Fantasy worlds somehow compliment ours with magic and whimsy, even though they are so far removed from our reality. Imagination fuels our life with magic, and certainly with power. That is why I enjoy using fantasy decks, even if some of the elements they show couldn’t possibly happen in reality. Who doesn’t like a good story?

Better yet, the stories we can craft with it are directly related to us. Through these tools we can have fun while we trace connections back from the cards to our personal happenings. I love that about my practice. The craft allows for a wide net of beliefs and tastes, from the whimsical to the serious.

Sometimes, putting off getting a title that you like can be a problem. Especially when they change something about it that happens to be what you like about it the most! That was the case for me with this deck. I put it off for years. One day, I finally decided to get it… and when I did, I found that the card backs that had attracted me to this deck so much were no longer being printed. Instead, they were replaced with something that seemed less appropriate to me. So the search for the elusive purple backs started.

This deck has an Art Nouveau style of illustration with what appears to be watercolor technique applied for color. There are lots of complex decorative motifs framing and otherwise decorating the cards, which I happen to love.

Fanning these cards out is a total delight. I have always been a fan of Lo Scarabeo’s card stock, even though it takes me a little longer to connect with their deck selections for my readings. Truthfully, Lo Scarabeo decks merit sitting with them and meditating on them carefully to be able to truly enjoy the divergence from the traditional Rider-Waite Smith system of reading. I love how they fuse their fantasy theme with traditional tarot meanings to deliver something that is narrative. It gives you a lot to work with in terms of imagination, and of course intuition.

Something that I really like about this deck is how it is centered around dynamic portraiture. It also features a selection of animals, some interacting with the people in the deck. This makes it sing!

The only animal I found by itself is in The Tower, which gives the card a lonely feeling I quite like. It adds to the traditional meaning of the card and will likely point to some subtle hints in future readings.

♡ What is your most important characteristic?
Four of Cups.
Emotional assurance comes from going through the notions and toughing it out. When you are not sure, enlist a friend to help you find your way through the problems. I am such friend, and I will provide moral support and emotional sustenance to anybody enlisting my services. That is my purpose for existence.

♡ What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Queen of Cups.
I provide emotional support to those who seek it. You will have tools through which to reflect on your options to find out what is better for you. Life is so much sweeter when you have a caring friend backing you up.

♡ What are your limits?
Page of Swords.
Some messages come fast towards you. Now you see them, now you don’t. You have to be conscious when you are reading; if you are distracted, you won’t be able to keep up. Put your books away, your journal, your pens. All you need is your mind sharpened and the attentiveness to see a reading through in its entirety.

♡ What are you here to teach me?
The Sun.
I am here to teach you to take pride in your craft and your projects. Success comes from believing something so much on the inside that it radiates out of you. Positivity becomes contagious when it is grounded upon reality.

♡ How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Ten of Swords.
Sacrifice what you know to make room for something new.

♡ What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Page of Wands.
Passion burns, inspiring all those in sight. A burst of creativity will send you writing long hours into the night! Enjoy the feast that is offered and give thanks for your blessings.

♡ Which card do you want to show off?
Eight of Coins.
Study and practice ensure you go a long way. Enduring long nights of work are a necessity for all of those who are serious about their practice. Doing what you love with diligence will develop the skills you always dream of.

♡ How do you see me?
Knight of Swords.
As a seeker, one who dives into the future with assurance and with sword ready. Your thoughts soar at incredible speeds and make you not only responsive, but also active.

♡ How do you see yourself?
Six of Swords.
I am the assortment of people you encounter along your journey. The animals, the monsters and the helpers all rolled into one. The variety of personalities contained herein are your company for the journey you have embarked on. While your voyages are actually carried out alone, you also have the advantage of having a sidekick.

I really love this deck! The illustrations give me very different interpretations than I am used to. I like the challenge and the personalities coming through in the reading.

I’ve decided to try devoting spaces in my tarot journal to it. A new go-to deck in the future!

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