I wanted to share with you an amazing experience that I had last weekend. Wow, what a crazy weekend it was! It was a long time coming; the first time I heard about this concert was back in October, around the last few times I hung out with Hugo. We had a lot of anticipation time to per pare for the spectacle.

On Saturday, I set out with Justin and Crystal to a private VIP party to meet Combichrist, Aesthetic Perfection and Youth Code. It was held at Complex, LA. You'd never guess, but we were the only ones on the dance floor. After a week of fantasizing about the dance floor, nobody cared if anybody else was watching. Shortly afterwards, we were joined by a few people that felt like getting their dance on. It was beautiful; for a little while we all swayed and weaved through that dance floor.

We took a break to go to the patio, where we met Mitchell. He does merch work for Combichrist, and he was very kind. The four of us sat together in polite conversation, trading stories and impressions. He took me to meet Andy, the Combichrist lead singer. We got our photo taken and I was telling him my story with the band, then he promptly embraced his girlfriend in a kiss and forgot about the conversation. I laughed as I walked away, rolling my eyes but understanding all too well, but disappointed in how inattentive he was to me. He really didn't care that a fan was there to see him and meet him. If he got the impression I was looking for romance, he's quite wrong.

From the moment I stepped into the venue, I was greeted by friendly staff. The place looks like a Baroque / Victorian night time playground, it is so tastefully decorated. I would definitely rate Club Avalon as an upscale nightclub, and one I'd love to come back to in order to see my favorite bands play. Wow... I just can't transmit through words how amazing it was to be standing amongst a thousand goths with some very awesome bands playing. I have never seen so many gothic music enthusiasts together in the same place, and they all looked so beautiful. Corsets, kanekalon dread hair, extravagant make-up and platform boots with many, many buckets. It felt like home to me, and that's exactly the kind of feeling I have been looking for in nightlife. I loved it!

Aesthetic Perfection did great. I spent most of their show socializing with familiar faces and looking for a decent place to stand, though.

Suicide Commando was killing it. Since the moment he came out, you could feel the excitement in the crowd. I started out watching them from a teal wristband balcony, then moved to the main area to get a closer look. Everyone was dancing and feeling it, and Johan was living up to the expectations I had for Suicide Commando. In truth, this is the band that I came to see, and I was very glad to see them live. They started off with Bind, Torture and Kill. The energy that he had going on the stage was passed onto the crowd, who loved him for it. Unfortunately, after three songs it seems that Johan suffered lesions to his leg and had to be removed from the stage. About half an hour later, the staff comes back out to tell us he's on his way to the hospital, and may need surgery for his leg. It crushed us all. Me especially, after having been looking forward to see Johan perform live. Suicide Commando's work :Wumpscut:, Velvet Acid Christ, Combichrist, VNV Nation, and Covenant are responsible for my love of Industrial music and gothic nightlife. In one night, I got to see two bands from this list perform. Magic!!

As a result, Combichrist played an extended set. The concert hall suddenly got really rugged. Two mosh pits opened up, and fists were pumping in the air. There was so much rage in the air, I was glad to be in a discrete niche behind the sound check guys. They there centric and had a great view, without the risk of being pelted by the slew of fists in the crowd. Super good spot!

After having met Andy the night before, I wasn't very enthused with the impression that they made. Mitchell was very friendly, though, and invited me to chat with him at the Combichrist merchandising booth. I said I'd see him at the VIP party, but it seems he couldn't get out of work in time to chat. Come the VIP meet and greet I was too tired, and not really into meeting any of the bands. There was not enough energy to take another go at making conversation with Andy, and Johan was not there because he was probably off somewhere getting his leg treated. I did, however, run into John Giovanazzi a.k.a. Rev John, the visionary that made this activity possible. He's very smart and well-educated. You can easily strike up a conversation with him, which is very rare so far for the people I have met in this scene. However, those that are worth talking to make it a tolerable task. I've met some wonderful individuals here in California.

Activities like these leave an impression in you. It would be grand to have them on a more regular basis, but it seems that having enough time to prepare for an event builds up enough anticipation to get a decent attendance list. It was marvelous to see so many people at a venue to enjoy this type of music. One of the many reasons why coming to live in California is a wise decision. Are you sold yet? ; )

Overall, great success! I had a splendid night out. I have many news to share with you, some of which will be shocking for long-time readers and friends. I hope to be able to get them out to you soon; sometimes I don't get to post around here as much as I would like to. There is so, so much to share with you...

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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