Tickets went on sale early this summer. For some reason I was under the impression that it was more or less the same concert dynamic as Puerto Rico. I stalled in getting my tickets and almost found myself without a ticket at all. Cue panic mode up until the moment in which I bought my ticket. When I had it, I sat back with a sigh of relief. My seat was secured and I would be able to attend the Delta Machine tour at the start of October. It was certainly something to be excited about! I raved about it for days.

This concert has been something out of this world. They did something right when they managed to stay relevant in the music industry for as long as they have. I am brimming with admiration for their hard work and well-deserved reputation. When they can still drive a crowd as rabid as the one from Wednesday was, they know they've still got it.

If I were to look back into the best investments in all of 2013, the Depeche Mode concert featuring Crystal Castles is definitely top of the line. My seat was so close to the stage that the band was playing less than fifteen footsteps away. I could almost see them as tall as they really were. I was earnestly surprised to find that my section and the one directly across had the best view in all of the stadium, since those were the least popular sections when the time came to purchase my tickets.

This performance was a big surprise. With the way Alice Glass was moving, you could tell that the right environment for them to play at is actually at a club or a nightlife lounge. She was doing a great job, but I was under the impression that people weren't feeling them so much. In fact, it felt as if they didn't know who the band was. Before the concert you could get a good look at the attendants, and most of them felt eerily like avant-garde goths paired with the classic goths. Perhaps it was just outside of their musical comfort zone.

Alice Glass has a very appealing look with a blonde pixie cut and really dark make-up on her eyes. She appeared in a hoodie and broke into her signature dance step. Their setlist felt very short, but was still rather enjoyable.

To hear the introduction to Welcome To My World with a light show, visuals and the band itself threw me into hyper fangirl move. I was immediately mobilized with thick electricity coursing through my nervous system. The show began and the pseudo-religious experience began.

Something I realized about their music — which had to come from experiencing the music live, — is that there are great undertones of depression and inner darkness that you have to battle. Over and over again I noticed the themes of being resurrected or resurfacing from a dark time in your life, whether because of a romance or a fight with yourself. I found myself resonating with the fact they had gone through the worst, killed off the people that they used to be and came back to the world as entirely new people. This is exactly what I am going through, and the reason why their concert was such a deep experience.


Having researched the setlist back when I first got my ticket, I knew that Martin had a solo song. In fact, he had three solo songs and one was acoustic. He blew me away with his vocals and the feeling that he put into the music. He didn't have to move around very much to convey the exact mood of the song. sometimes he just used his hands to gesture, and that was enough. Really very wonderful, and endearing when he smiled shyly once he was finished and people clapped for him. Dave Gahan teased him enough to make him blush.

Maybe I can't call myself a true fan of a band until I truly understand the roles that each member plays in it, but honestly, I have never seen them live before. I really had no way of finding out who did what because all I had was the music to listen to and enjoy. I didn't see any music videos for the longest time, so my acquaintance with their music was purely personal. Whenever I hear their songs, it plays back emotions of the situations that I was going through at the time I got acquainted with their songs. Their music is a sonic diary of my experiences lived through their lyrics. It was wonderful and all, but now that I have seen them live, I have to say that I feel I understand them better. I feel entitled to call myself a fan now, at long last. Had I had the chance before, I would have attended their concerts at a much earlier date.

☆ Welcome to My World
☆ Angel
☆ Walking in My Shoes
☆ Precious
☆ Black Celebration
☆ Policy of Truth
☆ Should Be Higher
☆ Barrel of a Gun
☆ The Child Inside (Sung by Martin)
☆ But Not Tonight (Acoustic; Sung by Martin)
☆ Heaven
☆ Soothe My Soul
☆ A Pain That I'm Used To ('Jacques Lu Cont's Remix' version)
☆ A Question of Time
☆ Enjoy the Silence
☆ Personal Jesus
☆ Shake the Disease (Acoustic; Sung by Martin)
☆ Halo ('Goldfrapp Remix' version)
☆ Just Can't Get Enough
☆ I Feel You
☆ Never Let Me Down Again

As a souvenir, I purchased a shirt to commemorate the experience. I will wear it with pride. If for some reason they decide to throw a concert in the near future, you can count me right in. Their show was very good.

Photos compliments of the Depeche Mode and Staples Center page.


  1. Nice post, ML. Great response. I can feel the power of the performance in your words.

    I saw Depeche Mode on their World Violation Tour in 1990. I went because a friend was really into them. I hadn't taken them that seriously until then, but as you know, they were fantastic live. Reading this brought back some nice memories.

    1. Wow that sounds great, Prince Le Normand! You saw them at a pretty pique time!

  2. Certainly Amazing! ♥♥♥
    And they played I feel you! *0*