I’ll always remember the very first time I head about the Anonymous. I was walking with my friend in college back in 2009, and she asked me if I was an Anon. I knew what Anon is short for, but I had no idea what she was talking about. She was discrete, but she did tell me that she participated in it. It got me started with curiosity, and I spent that night looking up information on the organization.

That night my head was spinning with what I had just unearthed. It was very inspiring to see, but at the same time the message was very aggressive. It is, after all, written to gear our gears running. It is meant to make you angry, or to make you feel anything at all. I smile to myself smugly when I think about someone in America, 250 lbs overweight and taking a bite out of a drumstick from a KFC bucket, chewing away as they watch television. A message like this comes up on a broadcast in, let’s say, Louiseana, and suddenly the room this person is in starts to feel smaller.

They’ve just been delivered a powerful message they might not comprehend, but then there it is. It’ll make them feel something and it’ll make them want to act on their impulse, even if it means binge eating the whole KFC bucket. I’d have done the same thing if an interrupted broadcast threatened my blissful peace.

I decided to talk about it because I’ve never addressed any global scale issues. I’ve always kept to myself and my life, but I endorse their message and I think what they’re doing is brave. It’s really just a blog entry for me to give an opinion on something that I understand to be much bigger than myself… because it is, and it has a huge impact on the lives of hundreds if not thousands of people. People I may have met throughout my life.

When I think about movies that are out there and try to send a similar message as the Anonymous, all I can think of are pretty old. They Live is a prime example of a great movie with an unsettling message that is so powerful that it shakes you: You’re a slave to money, coaxed to consume on things you don’t need for ‘them’ to have control over your life. Well, in the end it’s your fault if you relinquish it, and that’s something that I got from a video I found on one of their Youtube accounts.

I’ve wondered how many news I’ve come across and disregarded that have been part of their efforts.

They believe in what they do and they work with passion. That’s good enough for me, I respect activists that are trying so adamantly to change the world. Good for them! It is not, however, how I see myself changing the world. I want to work with people to find their center and to find how to empower themselves so that they can live a happy life. I’m a spiritual worker, and my work is in helping people grow to love themselves. That’s a venture in itself, and I love it dearly. We all work in fields that align with our sense of purpose, and this is mine.

I do feel that what they’re talking about is important to talk about. It makes me very upset when I walk by a table of girls and I hear them talking about their hair or how miserable they are because a guy is ignoring them. Or when I walk past someone talking about going to the new designer super mall that just opened up a few blocks away. Why don't people talk about things that matter? I'm tired of listening to people talk about small issues and problems blown up to be the bane of their existence. People talking about first world problems need a wake-up call and a reality check. There are things out there that are bigger than our personal lives and will influence us directly. These are all subjects that spin in different directions and go off on tangents, but they're things I wish people didn't waste their time on. If we put down our cell phones and picked up a book or had an actual conversation, we would be engaging our minds. That's more attractive to me than a super mall, just sayin'.

Anyhow, I want to interview my tarot cards about the Anonymous. Today I am going to share the results of that interview with you. I hope you enjoy it!

How did the Anonymous get started?
Seven of Wands. So many problems and nobody standing up for what is right. No one stands for the people, but through a series of protests and opposition, people who are angry get to have their voices heard. People matter individually, but in large groups they are impossible to ignore.

What do they really want?
The Sun. Success at a global scale. Power. Happiness. Vanity.

What is their chance of success?
The Lovers. Uniting people is the purpose, success is extra. But success comes from unified people. There is an intuitive feeling that this is what is right, and a vulnerability in joining with others in such a personal way. It brings people together.

Will their message cause an outbreak of some kind?
Five of Pentacles. Perhaps a collapse in the economy. Perhaps rallying others to walk away from injustices. If you don't ask for help, how will it be given? Sometimes we forget that as people, we have rights and we have the ability to change what we don't like. The poverty depicted in this card comes from those who refuse to ask for help when they need it.

Will their legacy be a positive one for us all?
Two of Swords. Depends on which perspective you look at it from. I feel ambivalence, or balance in the middle and not the extremes. Neither good nor bad, just something that is.

What will the world be like once their legacy is finished?
Two of Coins. A collaboration. Will get other things in motion, or start something new. Trying to break out of a cycle in the form of establishing a new one. If something doesn't work, replacements will be recommended or weaved in somehow.

Am I doing anything to support their cause?
Six of Wands. Yes. Encouraging others to follow their dreams and pursue their happiness. Empowering people is good help, because those who feel good about themselves tend to live healthier lives and are more likely to stand up for what they believe it.

I am personally someone who uses their voice to help others, even though I am not an activist. So this card seemed like being a leader in your own field.

Any messages that we should keep in mind from Anonymous?
Knight of Wands. They are reminding people to be passionate, to be charismatic and to open up to the world. They're trying to inspire others to make their presence be felt; whether it is a loud presence or a quiet one is optional. There is a lot of power in being able to inspire others to take action, and sometimes when we are in the midst of things, we don't realize it. It is a passionate drive that spreads.

Any messages from my tarot cards to the Anonymous?
Ten of Wands. Don’t burn out. If you don't source energy and motivation, it fizzles out after a few attempts. It takes a lot to keep it going when a lot is being invested as well. You can't forget about nurturing yourselves and your minds.

Well, all right then. That was an interesting exercise. Photos are compliments of Google, and belong to their respective artists.


  1. What an interesting post! I'd never heard of the Anonymous. I especially loved your reading of the Six of Wands - helping people live a healthier life always supports a more pro-active engagement with what matters :)

    1. Lovely to see you, Kerry! Thank you for reading.

      It's crazy how tarot can put into words things that are in our subconscious and we know, but don't tend to talk about until it brings them up. "Remember this!"

      Love and Light,