I found out about this service through a client that was posting on the AT.NET forums. They were glowing about a custom made bag for their Shadowscapes Tarot, so I got curious and I clicked on the link. I found the shop delightful and rather versatile, so I got in touch with Ona.

The story of the shop is on the profile of the account. It is meant to make customized bags that resonate with you and that are tailored to the specific dimensions of your deck. The colors match the personality of the deck, and the materials are very high quality. I love the colors of the products, and from what I can see they will last very long if used with care. I think that more than protecting your cards or sacred reading space, these products bring your tarot reading experience to life. They’re so beautiful!

Ona is very easy to work with and gives you many color and print options. I already had an idea of what I wanted, so I explained the concepts to her in my very first e-mail and I made sure to send her the dimensions of my deck. We engaged in conversation, and three days later my product was finished and being shipped out to me. Three days after that, I had my bags and spread cloth. The whole process took less than a week! Granted, schedules can fluctuate, but I think that it was very fast for a custom product.

All of the Wyldechilde bags feature:
♡ 2 layers of fabric
♡ The fabric that touches the cards is always a natural fabric
♡ (cotton, silk, wool, hemp, or rayon from bamboo)
♡ No unfinished edges
♡ Belted for secure closure
♡ Most are hand-wash cool water, line dry
♡ Snug bag so your card corners don’t get bent
♡ Colors and patterns to express your individual taste
♡ Custom sizes available

I had a bag made in the same print as the spread cloth. One is backed with copper dupioni silk, the other with indigo dupioni silk. Simply gorgeous! They make for a set. While the bag was intended for the Golden Tarot especially, I realized it would fit just about any standard deck. If I am ever on the go for readings in public events, it would be great to dress up any other standard deck I need. Practical!

I also got one made with a concept based around the Moon card from Vertigo Tarot. It is purple, has swirls and stars and is lined with the same color of magenta as is present in the pyschic rays beneath the moon. So right! Magic!

I am very happy with the end result, and can’t recommend this shop enough if you feel like you have a deck of cards that needs shelter. Often times, cards come in boxes that are flimsy or too big to keep them. Sometimes they come with a thin organza bag, but those break easily and offer very little protection. I also think they’re cheap, and too cheap to house a sacred working tool.

Every time I sit down to work with my cards, I feel like there is magic happening on my work table. The cards really come alive, and I really love the print that I got. This celestials print sets a mood for me, and helps me get into the mindset of reading. I love it!

The shop has a lot of variety. You can get a good idea of what is available to you through browsing. It is also updated with some regularity, so you can stay tuned for pre-made bags.


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