Wow! This article could not come at a better time! Many are under the misconception that working freelance actually means sitting around in pajamas all day chatting on Facebook while working on a series of projects. I need to be clear on the fact that working from one’s residence as personal studio does not mean a vacation from the world of labor.

Freelance is flexible, but for those of us immersed in the lifestyle, we find that our work life and our personal life blend into one. Freelancers juggle a number of projects delivered under severe time constraints. Clients rate the effectiveness of a project based on how quickly the product can be churned out. With so many tasks making your days spill from one onto the other, when do you finally make time for you?

Turn off the Tv. During breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I personally don’t watch television at all! Since I spend an overwhelming amount of time sitting before the glowing screen, I try to keep my off-hours as far away from any screen as is possible.
Play some music you enjoy during your meals. Light some candles, play something relaxing or with up beat energy. Set the mood!
Take a walk. Walk your dog, go to a botanical park, take your children out for fruit smoothies or ice cream. Stray from places with high volumes of people to re-set.
Meditate. During break, silence your mind. If done effectively, it could feel more effective than a nap.
Take one day off to do nothing. Focus instead on you, significant others, and family members.

Stress is generated from worry. Worry can be avoided by minimizing distractions and paying attention to one’s needs. I am a huge fan of discipline, but I’m an even more devoted advocate to for healthy lifestyles. One can work diligently and still enjoy life. I must remind my readers that we work so we can sustain our lifestyles, but we don’t live solely for work. In being so submerged with bills or debts to be paid, many forget to nurture themselves with the life that they’re entitled to live.
Truth be told, a lot of this is directly linked to time management. Planning ahead of a day makes a great difference to just winging it as you go. For one, if you don't already have an established agenda:

It's easy to forget certain tasks. Let's face it, the mind is wonderful and powerful, but when you're running like crazy, it is really hard to remember to do everything at once. Some important details might slip, and that's exactly what you don't want.

Leave some leeway for changes. Don't cram your agenda, because chances are that when unexpected errands pop up, you won't be able to sedge way them into your plans. If you're a busy person, chances are that some tasks spring on you as you are carrying out plans that have already been established.

General organization. If you take a few minutes to plan your tasks out each day, you are likely to get distracted with breaks between those tasks. Sometimes it takes a while to decide which task to do first, so you'll go get lost in the Bermuda Triangle of Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

These are things I keep in mind when I'm managing my time. I don't like working until crazy in the morning when I have to get up the next day and work again. Usually, my scheduling helps me balance my affairs so that I can do a bit of everything that I want to get done. Surprisingly, I manage to get my work done AND have spare time to spare with friends or on my own creative endeavors.

Times are changing, they’re hard for dreamers. Don’t make commitments that won’t be worth your time and your effort!

Date book pictures credited to Koonelli.

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