How to describe the madness of the weekend and still do it justice? I'll try my best!

Spaceland, Restless Nites and Cloak & Dagger threw together a monster of a music festival featuring some of the best acts that play dark music. Attendees had their mind repeatedly blown by the variety and quality of the music acts. Cloak & Dagger members were given their own wristbands to access VIP areas and gain access to the Biergarten, which I thought was really cool of them to do. They take after their own.

♡ Tr/st
♡ Jesus and Mary Chain
♡ Ho99o9
♡ Drab Majesty
♡ LovexTerror
♡ Tropic of Cancer

It took a while to understand quite how the different rooms and wristbands worked, but the acts I got to see were all excellent. The night actually got kicked off with the LXT show, for which we had a great location. I was blown away by Adam Bravin's performance as a lead singer. The squad rocked out to several acts until the time came to see Tr/st.

Let's talk about Tr/st. When Alfons Robert came on stage, I nearly lost it. We happened to be right in the center, a few rows from the stage. The squad was all there, and we got caught dancing all up on one another. The energy went up about three levels during this show, and it was definitely very enjoyable. This was the band I had come to see, and unfortunately they got cut off before they could play a lot of my favorite songs. But still, this was my first time seeing them and it was a treat. Definitely hope to see them perform again soon.

Since this performance, I've had the blues. They definitely left me wanting to see more!

♡ She Wants Revenge
♡ Poptone
♡ Ramsey
♡ Zombi
♡ Nostalghia
♡ The Soft Moon
♡ Ohgr

The second day had stellar acts as well. I wove in and out of sets to be able to catch the ones that were going on at the same time and managed to see most every band I wanted to see perform. Come the end of the night they did "ritual" minus the ritual and spoke about the Cloak and Dagger community. We wound down the night with Tear You Apart. It was amazing to see She Wants Revenge live after delighting in having DJ Adam 12 spin tracks for us every Tuesday.

It was very rewarding to bump into Cloak family throughout the event, there is a special current tying all of us together.

Impressions by Annie Lesser
If you see a telephones ringing, pick them up. One of them will send you on a scavenger hunt. It all starts with the blonde that has a green scarf, she is dancing among the crowd. Go up to her and tell her the password, then she will send you on your way to the woman with the drawers. The drawers take you through a journey to your past. You inspect tangles, the broken self, and scent. I had fun discovering my own magic with her.

Once I was done with her, she told me to go visit the statue woman at the Tower. The statue woman took me down to the basement and into a dark room with almost no space. There, I had something whispered in my ear. I received a hug right before she disappeared. I stumbled out of that room with confusion.

Later on, somebody took us to the topmost room at the Globe theater. Tyliner, his friend, Andrew and I all ended up telling each other our truths — well, more like our secrets. The last experiene I had was Rain. I went down to the basement where I was told to go in through the door. There, Terence and I looked at the rain. We had a thought-provoking conversation.The experience was an immersive one for sure. I walked back out of there pensive.


Really enjoyed the event, looking forward to see what they will come up with next year. It's bound to be an event to plan the year around! Thank you so much, Cloak & Dagger crew!

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