Hopefully you are not cross with the lack of updates lately. Time slipped away, and all the spare time I get is invested into finding clients to read for. I am working myself nearly to exhaustion in order to be able to afford my lifestyle.

This past Wednesday, October 16, 2013 was the Puerto Rico Horror Film Festival Gala. There were two fashion shows scheduled; first the Party City costume show, and then a contest on the runway sponsored by Cyanide Nation. Six designers were picked to display one outfit based on the movie The Birds. They had less than a month to design and make a quality outfit to impress the public with. I nudged J and asked him to participate, confident in his talent and vision.

J's entry had life breathed into it very quickly. His design felt a lot like a modern-day Elvira. His initial sketch was very well done and was creepy and flirty enough to be used as a Halloween costume. It caters to his interests in fetish high fashion as well as a spooky undertone.

The outfit is composed of a leotard with feathers, framed by a skirt shaped as a cage. The heels had spikes and feathers, and there was a sheer mini cape with cross feet latching onto the shoulders. There is dramatic make-up to top it all off.

J got to work feverishly on the next few weeks. He assembled a team, measured out the model and hit the ground running. The days passed slowly, and the progress showed daily. There were a lot of hurdles faced that he had to solve, but he also had great sources to ask. There was a lot of anticipation building towards the big night because the creation of the piece took so much effort to finish.

I did not attend so I can't speak from experience, but I can show you the photos of the gala as seen through an iPhone camera. From what I heard, it was a huge hit. People were receptive to it and supportive of the work. All of J's co-workers were there to support, even his bosses. I wish I had been there to see it for myself. Congratulations on a job well done, J & Co. Styling was done by the multitalented Naelle Devannah of De.Lirium. She's a total styling rockstar.

It's near Halloween!


  1. Great photos and fashion piece. Congrats to J!

    The model wears it well. And doesn't that girl with the purple hair look fab as well!

    1. Thank you! I will make sure to pass the love along.

      Hope this message finds you well, my friend. :)