Every now and then you come across a piece that takes your breath away. After dreaming and day dreaming about the Morphē Jewelry — now Sofia Zakia — ring, it is finally here! And much to my delight, Sofia has also included the moon bunny earring I had been gushing on about in a previous blog post. I can tell you it made my day. This gesture along made my week. Looking through the contents of the package was a real treat, the rose gold embellishment on the matte black card stock is perfection. The package even thoughtfully included some really gorgeous stationary and a letter.

Wearing the Moonbunny earring and the Wandering Star ring brings me so much joy. I am extremely happy with the jewelry as well as with the ephemera that comes with it. Whenever I am not wearing it, the Wandering Star ring is housed in its box and the Moonbunny charges in my altar space. They are becoming personal talismans for self-love and clarity.

A talisman is by definition an object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that when charged with intention is believed to be infused with magic. It is said to bring good luck, and is synonymous with concepts such as lucky charms, amulets, totems, and ritual tools.

These objects tend to rack up the sentimental value as we bond with them. The piece embodies our intentions and wishes. For myself personally, my accessories must be imbued with the essence of self-love and healing. Those are necessary glamours for myself to nurture a healthy outlook on life.

Once you have spent enough years of your life wasted away in internal battles with yourself, you start to yearn for positivity that tips the scales into balance. You can feel yourself aligned with the woven fabric of life and existence. Rather than having events going against you, you feel a benevolent turn of the tide and have your circumstances cooperate with helping you achieve your personal goals.

Mine is to learn to be okay with my quirks, and to celebrate life as an offering of wisdom delivered in a more compassionate package. So far, an interesting journey. It all starts within. In my case, I have personal totems to remind and delight as the winding path to the desired destination continues. In my own private time I enchanted them, and when I wear them I feel the magic influence glowing like an invisible aura.

Looking into this stunning ring, I feel a sense of calming peace from the sapphire. Its brilliance is something to behold! Rose gold is made up of two components as far as my limited experience goes: gold and copper.

Gold strengthens confidence and attracts wealth. The properties of hold help it open the crown chakra, and help to obtain spiritual wisdom. It also has protective qualities.

Gold really opens the crown chakra and is known to help the wearer who is open to wisdom obtain it from universal sources. Gold has long been hailed for its protective properties as well, which is why it's been commonly used for talismans, amulets and for making protective symbol charms to be worn on the body.

The copper in the rose gold helps improve circulation. Wearing copper can help you improve your awareness and expand your consciousness. It's particularly useful in strengthening bonds between people.

Sapphires increases and enhances intuition, mental clarity and spiritual power. A stone of spiritual healing and spiritual truth, sapphire is useful when channeling healing energies.

Diamonds symbolize purity. It brings love and clarity into partnerships and bonding relationships.

The amazing thing about these materials the ring is made out off is that we resonate with them and they have healing properties. It is so much better when you wear something that not only you imbue with intent, but has materials that resonate with you in just the right way. Suffice to say that Sofia is a jewelry sorceress.

Everybody I show this ring to has an extreme reaction of admiration. It generates an enthusiasm that is contagious, and with that I am reaffirmed that my self-love trinket is a special one. It inspires me as well as the people who come in contact with it. Now that's real magic! ❤️✨

Take a look at Sofia Zakia's web site, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. I can't recommend her work enough! And if you find something that you resonate with, totally go for it. Her customer service is 10/10. You will be as delighted as I was!!

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