Let’s talk about one of my many loves, the Tarot of Prague. I got the 1st Edition off Lisa Frideborg of Tarotize. She was great to give me the opportunity to own it. I interviewed the deck and realized there was something very special about it.

Earlier last year, the Baba Studio found 15 Tarot of Prague 2nd Edition decks in one of their cupboards. They decided to sell them online. Those decks went in about half an hour when they were listed, but I managed to snag myself a copy with a bag. Later on, they put the remaining bags for sale and I snagged a second one to house my backup deck in. I’ve got a total of three now, with one copy of the first edition and two copies of the second. I have the original Strength bag from their first run which currently houses my Poisoncage Tarot and the two limited edition bags, housing my two 2nd Edition Tarot of Prague sets.

These bags are really amazing to look at. The quality is that of which you are used to from the more recent productions of the Baba Studio, but having options for both sides of the bag takes it a little further to me. Some days when I am working, I turn it over to either side depending on the type of theme I want to have going on in my work station. The card backs on the back of the cards are pure magic, especially since the Tarot of Prague card backs have an anagram used to fend off demons.


The translation of this would be "Revel yourself in the form os a sign (in the sky) in vain you reach for me, I am your desire. Rome, through movement (stars) suddenly love comes to you." Its purpose? Well, apparently it was put there to fool any demons that might want to harm the tower. It is believed that these demons, faced with a word puzzle, would read it again and again, unable to figure it out, until they became exhausted and went away. Who knows, perhaps it worked? — The Tarot of Prague. Karen Mahony. p. 22-23.

Ever since I read the book, I’ve been wanting to visit Prague. The City of the Alchemists sounds like it would be a wonderful place to go for leisure as for enriching the intellect. I’d love to get lost in their cobblestone streets of magic!]

A few years ago I thought that this tarot deck would never again be re-printed. Much to my surprise, I was very wrong. And I am so happy that I was! Another misconception that I held is that it couldn’t possibly be improved much more. It was already perfect, after all! — Wrong again. Even the box and the book got a huge makeover, and they are breathtaking!

You can view a previous review of this deck’s second edition here. For the third edition, 1,500 were printed and 1,300 were placed for sale. The other 200 have been reserved for the Magic Prague tours, where the Baba Studio entertains guests and teaches them about the magical city of the alchemists.

The card stock is perhaps my favorite. I don’t know what it is about it, it’s matte like the Alice Tarot, but it’s crunchy and it shuffles perfectly.I love the card stock, it’s so perfect. It feels like skin… or like wax. Hard to describe, but a pleasant experience to the sense of touch. When you fan these cards out, they catch the light and reflect back to you. Like ancient mirrors!

The way the cold stamping is applied makes the cards look as if they have elements coming to life or emphasizing things for you to look at. The dimension that it feeds the illustrations is nothing short of magic! Everything looks even more beautiful under candlelight or late at night with a light to accompany you through the reading. For example, in the right light, the lobster in The Moon really stands out to me. When I look at the card in natural daylight, it isn’t so obvious unless I turn the card at an angle.

Because the previous versions didn’t have the cold stamping, the illustrations looked to me like statues in compositions that resemble storytelling tableaus. Now, the cards feel like they are immersed in magic and gold tipped by the occult, there is definitely more life in them. They feel like an alchemical wonder!

Something I feel though when I handle these cards is that they are great for use with high magic in practice. They can also sing if you decide to meditate and project into them. They will look great propped up in an altar or charging a candle with intention.

If I ever go to Prague, I will be sure to hunt down many of my favorites to photograph juxtaposed by the cards. Some of my favorite cards are the one that show off the architecture at night time or with added allure. (Ace of Cups, Ten of Cups, Wheel of Fortune, The Moon.)

I waited for this deck to come in the mail so eagerly, but it arrived when I was out for holiday. Making the time to sit down with it took some effort, but I think I’ve finally got it down!

Some of my favorite Baba Studio drawstring pouches are in fact those from the Tarot of Prague. I thought I’d emphasize the fact by photographing my collection, which houses a few other decks I work with.

What is your most important characteristic?
King of Wands. This card serves as a reminder to bear your lifestyle and practices loudly. To wear them with pride will ring true to your best self, which in turn feeds your courage. You will feel empowered and generally in control once you accept this as the outcome and proceed!

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
The Sun. This deck draws upon the energy of the present time, pushing us to play to our strengths. Trust and goodnatured laughs are tools to help is on our way through life, seeking out the better experiences and the moments that bring us joy. This deck will serve to remind us to seek the joys in life’s magic.

What are your limits?
Seven of Coins. The limits lie in the limits of the imagination. If you close your mind off to possibilities, nothing new will happen. Try not to fall into the comfort zone of assuming things will remain as they have been. Seek alternatives, seek new courses of action to challenge what you feel is safe. That’s really how new adventures start and how better possibilities start to make themselves known to you.

What are you here to teach me?
Page of Wands. This tarot deck wants to show us not to dim ourselves out. This speaks volumes to me in the importance of personal style becoming an expression of personality and outward expression. How you express and carry yourself will be the way that the outside world perceives us. Having a loud and clear voice will make us stand out as courageous individuals fueled by our own imagination and vision. Follow your passions tirelessly!

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Four of Swords. Wait until the right time to read. Wait until you’re absolutely ready to seek out new opinions and ways of thinking. Perspectives change when we are ready for them. Until then, it’s okay to lay low and to seek introspective thinking to guard our thoughts. The entire world doesn’t need to know our plans.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Four of Wands. Success. Coming into and owning your full potential to enjoy by yourself and with others. Injecting yourself with passion will inspire others to do the same. After you’ve asserted grounds for yourself, you may come to find that those close to you rejoice and admire you for it. This tarot deck is a very positive tool for self-empowerment.

Which card do you want to show off?
Queen of Coins. This Baba Studio project has been worked out to perfection under the critical eyes of its makers. Much like offspring, now it goes out into the world to make a life for itself. There is a great sense of success, of beauty and of strength. I feel like it’s a complete success, and this deck is proud of how it came out.

How do you see me?
The Magician. What an interesting card pull! The Magician stands here as one who possesses all of the tools and the skills to make great things happen. What initially starts out as just a vision ends up gaining a full body of energy to propel the concept. As above, so below. That which is envisioned will spring into manifestation once it has been brought forth into being. Work hard, work ardently and your dreams come true.

How do you see yourself?
Ace of Swords. This deck is sharp in tone, the message would be hard to skew. It is a tool for delivering a powerful truth and depicting a reality to be reckoned with. On the table of The Magician it is a useful tool to cut away toxic connections and to promote clarity of thought. When used incorrectly, this means the psyche turns aggressive and prone to assumption. The deck implores you to remain clear of thinking and goals.

This deck has been given a new lease of life. It really sings! If you’re curious about getting yourself a copy, you can visit the Baba Studio online or like their Facebook page.

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