I got this deck over the holiday season. Carol Herzer had just put them up in her Divine Sparks of Light page, and I picked up two sets. I waited anxiously for them to arrive, and when they did, I celebrated them. Since then, I've been using them in medication or looking through them as a collector does his prized possessions. You may remember Carol from my Mystic Shadows review, as well as Dark Crystal Rose and Illuminated Tarot review. All of these decks are used regularly and bring me much joy.

As I am thumbing through the cards, new faces come out to greet me. I am meeting new entities that look nothing like all the other ones I’ve met before. Some feel like they will become friends, while others feel like they yield important tests and lessons. This deck has a special quality to it in that it creates sacred spaces and experiences that you can have within the cards. The cards are portal to someplace out there.

These decks are completely handmade. Hand cut, hand painted. I love that about them! The backs are in silver paint with iridescence and with glitter. This means they come alive at night with the lights on, or in candlelight.

Silver means the moon, intuition and the feminine aspects of yourself. It signifies tranquility and understated confidence in dreams, and that is completely appropriate for dealing with entities not from this world. They fan out nicely, and I like that the hues in the back are close but not exact. They have the same value, but the different brush strokes and glitter applications bring the backs to life. I love that about them.

The cards have no names and no instructions. This is a deck that will be used purely by intuition. I mean to photograph them, print them out and put them in my journal so I can name them. I will be giving them upright and reverse descriptions and names, as they come to me from use. There are two decks, so there will be many names to give out to them. I love that!

My first experience with this deck was through the meditation size large cards with no glitter on them. The meditation was immersive; I got sucked right into the cards and I felt I had actual encounters with the beings held therein. It was magical!

Since acquiring these special decks, I sat down with one of them and crafted names for the cards in the reverse and upright. I find that the names of the cards change every time, so I've come to name them as they tell me they wish to be named. They transform for you, making this deck incredibly versatile and easy to use. It's so great when the cards grow with you.

I love the diverse scenes in these cards, and I love the glitter on them. It adds dimension to the experience. I cannot recommend these cards enough!

What is your most important characteristic?
The Ancient Fountain Ruins. I tie together wisdom from different planes of existence and places in time. The answers you seek are not delivered in scenes acted out, but in feeling and in quiet understanding. You will have the wisdom whispered to you through meditative thought and acceptance. When you allow yourself to flow in synchronicity with natural order, elementss align for you.

What are your strengths as an oracle deck?
Sacred Pillar of Space Communication. I stand as a lone pioneer in my niche. No other deck of cards out there offers the sacred sites to visit. This deck comes to life in a way that is very different from every other deck out there. It is free of the constraints of language, perceived instead through a universal consciousness of understanding. This deck will help you tap into real inner knowing, because you won't have anything to go off of other than what you perceive. Now you are able to shape your own reality.

What are your limits?
Plasma Ice Castle. There are intricate layers of the brain that you will have to train yourself to tap into. You will access the knowledge as your mind becomes ready to awaken parts that lie dormant. There are secret channels that may never come to life unless you devote yourself to the exploration and the discovery of your own inner potential.

What are you here to teach me?
Starseed. Unlock the potential feelings within yourself that you do not yet understand how to activate. You are full of potential, limitless, and without bounds. Tapping into inner worlds will help you resonate in many colors, understanding yourself as new life flows through you and inspires you. You awaken.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
The Cold Flow. Look into yourself and allow the images to come. Form new connections in your neurological pathways. By refreshing your mind and your memory, you'll find that the flexibility of what you can do next is entrancing. The deeper in you go, the more you will be curious about what you can dig up.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Scrying Chalice of Ice and Fire. There will be extremes in working with this deck that are combined as if by alchemy. When you take a look into these cards, your faith is strengthened by the experiences you allow yourself to have. The outcome will be heavily dependent on your choices and how you choose to use these cards.

Which card do you want to show off?
The Cloaked Fairy. There are sentient beings manifesting in these cards. If you pay enough attention, you could have an experience with a being that is not from your star system. When you concentrate on looking inwards, you'll be surprised at the beauty you may find inside. With this deck, we may come to recognize that we are also made up of and connected to what is out there. We pulse with life in the same rhythm as that of the celestial bodies around us, woven into the cosmic fabric of life and light.

How do you see me?
Spirit Veil. The seer with fascination for looking inwards and finding secrets. You speak the ancient language and you understand how to tap into the energies of the spirit world. Should you really devote yourself to learning, you will connect to a new channel with veritable information.

How do you see yourself?
The Fountain of Knowledge. Providing those on their journey with clarity and with the environment they need to tap into their higher selves and their own history. A gentle aid in the journey of spiritual discovery and self-acceptance.
This is a deck I won’t use without the presence of crystals. I feel like they charge and amplify my other decks, but this one especially will benefit from the use of them.

Would you like to purchase your own copy?

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