My first impression of the Psychic Bazaar was very positive. I didn't even realize that they had started out this year! The brand is sleek and nicely translated in the layout of the web site. You can get a sense of mysticism, hidden knowledge, astrological influence, and the studious teachings of alchemy from it. Let's face it; I'm a nut for anything that is whimsical with darker undertones, particularly hidden knowledge. My initial reaction was I want to get involved! I left a comment on their blog and e-mailed them, only to wake up to a response the next day. I love a community that is tech savvy and backs the words up with actions! This is a huge plus for them because their customers will feel valued and cared for. They have Facebook and Twitter, and provide really fast e-mail responses. Check them out!

Psychic Bazaar was created because with a love for all things mind, soul and spirit. We live in a world where people are too focused on the material: money and the body, and don’t spend enough tending to their own mind, soul and spirit, or those of the people around them. Exploring these areas wonderful way to spend time. Many of the products are very special, beautiful, enchanting and powerful works of creativity that can touch us in places we forgot about, and provide a new perspective that can be illuminating and refreshing. The Psychic Bazaar wants to create the same experience for people online. Not everyone is within easy reach of a good mind, soul and spirit shop, and so not everyone gets to see, first hand, the wonderful selection of decks, crystals, pendula, books, music, etc. available.

As of 11/11/11, I have started guest blogging for Psychic Bazaar! It all came together sweetly. James Legett from the staff offered me a pick at any of the decks from their selection. Ecstatic, I jumped back into the site and browsed for a deck that would be fitting for me and the style of readings that I provide. I noticed a tendency to enjoy looking at dark themed cards more, but to read the colorful cards more clearly. After scanning through all of my options, I found that the Morgan Greer deck called to me. In less than two hours of communication, James e-mailed me to confirm that the deck was on its way! Yay!

The first thing I noticed about the Morgan Greer as I got acquainted with my cards that it is incredibly easy to read. It is also really beautiful to look at! The colors are really bright and vivid, and that is what makes it the most appealing to me. The fact that all the scenes are so close to the reader makes them very personal. Instead of whispering knowledge to you, they yell it. This is a great deck for quick and direct readings, it goes right to the point when you need it. I felt as if it had been waiting for me to pick it up all along! Don’t be fooled by the happy colors, though… this tarot deck can bite! I spent a few nights sleeping with it under my pillow, shuffling it at random, looking into the cards, and generally getting better acquainted. When the time felt right, I laid out the Annual Review spread and started working with it.

After two weeks of getting acquainted with the community and the dynamics of posting, I have met a lot of talented tarot enthusiasts. It has been exciting to have intellectual exchanges, however brief, with like minded individuals that seek hidden knowledge as well as their higher selves. The Psychic Bazaar fan base is steadily growing, show some support!


  1. :D I admire you for putting yourself out there!

  2. Thanks Elli, you are as well!

    From my understanding, you have a very extended follower list! [Myself included!]

    Hope you're well! xx