I wish it were easier to tell you what it is I see in goth glubs. The general consensus back home is that we're weird, or that we spook people out because we're looking for attention. That's not true at all! Being a part of this subculture has been such a relief, in getting away from an island that would never ever let me be myself. I can't stand it when I go out and I get stared at. Ever since moving to Los Angeles, I've found how inviting people are. I've very rarely gotten rude stares or negative comments about the way I choose to present myself or live my life. Its been such a relief!

On February 28th, my friends and I went to the Belasco Theater for a new event called Subterranean in the basement lounge. It was a beautiful venue with a pretty good sound system. There were some technical difficulties throughout the night that were out of the hands of the people spinning. They all did their best to give us some fierce music to strut our stuff to.

The whole point of outings like this is to dance to the music that you listen to at home or while you work. You don't usually hear it anywhere else, and events like these are the only chance you'll get to dance to them. It's therapy to get lost in music while looking your very best. Total freedom of expression.

The party was very wild. For all else, please view the photos compliments of Jason Sandbeck and Tim Rich. Thank you to all those of you who made it possible.

I love you, California. So, so much.

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