This past week was strange. With the coming of Mercury Retrograde, anything to do with communication has been fuzzy. Phones have been acting up, online transactions have been acting a little funky and things around the house have been pretty much the same. Stable. I got a package in the mail on Monday, so the Ace of Coins was right on the dot about that. The rest of the week was smooth and fun. I did feel pretty worn out from work by Friday, though. It's hard to keep a balanced schedule when you're your own boss! That's what day planners and daily lists are for, though.

An interesting week unfolds before us. I see it as a salad of happenings in the house, with personal relationships and even touching upon romance. Dissecting this into a full reading will be interesting to compare to the notes when the week is past. This week we have an abundance of Cups and Coins, pointing to personal connections and work. I see also a couple of court cards and some peaceful Major Arcana cards. There isn't anything conflicting here, quite the contrary. Everything happens in harmonious correlation. The High Priestess enjoys detached solitude while out there in the world, everyone else toils and works on their own goals. There is comfort offered to those who deserve it and luxury presented. The Knight of Cups offers the goblet to the Queen of Coins while she reflects on matters of the house. In another room, the Magician works to conjure reality into what he would like it to be. He is dreaming up mutual help that he will be engaged in later. Everything is perfect, everything works in unison to achieve our higher purpose.

Let's jump into it without further ado.


Monday. High Priestess. We get off on a contemplative mood, one of domination of senses and of watching rather than participating. I know that this is in fact not a card for action and adventure, it's quite the opposite. Her eyes are closed and she is in a moment of contemplation where she oscillates between the good and the bad in her. She accepts and she knows, and she keeps her secrets while she contemplates her existence. Welcome to the duality of existing, ladies and gentlemen!

Tuesday. Eight of Cups. Once we reach our conclusion, it's time to walk away from the things we learned. Put them back in the box, write them in the diary and move on. There is a life to live and there are things to do and see. The Moon in this card is strange, it glows ominously over the lone traveler as he goes up the mountain. He has more to worry about than the divine messages coming down from the conduit of the moon.

Wednesday. Empress. A house-warming day, a day to bask in the lavish light of the sun. Looks like a day of high maintenance or of housework, just look at how tall the wild grass has grown behind her. She leans on the staff to think as she enjoys the beauty of her surroundings. They say this is the card of the Mother, but I attribute it to a nice day. Enjoying your surroundings can be therapeutic if you can take time off to think or brainstorm.

Thursday. Ace of Cups. The cup overflows and spills, but it's actually not looking full. It's the leak of emotions. After bubbling for a while, they will come to the surface. A catholic symbol presents itself here with the dove, the bread and the wine. It's a message of love and forgiveness this time around. As it is offered, we must drink and give thanks for having love offered to us in the first place. I see petals floating in the air that look like hearts. Feelings pour into the ocean of the subconscious, which is flat and still save for the spots into which the feelings flow.

Friday. Nine of Coins. I love this rendition of the Nine of Coins. She's dressed in purple, delighting in her own garden of pleasure. Her hard work has paid off, she gets to enjoy her wildest dreams made manifest. She has everything she needs there and she doesn't feel like she needs anything more; just to be happy delighting in the fruit of her efforts. I strongly feel the lesson in this card is to enjoy the blessings you work for and to be satisfied. It means not coveting someone else's good fortune and instead making your own plans bloom. This is a personal principle I have always lived by, and always will.

Saturday. Knight of Cups. I have mixed views on this guy. He rides a beautiful white horse and he extends his hand to offer his sentiments in a golden goblet. When people give us their love, they give us the best of themselves. They inject the gift with dreams, illusions and hopes that things will go their way. There is nothing sweeter than receiving the honor of being loved and loving in return. It's an honor and a privilege to do so.

Sunday. Queen of Coins. I love this card because of how safe it feels. It's my Mom in a radiant gown, holding a large pentacle and sitting under a floating garden. To me, she is the staple of an exemplary person. I look up to her immensely with admiration and with desire to echo her footsteps in my own personal way. It's a nice day to spend with her, too.

What to avoid. The Magician. Here we go again, in the same position and everything! I see this card as to what to avoid, and I'm honestly stumped. The Magician is a smart man, a wonderful card for a prodigous person and for skill. It makes ideas into reality, but shows us a very ugly face when we turn to the shadow aspect of him.

What to strive for. Six of Coins. Asking for help, finding a balance and not going overboard with expenses. It's okay to get a little when you give a little, but don't give just to receive. That's a lesson that is manifesting really early on in the week and that I think is important to stay grounded and humble. It's important to work things out with other people and to find joy in being there for others as we would like others to be there for us. An exchange of energy results.

I am looking forward to this week and to get some decent sleep. Lately I have a ton of ideas right when my eyes start to close. Wishing you all a safe and happy week!


  1. Oh, I know that - those ideas and thoughts and inspirations, just when you close your eyes. I have to push them away. They are always there as soon as I wake up, like a pet waiting to be ffed.

    Lovely cards ML. Isn't that Magician beautiful?!

    1. Do you ever get out of bed to write them down? I have and I find that if I do that, I forget about them if I don't leave them out by my desk. Usually when I push it aside to sleep, I remember a few weeks later and do something about it. Subconsciously preparing to procrastinate, jeez...

      The deck is really beautiful, particularly in the dark cards. The Two of Cups doesn't feel romantic at all it feels much more like a ritual! I think you would really enjoy this deck if you don't already have it.

      Hope you're doing good! :)

    2. Not so much. It's usually about how I can make and sew things better and they usually come to me in the morning or when I begin to work on stuff again. Things just go around in my head and I have to still my mind. Seems to get worse as you get older.

      I don't have this one, but it does look lovely. Has an antique look to it from the photos?

      All ok here. Not feeling so well at the moment, so just relaxing a bit.

    3. I hope that you feel better soon, sending you light from the tropics!

      The cards were purposely made to look stained and antique. I thought that it was unnecessary, but it does give them some personality. The deck has a lot of personality.

      It's funny, everyone has a system that works for them. It's fun to see how people organize themselves; often I compare it with my way as well. Day planners used to be a huge life saver, but now I keep them more for documentation.

      Is your blog your main way to document your readings, or do you also keep a tarot diary?

      I decided to keep a grimoire to document all my ventures in metaphysics, particularly in magic and sigil work. I've always been so private about it, but I know that if I don't start to write about it, I'll forget!

      Hah. The sketchbook is the extension of the mind...