The journey back to Puerto Rico was thought-provoking. It brought me to the realization of how far I’ve come since that one fateful day I embarked on a journey out West. Do you remember? Many of you went on that journey with me.

On the way to California I was shaking uncontrollably. I had just left my loved ones behind with nothing but a suitcase and wild, wild dreams. I didn’t have a job offer in California, much less was I going to count on my car or on the support of my Mom and J. It was just like The Fool card from the tarot, finding his way into The World. The World card had just manifested in my life, so it was appropriate to go through a radical beginning shortly thereafter. I was scared and I had no idea what I could expect of this journey. Every oracle I sought advice from warned me against going, but I did anyway. My soul needed it.I am so glad that I did, too. It changed my life, attitude, lifestyle, social tendencies, and expanded my perception beyond a point I knew it could go. I became my own person.

This week I made my way back to Puerto Rico. I was so excited on the plane from California to New York. Once I got to New York, I felt the difference between West side and East side. The sudden clash of reality put me in a heavily pensive mood.

The Atlantic Ocean has its tropical charm. It’s familiar but it isn’t comforting. I love Los Angeles, and have found the place I want to live in forever. It only took one try! I am no longer the girl I used to be, even though I don’t feel different.

Now I feel so much better about myself. The choices I make are compliant with my needs, and the people I meet and invest time in are people that resonate with me and that are helping me grow. I appreciate life much more in the environment I am in, which is why I have decided to stay in California. I decided I will not be moving back to Puerto Rico, and I also decided it’s time to let go of the familiar… I am getting my California driver’s license once I memorize the instruction manual. Attaining that form of ID will be the contract between myself and the state, and the promise that I won’t flake out on a place that has been so good to me. California really nurtured my soul.

For now let’s enjoy the blessings of the Caribbean, with its colorful cultures and its delightful selection of food. I can’t wait to experience this trip and all that it has to offer!

My favorite! Yay! I didn't get to see J as much as I would have liked to, but then it always feels like time is on fast forward. No matter what we've gone through, there is always unexplained magnetism keeping our lives parallel to one another. Gold nuggets like this deserve to be nurtured, definitely not put away in a drawer for safekeeping.

Aren't the people from back home beautiful? Nati, Elvin, J, Alejandra, Tina... Everyone gives me hearts for eyes because they're such quality people on the inside. It really comes out and makes them all glow. I can't wait to come back and spend more time with all of you!

My trip to the Caribbean was absolutely pleasant, and more! I loved being back home amongst the people that I love and that know me best. The past four weeks have been spent celebrating life, eating and drinking a little too much. The indulgence better last until my next visit in December!

Los melones de Elvin... LOL!

♡ Bubble tea with pretty people.
♡ Goth clubbing! My favorite!
♡ Margarita happy hour nights.
♡ Hosting a séance for my friends.
Dominican Republic resort getaway at The Royalton.
♡ Meeting Tina and Ale for tea, dinner and drinks.
♡ Selling tarot decks from my collection.
♡ Drinking sparkling wine and hosting dinner parties at my house.

During my stay in the Caribbean, I reached one year since I moved from PR to LA. My anniversary was on August 27th, 2014. I can't believe its been one full year since I boarded the plane with an abundance of nerves and set out into the world, unsure about how it would go or if I could even make it. I have thought about where I would be now if I had not taken that risk, and I know for sure that it nurtured my soul and helped me gain back my confidence. I'm a new girl!

Oh yes. A very memorable summer month indeed! Now back to reality at the Crow’s Nest 303… and to put Samhain Moon back in order. Credits to Nati Merari for the club night photos.

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