I’ve never been the type of girl to load up on accessories. Magic is what happens all around us as we journey through our lives... And yet, there is space to charge a piece with intention and high frequency which we can keep with us. Usually, there is a main piece I use that is seen if you really look but not entirely noticeable. My arms usually go bare or with rings on my fingers. The most I used were necklaces. Now I'm getting used to a different kind of intention setting, and it involves a delicate piece of jewelry!

Back in April I was looking for Mother’s Day presents for my Mom. She is very special to me and I wanted to surprise her with something sleek. She loves all that sparkles and shines, which naturally made me walk into Alex and Ani out of curiosity. Cue internal glitter explosion! I must have asked the salesperson to see way too many mix and match combinations, but I walked out of the store glowing because I felt I had built a custom piece for somebody very special in my life. It was dreamlike!

Alex and Ani has great selections that are also very versatile. You can pile on as much mix and match as you like, or you can wear a delicate bracelet or bangle. It’s really up to personal preference and style. I love how expressive the charms can be, and how each charm has a meaning and a theme. All pieces come with an illustrated card that lists the meaning for each symbol. When gifting friend or lover, it feels like you can find a meaning for every walk of life, and that's a lovely thing.

I love the elements present in some of the bangles. What starts out as a very simple piece takes on life with the color or the shape of the charm. I have found that depending on what I feel like, what I slip onto my wrist keeps me happy throughout the day. I feel the good vibes of the symbol, and take it on as an amulet or a shield to protect me throughout the day. Currently, my favorite to wear by itself is the Luna Moth bangle.

For those of you that lile a bit of drama in your outfits, there is a piece for you. Or several. I’ve found my collection to have bits of my personality, and the way I wear my jewelry is very different from how my Mom wears hers. My style reflects my interests in divination and the Zodiac. I’ve gotten different selections, but when I put my bangles on, I feel like a total witch.


Bumblebee Charm Bangle by UNICEF
Driven • Loyal • Conscientious
in Gold

Big and Little Dipper Set of Two Charm Bangles by Big Brothers
Big Sisters of AmericaConstant • Haven • Brilliant
In Silver

Romance Heart Wrap Rose Gold x 2
Emotion • Attraction • Passion
In Rose Gold

Libra Celestial Wheel Charm Bangle
Fair • Balanced • Harmonious
In Gold

July Birth Month Charm Bangle
Passion • Contentment • Love
In Gold

Luna Moth Charm Bangle
Faith • Fulfillment • Vulnerability
In Silver

Jellyfish Charm Bangle (Not pictured)
Luminous • Flow • Surreal
In Silver

September Birth Month Charm Bangle (Not pictured)
Clarity • Wisdom • Tranquility
In Gold

Since I got started, I’ve signed up to receive their newsletter and I obsess about he collection I already have. Its been nice to day dream about pieces I’d like to get as well. I guess this is what it feels like to identify with the treats your gender indulges in. I was starting to think I was a lost cause!

Every time I slip a bangle on, I feel like I’m putting on a piece of positivity and a shiny reminder to love myself more. That’s worth a lot to me.

This was not a sponsored post. I genuinely endorse this product!

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  1. You should upload this on insta, I'm pretty sure Alex and Ani would feature you because these photos are so gorgeous! I seriously mean it, and those clusters, In looooove! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡