The Vivid Journey Tarot
by J Alaire is a real whimsical delight! I first stumbled upon this deck a couple of years ago on Instagram, and please believe me when I tell you it was love at first sight. I fell right into it! It's just a very appealing deck.

I appreciate decks that can deliver a tough set of news with utmost grace. After all, sometimes the problems we face can come at us aggressively when we are most vulnerable. Even the most indisputable truths can cut deep wounds within our hearts. And yet, even though this deck doesn’t mask the facts with sugarcoated luster. Instead, messages are delivered with compassionate precision. The truth is still the truth, but my querent won’t run from the table.

The stylization of this deck really resonates with me. It is rather beautiful. The flourishing swirls of the clouds, the shading done in hatching lighter values. I see you. We reflect light into one another, and from that reflection comes a bond. The colors remind me of ice cream. Minty pastels and some contrasting darker colors. The suits have their corresponding color schemes, which I am appreciative of. It creates patterns in readings, and suggests a different season of the year. Color choice really ties this deck together cohesively.

Something I really like about the Vivid Journey Tarot is that it depicts clever renditions of the Rider-Waite Smith system. It has a unique flair to it that I appreciate.

The card stock of this deck is a delight for me! It is thin, buttery and slippery. The cards themselves are borderless and vibrant. The stylization is a true delight! After I went through the deck, I found I didn’t dislike any of the cards. This is good! There is usually one or two cards I am not so sure about, but that was not the case here. I find the cards delightful!

The good news is that the Vivid Journey legacy doesn't stop here. J Alaire is actually working on another tarot deck now. The previews look so amazing! It's definitely going to be a deck to look out for in the future.

What is your most important characteristic?
Six of Swords. Grab your things and get in, we’re going on a journey together. You will visit new places, broaden your horizons and find yourself in the process. Through trial, error, stormy weather and sunlit skies until you are reassured by your identity and comfortable moving forward. Off we go!

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Five of Coins. Giving solace to those that feel lost or who need to find their way forward to progress. A shoulder to rely on when you feel hopeless or lonely, if things aren’t going the way you have been in need for them to. Come to this deck for support, to build a halo of support for yourself. Most importantly, remember to be kind to yourself. Find the patience.

What are your limits?
The Fool. If you leap before you look, you may make a mistake. Try to use these cards as a preemptive tool to identify possible mistakes being made further on. If you are aware of your patterns and behavioral tendencies, you become more conscious of how to avoid getting yourself in trouble. Look before you leap!

What are you here to teach me?
Four of Coins. This deck is going to teach me to work with what I’ve got, to be present in the moment and possibly to hold back from spreading too thin. I have a tendency to keep 10-15 decks on my desk at any given time, and this card is reminding me that less is more. A rotation of four to work with will be enough. It can help to declutter the space.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Two of Coins. Get in there, read for yourself and for others. Don’t wait, just jump right in and see how the energy flows. Establish a routine in which you make cards as much as part of your personal life as they are in your professional life. Really bond with them. Get personal and involved.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Page of Cups. A nurturing friend to have quiet conversations with, to make sense of feelings and organize them in place. It will keep you happy to know you’ve got a reliable sidekick to come to. Stay inspired, draw from the sweet energy of these cards to give messages of solace to others. Listen to your emotions and your intuition and help others to figure out how to do the same.

Which card do you want to show off?
Ten of Cups. Working with this deck can help to achieve emotional fulfillment. You will feel an overwhelming sense of joy and satisfaction once you tune into the deck and establish a routine that works for you. Getting to know yourself better is just as important as helping others do the same.

How do you see me?
The Empress. I am depicted as a self-assured and confident female. The wreath of white flowers in her hair promotes confident and peaceful thinking for solutions to problems. The mantle has pomegranates, also present in the High Priestess’ traditional portrait. Abundance of blessings and good fortune follow the one with the golden touch. An omen for good luck.

How do you see yourself?
The Sun. This deck sees itself as a bringer of light and joy to the lives of the people who work with it. It casts a positive sheen on the readings with that same good natured spirit that it intends to contaminate us with. Good laughs, fond memories and having your day in the sun is what you can expect when you work with this deck. Rejoice!

The overall vibe of reading with this deck is a positive one. Even the scary cards don’t feel menacing because of the vibrancy and the stylized renditions. I am really loving getting to know this deck, and feel it will become one of my go-to decks for its clarity and amicable vibes.


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