I did this spread twice. The first time around I used the Victorian Romantic Tarot and it didn’t quite work out for me. I tried, but it just wasn’t telling me what I expected to know from it. I decided to go over it a second time with the Golden Tarot and I got a whole other set of results. This time it made more sense to me. The interesting part of it, though, is that the Magician came up both times. I’m ready to take a crack at this, though, so let’s jump right into it!


♡ Monday.
Seven of Wands. The character in the card is resolute on winning the battle. He is faced with obstacles and with a problem, but his advantage is the fact he is on higher ground. He’s ready to take on and overcome whatever threatens him in the situation. The clouds are a big contrast with the offending wands, but he knows they are coming so he is prepared. This makes sense because I expect to be put through some tests and I want to make sure on top. It’s important to be prepared, but there are many things going on altogether so I need to make sure to be prepared.

♡ Tuesday. The Hermit. Oh, how the light shines for us in this card. We see a man withdrawn from the world, going out to seek answers. He’s going up a mountain path by himself and in search of answers within himself. He seeks wisdom, intellect and understanding, and knows that won’t come to him in the noise of working day life. It’s just not possible to get that much personal time when you’ve got responsibilities to face. It seems like the light shines whether we see it or not, we just need to be ready to face it when the time comes.

♡ Wednesday. The Empress. Look at all the rabbits! With spring in full swing, things feel rather tropical around here. Everything is in bloom and the Puerto Rican parrots are already making their mating rituals and routines. We feel wildlife flourishing and celebrating, and rejoice in the times of wealth and bounty presented to us. It feels good to spend time with loved ones and with people that appreciate us. It’s nice to know hard work pays off. Last week I had my best cycle yet at work and I am really thankful for that. Hard work pays off.

♡ Thursday. Ten of Coins. Enjoy that wealth again! Hard work at the house to keep things running as they should be, or perhaps how we have dreamed of. We have a certain way to approach things around here; a right way to do things and we stick to the plan.

♡ Friday. Four of Cups. Day dreaming proves unsatisfactory if you don't find the motivation to get up and do something about it. You can't expect things to fall into your lap if you're not willing to work for them. You need to be able to envision how you're going to get plans into action and how you're going to see it through to the end.

♡ Saturday. The Magician. This is magic manifested into our world. He has the tools on his table and he's ready to make his dreams come into reality, but that takes hard work and dedication. He is the one who manifests things once he takes the first step. This seems to be the key in this week's reading, but it could also be the manifestation of a key person.

♡ Sunday. Wheel of Fortune.
Things change once more and go into motion. What rises brings some down, and those brought down will meet their end. There are some rising that will one day replace the ones on top now, which is a sheer reminder to be kind as some are on their way back down... because one day it could be us that will find out place down. We don't have control over the circumstances, and we will have to learn to go with the flow until our time comes. What goes around surely will come around, so bide your time.

♡ What to avoid. Ace of Swords. This week I need to watch my tongue. I will need to think over the things I say so that I speak with clarity about the situations at hand. I want to make sure there is fairness, equality and objectivity in matters. This angel doesn't look friendly at all. Rather, as

♡ What to strive for. The Hanged Man. Let things slide and float. Things will rectify when they need to, and it is not always required to take action in order to fix things. Sometimes it is best to float and to reflect on things as they are going to better understand where they will end up. When we can accept that we don't always have control over what is going on around us, we can find that we have a new perception on things. Once we see things from another perspective, we can decide where we stand next.

I am sorry about the photo quality. The sun was glaring and I had no other time to take the photos!

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