Have you thought about what it means to live lately? Finding myself in a transitional point in my life, better known as a turning point, I can say that I have been. There have been some pretty interesting turns in my life as of late, most of which are too personal to post on a public domain. Ever since the passing of the Mercury retrograde, I have felt things pick up bit by bit. With the last few struggles of the retrograde, the transition into a balanced life has been nothing short of stressful.
 And then there are the more obvious reasons, the change of othe season and of fashion.

So what’s going on? What should you know about this season, and how does it tie into the Death card in tarot?

December is a time in which cycles are ending. The year, projects from that year, associations, and anything that concerns the past. A new year promises new friends, hopes, opportunities, cycles, events, and turning points. This is the best time in which image makeovers are carried out, as well as the notorious time for resolutions to be act on in the New Year. People tend to write resolutions that they seldom follow through to the end of the year, but it’s the start of the journey that makes a difference for them. 


The Old Year stands for moving away from ideas, lifestyles and people. This is a sign that things won’t be the same ever again, mostly because all stages pass — unless of course you’re really bad at a video game… The Old Year is best left forgotten with the past, but with the teachings held in high regard still.

The New Year stands for a new life. It is shiny, unexplored, exciting. There’s no NO in the New Year, just plans and dreams that have yet to be accomplished.

 Doesn't that sound really good?
The Death card, like the Moon card, often has many associations to the Egyptian culture. They are, after all, the masters of death and the grand architects of the ancient world. When it comes to productivity, the ancient civilizations put us to shame! Regardless of how rudimentary their lifestyle seems to many, they were quite advanced in their knowledge and lifestyle.

In an Egyptian sense, the Death card speaks of what happens after a cycle ends; whether it is physical, emotional, mental, or a combination of the aforementioned. Many decks illustrate Death as a being made of bones, half in this world and half not, that comes to collect the souls of those whose time is up. While in some cases it is a very accurate portrayal, I hold the romanticized world of tarot in contempt thanks to this card.

The Death card has been abused for years in the media. Countless movies use it to scare people away from tarot, claiming that they will die in x or y amount of days. Oooh, spooky! I resent how negative they make the practice feel. It isn’t right to give a negative reputation to a practice that you don’t necessarily agree with. People are in no way forced to agree with the tarot and its practice, but it really bugs me that they try to ruin it for those that are interested and that do believe in it.

In the end, it is an individual choice whether or not to invest time and energy in tarot.


The Death card is a card about transformation. Its meaning will depend on the cards that lie around it in a spread, but it generally speaks of ending cycles. Once you’re done with something, the point is to really let go of the situation and allow it to work out on its own. I see that a lot of people are very clingy to their materials, emotions, and lifestyle. In order to find peace of mind, sometimes it is required to let things flow freely. I must remind you that resistance generates pain.

The Death card is an assurance that things will never be the same. The good thing about changes like these is that there is a promise of starting over. However, the people involved need to be willing to sacrifice the past in order to make way for the present.
As much as it hurts to let go, sometimes you just have to do it.

Do you have any personal impressions of the Death card that you would like to share with me? Please comment below with your thoughts!

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