I have been sitting on the decision to get this deck for a couple of years now. Even though I watched it on Tumblr and one of my friends was raving about it, I didn't feel like it was the right time to jump on it. Since then, this deck has had as many as three incarnations. It has changed, and each time it keeps getting progressively better. Finally, I caved when I heard they made this deck in the traditional tarot size. My hands are small and I can't handle bulky paper, so I decided to get this version.

The gilded edges are quite lovely, their shine is semi matte and the color is just right. It's a very gentle but vibrant gold tone, and I enjoy it. The pastel color palette of this deck is also very appealing. It is easy on the eyes, it looks gorgeous over a black spread cloth and it really makes the figures stand out. The card backs are almost hypnotic. I think they are one of my favorite card backs in my entire card collection. They're gorgeous! Ethereal.

Most of the cards have that transcendental ethereal feeling to them. The theme is executed beautifully throughout the entire deck. Some of the cards in the Major Arcana have come to be renamed. They are numbered, though, so you can easily figure out which one of the alternate titles is supposed to be which.

I am under the impression that there is not so much visual dialogue going on. I don't see repeated elements interacting with the figures in the cards other than desertous landscapes, sacred geometry and other celestial elements. To tell you the truth, I think this deck works best with spreads that already have designated card positions. Maybe these cards also work really well paired with an oracle deck.

I wanted to note that even though it may not be a predominant theme, I feel like this deck addresses the sacred feminine within. The figures seem to be suspended in time, frozen on the outside but awake on the inside. There is so, so much going on in our psyche. I think this deck works great for questions relating to our states of mind and emotions.

What is your most important characteristic?
Three of Wands. This deck took some time to call your attention. You saw three incarnations of it go by before you decided to take the plunge and get acquainted with it. They say three time's the charm, though, so here you are. Magic at your fingertips, wisdom that sheds light into your understanding of your circumstances if only you stop to think about what it means. Wait and see what the results yield for you.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Queen of Cups. Compassionate understanding, thinking with a pause before reaching any logical conclusions and plans of action. Let your intuition take charge, feel your way through with your heart as your compass. It won't ever steer you wrong. It can only strengthen you. Keep exploring.

What are your limits?
Page of Wands. Impulsiveness can turn to distractions. If you have too much going on in your mind and in your environment, you may not be grounded enough to tune into the frequency of this deck. To get the best interaction, match your frequencies. Your psychic sense of intuition will be fueled by concentration and grounding. Save the active energy to instead carry your plan of action out.

What are you here to teach me?
Ten of Swords. Let go of your negative thoughts. They are fabrications of your mind to fill in the blanks. Even if you don't understand the logic of how something goes, this deck will not help you fill in the blanks if there is nothing to fill them with. You can work with what is really there to gain a precise understanding of what is happening.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
The Lovers. Embrace the differences, meet in the middle. Bring something different to the table, and try to draw connection in how the different elements interact as they come together. This is a similar formula to alchemy. That bond that is formed between two people in a reading will stay. Cleanse afterwards.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Nine of Wands.
With enough effort, something gets built up that will stand as a symbol for those that are still in the ongoing process. Seeing your comfort with cards can inspire others, but then so does leaving them to find their own path to shape to their liking. The universe has your back, you just need to stop resisting and work with it.

Which card do you want to show off?
The Chariot. Wild freedom for you to trail blaze. Guided by the influence of your intuition, motivated to reach new boundaries. The test of strength comes from within to help you navigate through the natural perils of the outside world.

How do you see me?
The Stars. Entering a happy period in your life, finding light in new places. Understanding the role you play in the life you live, and how the light you emanate also affects others. When it all links up together, your face lights up. The face of your sitter lights up. With a pure heart and soul you can move those that you interact with. It spreads beauty.

How do you see yourself?
Seven of Swords. Dealing the difficult truths that people often don't want to accept about themselves or their surroundings. Outlining the boundaries so that people know how far they can step before they run into some bigger troubles.

Isn't this deck divine? It is taking me some time to warm up to it, but I've been in this game long enough to know its all about the journey. I am really looking forward to spend some quiet time with the cards. I am intrigued with the curiosity of how these cards will help me tune into the inside. Innerspace.

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