy that Top 40 life. Top 40 music generally sucks.

Wishing you all a great week!

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